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Grand Theft Auto 6: Will The New GTA Be A Next-Gen Exclusive?

Rockstar’s apparently unavoidable Grand Theft Auto 6 statement has been developing limitless buzz for the brand-new video game, however the approaching PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launch raises a huge concern about GTA 6’s release: Will Grand Theft Auto 6 be a next-gen console unique, or will it be a cross-gen title?

With no concrete information about Grand Theft Auto 6 validated, many speculation about the video game has actually fixated its story and setting. GTA 6’s setting is reported to be the Miami-inspired Vice City, not seen in a GTA video game considering that 2006’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The popular ” Project Americas” report expects GTA 6 will hop in between Vice City and a brand-new city based upon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while others state GTA 6 might cover numerous period .

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The accuracy of these reports is all doubtful, however other things are more particular. Rockstar tax reports appear to validate GTA 6 is at least presently in advancement, however it’s uncertain precisely when it will launch. Still, based upon these reports, previous Rockstar video game launches, and market patterns, it’s possible to get a concept of how Rockstar might approach GTA 6’s console exclusivity.

Grand Theft Auto 5 launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013, simply 2 months prior to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released in November. This narrow window permitted Rockstar to “double dip,” motivating gamers to acquire the video game once again when it launched on the more recent systems in November 2014 (and once again on PC in April 2015). Unless Grand Theft Auto 6 follows a significantly various marketing technique than Rockstar’s last 2 releases – GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, both of which had almost 2 years in between their statement and launch – it’s really not likely GTA 6 will follow the exact same technique and launch prior to the PS5 and Series X’s vacation 2020 release windows, even if Rockstar revealed it tomorrow. Market expert Jason Schreier likewise does not anticipate a GTA 6 statement quickly, putting another damper on that possibility.

A current Rockstar stock report, nevertheless, forecasts GTA 6 might launch in 2021 , after the consoles’ release. While this substantiates the theory that GTA 6 will not release on PS4 and Xbox One initially, 2021 isn’t too far, and numerous publishers will likely still be launching video games on both existing- and next-gen systems that year. Microsoft has actually even specified formerly that all of its own Xbox video games will be cross-gen for the very first year (2021 ), so it appears the market is leaning towards a more incremental console launch than typical. Given That Grand Theft Auto has a broad sufficient attract make GTA 5 the very popular video game of the years, Rockstar would be absurd not to offer it to all the PS4 and Xbox One owners not updating to brand-new systems in the next couple of years, so Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably be a cross-gen video game, even if it does not launch till 2022. It could, nevertheless, still see a postponed PC release, simply as GTA 5 and Red Dead 2 prior to it.

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How Handsome Jack Returned In Tales From The Borderlands

Here’s how the very dead villain Handsome Jack managed to return for Tales From The Borderlands. Gearbox Software started out developing titles like the acclaimed expansion Half-Life: Opposing Force and the PlayStation 2 Half-Life port. They later developed their own franchise with the Brothers In Arms series. They’ve also been the subject of controversy more than once, including finishing off the long-delayed sequel Duke Nukem Forever in 2011, which proved to be a disappointing mess that wasn’t worth the wait.

They were also behind another eagerly awaited title with Aliens: Colonial Marines, which was billed as a canon sequel to the 1986 movie and was promoted with mouth-watering gameplay videos. The end product was an underwhelming and unpolished shooter that looked or played nothing like early footage had promised. One undeniably great Gearbox series is Borderlands, which debuted in 2009. These games are a colorful blend of first-person shooter and role-playing game, with the world being populated with great characters and dialogue.

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The most recent entry was 2019’s Borderlands 3, which was again greeted with great reviews. Followers of the series may have missed Handsome Jack in the latest, who was a villain introduced in Borderlands 2. Jack’s dark sense of humor, obnoxious ego and the mask covering the scar over his face all combined to make him a memorable bad guy, and his backstory was explored in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It would be hard to include him in any future titles following the second game, however, since he’s very dead by the time it’s over.

That didn’t stop him making an appearance in Tales From The Borderlands, an episodic spinoff from the sadly defunct Telltale Games (The Walking Dead). The game drops the FPS action in favor of Telltale’s patented point and click approach, with players having a big say in how the story works out depending on their choices. Tales focuses on protagonists Rhys and Fiona, with the duo building an oddball team to find a hidden Vault on Pandora. Handsome Jack first reappears in hologram form at the end of episode 1, who can only be seen by Rhys after he uploaded Jack’s A.I. into his cybernetics from a file left by Professor Nakayama, who tried to clone Jack.

Even in hologram form Handsome Jack can’t help being a villain and tries to manipulate Rhys throughout Tales From The Borderlands. Players can choose to trust him or not throughout the story and at the end of the fourth episode “Escape Plan Bravo,” Jack asks Rhys to upload him to the Hyperion computer network. Regardless of player choice, Jack ends up in the network and later tries to take over Rhys’ body for good. Rhys rips out all his cybernetic implants to get rid of Handsome Jack, with players having the option to destroy the last of him. While this leaves the door open for his return somewhat, Tales From The Borderlands will probably be Jack’s final outing as a villain.

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SCOOB!: Every Scooby-Doo Character Confirmed For The Movie

Those eagerly anticipating SCOOB! now have a clear image of which timeless Hanna-Barbera characters will be making a look in the upcoming Scooby-Doo film. The 3D-computer animated movie, directed by Tony Cervone, will be a reboot of sorts for the Scooby-Doo movie franchise. The upcoming film will likewise mark the very first installation in a Hanna-Barbera shared cinematic universe .

Scooby-Doo was among the most popular titles to come out of the Hanna-Barbera umbrella of titles. The cherished canine and his gang of mystery-solvers –– Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma –– were staples throughout the timeless period of Saturday early morning animations. The characters were included in a great deal of spinoffs and TELEVISION movies prior to Warner Bros. established a brand-new Scooby-Doo movie franchise in 2002. The motion picture generated a theatrical follow up in addition to a TELEVISION prequel, follows up, and spinoffs.

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Rather than establishing another animated adjustment, Warner Bros. had actually chosen to go the 3D animation path for SCOOB! The motion picture will concentrate on Scooby and the gang while likewise working as an origin story. Scooby and Shaggy wind up being hired by Blue Falcon to assist remove Dick Dastardly and his prepare for a ” dogpocalypse.” The following is every Hanna-Barbera character validated for the film.

There definitely could not be a Scooby-Doo movie without the precious talking canine in the front and. The big Great Dane and devoted buddy of Shaggy Rogers and the rest of Mystery Inc. made his Hanna-Barbera launching in 1969 with the best of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! on CBS. In the following years, a number of animated spinoffs were established including Scooby, consisting of films. In spite of his afraid behavior, Scooby worked in resolving crucial mystical along with his human good friends. He’s likewise popular for his numerous catchphrases like “Scooby-Dooby-Doo!” or ” Ruh-roh!” when things go awry. Frank Welker has actually voiced the character considering that 2002 and will be playing him once again in SCOOB!

Shaggy, whose genuine name is Norville Rogers, belongs to Mystery Inc., an amateur group of investigators that concentrate on cases including supernatural events. Shaggy has actually been around for as long as Scooby in the Hanna-Barbera franchise, as the 2 are close buddies. The character got his label for his shaggy design of hair and his loose-fitting outfit. Shaggy is rather of a slacker and shares the exact same kind of cowardice as Scooby, however he assists do the job. He was very first voiced by Casey Kasem worldwide of animation and especially depicted by Matthew Lillard in the live-action adjustments from the early ’00s. Will Forte voices him in SCOOB! in addition to Iain Armitage as the more youthful variation of Shaggy.

Fred Jones is a fellow member of Mystery Inc. and tends to take the lead in examinations. He was constantly understood for being the good-looking member using his traditional white sweatshirt and orange ascot tie. Fred can a bit bossy sometimes, however it appears like SCOOB! is focusing more on his appeal instead of his intelligence for the most recent adjustment. The character was voiced by Frank Welker because 1969, however live-action variations have actually been played by Freddie Prinze Jr. and Robbie Amell. For SCOOB!, Zac Efron will be heard voicing Fred with Pierce Gagnon playing his more youthful equivalent.

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Daphne Blake, a.k.a. “Danger Prone Daphne,” is among the 2 female members of the young investigator gang. As recommended by her label, Daphne constantly had a history of getting herself stuck in harmful circumstances up until her representation was altered to make her more independent. Daphne originated from a rich household who assisted Mystery Inc. get off the ground. The character, understood for her style sense, was very first voiced by Stefanianna Christopherson prior to Heather North took control of. Sarah Michelle Gellar likewise represented Daphne in several titles. Amanda Seyfried is set to voice the character in SCOOB! with Mckenna Grace voicing young Daphne.

Velma Dinkley is the brains behind Mystery Incorporated. Because her intro in 1969, Velma has actually constantly been the doubter amongst the gang, not quickly encouraged by the supernatural. She likewise had an ability in persuading Scooby in discovering guts through a kickback of Scooby Snacks. Velma was voiced by Nicole Jaffe and Pat Stevens, amongst numerous others. Gina Rodriguez will be heard voicing Velma in SCOOB! while Ariana Greenblatt provides her voice to young Velma.

Blue Falcon was presented in the 1976 animated series, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder, a series packaged with Scooby-Doo throughout Saturday early morning animations. The character was a millionaire art dealership called Radley Crown who had a secret identity as a superhero. His robotic pet dog, Dynomutt, worked as his assistant and partner. Scooby, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang would typically appear in the series and to help in heaven Falcon’s crimefighting and the very same chooses the upcoming movie. The character will be voiced by Mark Wahlberg in SCOOB!.

Dynomutt, the other half of the Daring Duo along with Blue Falcon, is the robotic canine geared up with boundless gizmos to help Radley. The pet dog’s superhero alias is Dog Wonder and his powers were understood to come in convenient while the Daring Duo secured their city. Like Scooby, Dynomutt was a partner that might talk. In SCOOB!, Dynomutt is voiced by Ken Jeong.

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Captain Caveman was the titular star of the 1977 Hanna-Barbera animated series, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels. After 3 mystery-solvers called the Teen Angels thaw an ancient caveman from a block of ice, he joined them in their efforts. Captain Caveman was billed as the “world’s very first superhero” considering that he might pull things out of his hair, obtain super-strength, and fly utilizing his club. In SCOOB!, Tracy Morgan is set to voice Captain Caveman.

Dee Sykes belonged to the Teen Angels included in the series about Captain Caveman. She and her 2 buddies found Captain Caveman and brought him back to life. Dee was represented as the most smart member of the group, similar to Velma in the Scooby-Doo gang . Kiersey Clemons will be heard voicing the character in SCOOB!.

Dick Dastardly was a popular villain throughout numerous series within the Hanna-Barbera animated universe. The character initially appeared in Wacky Races prior to starring in the spinoff, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines. The character was constantly computing together with his partner, an anthropomorphic canine called Muttley. Cock Dastardly will have a significant function in SCOOB! as the main bad guy. He is voiced by Jason Isaacs.

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