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How to Hide Files, Folders, and Drives in Windows 10


If you share your computer system with others, you might wish to conceal specific files and folders so that individuals do not go nosing into your files. The primary factor to conceal a folder in Windows 10 is personal privacy. Concealing your folders and files is a simple and fantastic alternative to enhance your security if you have delicate information that you do not desire anybody to see.

Here’s how you can conceal any file or folder on Windows 10.

1. Conceal Individual Files/Folders On Windows 10 Using the Command Line.

A basic method to conceal a file or folder is to alter its characteristics utilizing the attrib command on the command line. Uncertain about utilizing the Windows 10 Command Prompt? Here are our leading pointers for starting with the Command Prompt .

Let’s state you wish to conceal the Sample.mp4 file in the ToHide folder as revealed listed below.

 tohide sample folder

Open the Command Prompt by pushing Windows secret + R to open the Run dialog box. Type cmd.exe in the Open box and click OK.

At the timely, type the following command. Change the course and file name with the course and file name for the file you wish to conceal.

.attrib C: Users Lori Documents ToHide Sample.mp4 +s +h.

The +s and +h are the characteristics you set for the file. The +s quality is the System file quality and suggests the file is for usage by the os and is not typically shown in a directory site listing. The +h is the Hidden file quality and shows the file will not be shown in a directory site listing by default.

The characteristics in the command are not case delicate, so you can utilize either lowercase or uppercase.

You can create a list of all concealed (H) and check out just (R) files in a directory site with the attrib command.

—– LitSuppTipoftheNite (@LawTech_7nites) September 6, 2017

When you open the folder in File Explorer which contains the surprise file or folder, it will not show up. Even going to View>> Show/hide and examining the Hidden products box will disappoint the concealed file or folder.

 windows concealed products explorer choice

You can likewise conceal a folder utilizing the attrib command in the list below method. Once again, change the folder and the course name with your own.

.attrib C: Users Lori Documents ToHide AnotherFolder +s +h.

To unhide a file or folder, utilize the exact same attrib command, changing the “+” with “––” in front of the “s” and “h” qualities.

.attrib C: Users Lori Documents ToHide Sample.mp4 -s -h.

To find out more about the attrib command, type attrib/? at the command timely and press Enter.

.2. Conceal Windows 10 Folders Using File Explorer.

Using File Explorer to conceal a folder resembles utilizing the attrib command explained in the previous area, however it’s less safe and secure. Anybody who understands about revealing and concealing concealed files in File Explorer can access your files. If you’re attempting to conceal information from other household members who are not as tech-savvy as you are, this can work simply great. Concealing folders and files isn’t the only technique the File Explorer has up its sleeve, either. Have a look at the very best File Explorer suggestions and techniques to take control of your file management.

You can set the Hidden characteristic for the picked files or folder in File Explorer . Initially, you require to make sure files and folders with the Hidden characteristic do not reveal in File Explorer. To do this, go to View tab>> Options and choose Change folder and search choices.

 windows explorer modification folder and search

On the View tab, choose Don’t reveal surprise files, folders, or drives under Advanced settings and click OK.

 windows explorer toggle concealed files

To conceal several folders or files, pick the files or folders, right-click on them, and choose Properties.

On the General tab on the Properties dialog box, inspect the Hidden box in the Attributes area. To avoid the files or folders from appearing in Windows search outcomes, click Advanced.

Then, uncheck packages in the File associates area of the Advanced Attributes dialog box and click OK.

 windows advanced file characteristics

To unhide the files or folder, return to the Properties dialog box for the files or folders in concern, and uncheck the Hidden box in the Attributes area.

.3. Conceal Entire Drives on Windows 10 Using the Registry Editor.

This technique conceals a whole drive rather of simply picked files or folders on the drive.

Note: This treatment includes altering the pc registry. Prior to you start, I highly recommend you back up your pc registry . You ought to likewise take a look at our ideas for not inadvertently ruining the Windows computer registry .

If you’re not comfy utilizing the Windows computer registry or are uncertain regarding what the Windows Registry even is , you can discover another technique for concealing a whole drive in the Hide Entire Drives Using the Disk Management Utility area listed below.

To start, open the Registry Editor by pushing Windows secret+ R to open the Run dialog box. Type regedit in the Open box and click OK.

Navigate to the following type in the left pane.

.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies Explorer.

Right-click on the Explorer secret and go to New>> DWORD (32-bit) Value.

 windows pc registry develop dword

Name the brand-new worth NoDrives and after that double-click on it.

On the Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value dialog box, choose Decimal as the Base. Go into a number that corresponds to the drive or drives, you desire to conceal. To discover which number to utilize, see the table listed below the following image.

 windows computer system registry modify dword

Find the letter for the drive you wish to conceal in the table listed below. Go into the number connected with that drive letter in the Value information box for the NoDrives worth in the windows registry. In our example, I got in 64 to conceal my G: drive.

If you wish to conceal more than one drive, include the numbers for all the drive letters you wish to get in the overall and conceal in the Value information box.

 how to conceal files folders drives in windows 10

After you reboot your computer system, you will not see the drive in File Explorer.

To reveal the drive once again, return into the Registry Editor and erase the NoDrives worth under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies Explorer secret and reboot your computer system once again.

.4. Conceal Entire Drives Using the Disk Management Utility.

If you ‘d rather not modify the windows registry, you can conceal a whole drive utilizing the Disk Management energy. This energy reveals you all the external and internal drives linked to your computer system.

Press Windows secret + R to open the Run dialog box. Type diskmgmt.msc in the Open box and click OK.

Right-click the drive you wish to conceal (in the bottom or leading area) and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.

 windows disk management modification drive letter

On the Change Drive Letter and Paths dialog box, choose the drive letter, click Remove, and after that click OK.

 disk management modification drive letter

.If you eliminate the drive letter, #ppppp> An alerting dialog box shows informing you that some programs rely on drive letters and might not work. Click Yes to eliminate the drive letter if you’re sure you desire to conceal the drive.

 how to conceal files folders drives in windows 10

The letter is eliminated from the drive in the Disk Management Utility.

Once you close and resume File Explorer, the drive will not show up and will not be consisted of in Windows search engine result.

To make the drive noticeable once again, return into the Disk Management energy and open the Change Drive Letter and Paths dialog box for the concealed drive. Click Add.

Make sure Assign the following drive letter is chosen (it ought to be by default). Select the drive letter you wish to appoint to it from the dropdown list, and click OK.

 designate drive letter concealed drive

You need to resume and close File Explorer to see the drive once again.

.5. Conceal Folders in Windows 10 Using Third-Party Software.

All the approaches discussed above are not as safe as concealing AND password safeguarding folders and files. Here are some third-party software application choices for you to think about.


In FileFriend, utilize the JPK tab to conceal files or folders in a JPEG image and include a password to safeguard the concealed files. FileFriend likewise permits you to get in text that you wish to conceal in the image straight in the program, without needing to produce a text file to conceal in the image (utilizing the JTX tab).

 how to conceal files folders drives in windows 10

Other functions of FileFriend consist of splitting or signing up with files and securing folders and files.

Download: FileFriend for Windows (Free)

Secret Disk

Secret Disk permits you to produce a virtual drive, or repository, that’s unnoticeable and password secured. Another layer of security is included with a PIN that’s needed to open the Secret Disk program.

When the repository shows up, it shows with a drive letter in File Explorer. You can copy folders and files to it, and deal with it in any program, much like any other drive. You can conceal the repository once again and it ends up being unnoticeable.

 how to conceal files folders drives in windows 10

Secret Disk does not require to format your hard disk or make any other modifications to your system. It likewise does not secure any folders or files. It simply restricts access to them by concealing, and password-protecting, the repository.

The Basic variation of Secret Disk is complimentary. The PRO variation will set you back $14.95 for its included functions, consisting of the capability to have more than one repository and picking the drive letter for each repository.

The repository password and the PIN for opening the program are optional in the PRO variation, although these are great functions to leave allowed. To update, click the useful PRO variation button in the program.

Download: Secret Disk for Windows (Free)

Easy File Locker

Easy File Locker is a simple to utilize freeware energy that permits you to conceal and lock files and folders from other individuals and from programs. The locked folders and files are safeguarded from opening, customizing, erasing, moving, relabeling, or copying. All files and subfolders in a locked folder are secured.

Set a password to open the program by going to System>> Set Password. You do not need to set a password, however, if you do not, anybody will have the ability to open the program, shut off the security for your folders and files, and have access to them.

 how to conceal files folders drives in windows 10

Use the Add File and Add Folder buttons to include folders and files to Easy File Locker. Double-click on a file or folder in the list to alter its consents (Accessible, Writable, Deletable, Visible).

Protect the chosen folders and files utilizing the Start Protection button. Make the files and folder noticeable once again by clicking the Stop Protection button.

Download: Easy File Locker for Windows (Free)

My Lockbox

My Lockbox enables you to conceal and password-protect practically any folder on your computer system.

While you’re installing My Lockbox, you’ll be requested for the area of the folder you wish to safeguard and conceal. When the setup is completed, that folder is instantly concealed and locked.

Two icons are contributed to your desktop. The My Lockbox icon enables you to rapidly open and open your safeguarded folder. For more alternatives, utilize the My Lockbox Control Panel icon. When you enter your password, the following window screens:

 how to conceal files folders drives in windows 10

Use Set folder to alter the folder you wish to eliminate and safeguard to completely open the safeguarded folder and eliminate it from the program. The Open button immediately opens and opens the secured folder. Lock and Unlock the folder utilizing the buttons on the. Click Advanced for more choices and other settings.

The freeware variation of My Lockbox enables you to secure and conceal one folder with an endless variety of subfolders.

.If you require to secure more than one folder, #ppppp> You can update to the Professional edition. You can put all the folders and files you desire to safeguard and conceal into one folder and utilize the totally free variation if you do not mind looking at the intense orange advertisement for My Lockbox PRO.

Download: My Lockbox for Windows (Free)

.Windows 10 File Hiding Methods That Didn’t Work.

In addition to the approaches covered above, I likewise attempted the 2 techniques listed below and stopped working to get them to work. For the sake of efficiency, you can examine them out listed below. Please leave us a remark in case you had more luck than I did!

.Conceal Windows 10 Files/Folders in a JPEG Image.

I evaluated the technique of concealing files in a JPEG image utilizing the command line and discovered success when including a RAR file to a JPEG image utilizing the following command:

.copy/ b C: Path To File OriginalImage.jpg + FilesToHide.rar C: Path To File NewImageWithHiddenFiles.jpg.

 how to conceal files folders drives in windows 10

However, I might not draw out the files once they were contributed to the JPEG image file, even utilizing a range of file extraction programs, such as 7-Zip, WinRAR, and PeaZip.

Hiding a file or folder in a JPEG image is possible utilizing the complimentary tool FileFriend , which is gone over in the Hide a Folder on Windows Using Third-Party Software area above.

FileFriend lets you password secure, split and sign up with and password secure your files, even inside images.

—– MajorGeeks (@majorgeeks) April 9, 2017

.Conceal Folders in Windows 10 by Redirecting to the Control Panel.

There is another technique you can attempt that efforts to conceal a folder by rerouting it to the Control Panel. You generally develop 2 batch files, one that locks the folder and one that opens it. When the folder is locked, opening it takes you to the Control Panel.

However, I checked this on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and might not get it to work. The lock batch file effectively relabelled the folder. I might open it and see the contents anyhow.

Create a folder and relabel it to “” Control Panel. 21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D “” now when you open it, control board folder will open.

—– Rahul Singh (@RahulS1ngh) October 20, 2009

If you wish to evaluate it yourself, produce a folder called Users or Fonts (or something else associated to the Control Panel) and put the files you wish to conceal into it. Develop a brand-new text file and copy and paste the following line into it.

Replace Users with the name of your folder. Conserve this file as lock.bat.

.ren Users Users.

Then, develop another brand-new text file and copy and paste the following line into it. Once again, change Users with the name of your folder. Conserve this file as key.bat.

.ren Users. Users.

Both batch files ought to remain in the very same folder as the folder you’re concealing (not in the folder). Double-click the lock.bat file to reroute the folder to the Control Panel, concealing the contents of the folder. To open the folder, double-click the key.bat file. You must not leave the key.bat file with the folder you’re concealing. Just copy it there to open the folder. Eliminate it.

.If this works for you in the remarks listed below, #ppppp> Please let us understand.

.You Can Hide Any File or Folder In Windows 10.

Hiding folders and files without any password defense need to not lull you into an incorrect complacency. You must not utilize these techniques (other than the third-party tools with password defense) to safeguard delicate and extremely personal folders and files.

These approaches are methods to make your info not apparent to anybody examining your shoulder or briefly utilizing your computer system while you see.

Hiding your files and folders in Windows 10 isn’t the only alternative you have for defense. You can likewise encrypt files and folders utilizing a file encryption tool , like VeraCrypt. you can secure your whole drive utilizing Bitlocker .

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