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How to Limit Screen Time at Home

Is your family’s screen time out of control? For most families in today’s digital-oriented world, the majority of the day is spent in front of some sort of screen. Whether it’s your phone, computer, TV, or a video game, there’s no denying many people are preoccupied with their screens at all times.

For some homeowners, all of that screen time has not only wreaked havoc on their family time, it’s increased their energy bills as well. Of course, you can look for cheap electricity to combat all of the screen time, and that can help quite a bit with the energy aspect of the problem.

If you feel that you need to find a cheaper electricity provider, then make sure to check out and compare electricity providers with iSelect before making your final decision. They have plenty of reviews and recommendations to help you choose wisely. While you’re reading those reviews and making your decision, however, there are a few things you can do to limit the screen time of yours and your family’s. Read on below for a few tips to get you started.

Eat Meals Sans Screens

Many families are guilty of eating every meal in front of the TV, playing games, or even reading on their phones. Try banning screens during meals and encouraging members to share stories about their day instead. If this doesn’t come naturally, plan conversations around everyone’s dream vacation and where the family wants to go this upcoming winter or next summer. By having meaningful (and fun!) conversations with your family, you’re not encouraging everyone to take a screen break, but you’re also able to enjoy your meals more. Make dinnertime an important part of your family’s day again by banning screens during meals.

Schedule Reading Time

When was the last time anyone in your family actually sat down and read a good old-fashioned paperback book? If you’re having a hard time getting to your local library or just want to give some love to previously read books, then visit for some books that your family is sure to love. You’ll find all kinds of books, including fiction, science-fiction, historical, Christian, and more. While most people read on their phones on a daily basis, very few sit down and actually read a book. To reduce your family’s screen time, try scheduling daily reading time. You can sit quietly as a family and read or even take turns reading aloud from one of the books you just purchased.

Charge Your Phone in the Office or Living Room

When you charge your phone by the bed overnight, it can be tempting to check it every time it makes a noise to signify an incoming message or notification. That ding keeps you from getting the good night’s sleep you need to function properly the next day. Instead, charge your phone in the office or living room before bed, and try not think about it until you wake up the next morning.

Ban TVs from the Bedrooms

Falling asleep while watching TV is something many Americans do these days, but it’s really not good for you or your health. Cut down on your family’s screen time by banning TVs from the bedroom. If you do watch TV, do it from the couch in the living room, so that you’ll be more incentivized to turn it off and go to bed.

These are just a few of the top tips out there for reducing screen time for yourself and your family. Remember that screens aren’t evil or anything — they just need to be used in moderation.

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