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Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 5.4 is here to replace Microsoft Windows 10 on your PC

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The Future Is Here: IT Education Is Important in the Digital Era and Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

Innovation has actually done so much to benefit our lives and make them simpler that appreciation remains in order. Basically, it permits us to automate dull and dull jobs all while offering us the tools to make our tasks simpler and more comfy.It goes without stating that investing in your own and your group’’ s IT education will have a substantial impact on everybody’’ s performance and complete satisfaction at work.

In any case, the following points will provide 5 strong reasons that you need to think about purchasing it:

.IT understanding acquaints you with the very best tools for the task.

In the old days, for instance, office correspondence primarily occurred by means of e-mails. Now, we have all these excellent tools at our disposal that are merely much better and more efficient. Trello, Friday, Asana … varying from totally free and paid options, there is something ideal for every single spending plan size and choice.

Besides, some individuals are still utilizing out-of-date programs for all sorts of things, and the ideal education will assist you proceed with the times.

.It will teach you how to utilize automation to ease the concern of unimportant jobs.

Have you ever became aware of e-mail automation? Unless you wish to continue investing your important time on responding to generic e-mails (specifically if the very first e-mail you send is constantly the exact same), marketing automation will maximize a significant great deal of your time or that of your staff members.

You can likewise think about using office automation that will permit you to take your mind off of boring, yet needed jobs like upgrading your software application or running anti-viruses scans on your computer system.

.You will discover how to acknowledge cyber hazards.

Too lots of individuals are still entirely unconcerned to typical cyber risks like phishing , simply to call one example. If you stay in the dark about such crucial things to understand, you run the risk of exposing the whole business to loss of information, individual details leakages, espionage, which could, in turn, lead to other difficulty like suits. IT training will assist you acknowledge and prevent these typical hazards.

.Getting an IT certificate of understanding will open numerous doors in your expert profession.

If you’’ re wanting to go up the business ladder or score a much better paying task position, IT training is the method to go. No matter what kind of task you’’ re searching for, in the digital innovation period, IT innovation is ending up being a part of our lives in an increasing variety of methods. By showing a IT certificate to your possible company, you will increase your opportunities of getting worked with.

.It will assist you grow your own service.

Once you feel great adequate to go on your own, you’’ ll have the ability to grow your group’’ s IT education with ITpro or teach them what you’’ ve discovered yourself. You require to keep in mind that the IT-sphere can actually alter over night, so revitalizing your understanding at least every couple of years is definitely essential. If you put on’’ t have the time for it, why not send out among your workers to take an IT course and share the understanding gotten with the remainder of the cast?


Among the numerous factors there are for enhancing your understanding of the most recent digital innovations, these 5 ought to provide an enticing argument to the large bulk of individuals. Now it pushes your shoulders to either act upon it or threats falling back. And you would not desire that to occur, would you?

Resource: Check out our FREE IT Resources

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Email Design 101: Best Practices for Email Marketing Design

Quality email design plays a major role when it comes to making email marketing work for you.

As a professional, business owner, or marketer, you might know all about the power of email marketing. But just in case you need a reminder, let’s start with some recent email marketing stats.

Email marketing has one of the best returns on investment (ROIs) of any online marketing method. Studies show that for every $1 you spend on email, you can get $42 in return. That’s because more than four billion people across the globe use email. It’s safe to say that knowing how to design an email is worth your while.

People check their email right when they wake up. Most are conditioned to hop to attention when their smartphones beep to signal incoming notifications. More than a fifth of emails are opened within the first hour of delivery, meaning you can immediately get in front of both loyal customers and qualified prospects — sometimes in the blink of an eye.

Even though 61% of consumers who sign up for promotional emails report enjoying a weekly message — and 38% want even more frequent emails — this digital marketing strategy isn’t always so simple to execute without practice or knowledge.

You need to make sure that every email you send has the best chance to be delivered, opened, and read. Most importantly, a marketing email should motivate its readers to take action — and not just any action, either. The way you present your email will guide your readers to complete the action of your choosing — whether that’s to make a purchase, learn more about your company, or connect with your campaign goals.

One way to ensure you’re presenting your company in the best possible light is by following the tips and best practices professionals use for good email marketing design.

Design, by definition, is the art or skill of laying out text and pictures in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. It should also encourage the viewer to do whatever it is the designer would like them to do.

In this email design guide, you’ll learn:

The benefits of great email design
Email design best practices
The 7 essential elements of an email
How to integrate email design into a comprehensive marketing strategy

The benefits of great email design

Think about the last email you received from a company. How long did you take to read it? Most people spend an estimated 15 seconds reading an email. If your message isn’t well-designed, it could take less than a minute for it to go straight in the trash bin. On the other hand, a well-designed email could entice a new customer in those same 15 seconds.

Email design best practices combine the knowledge of good graphic design with the technology of digital marketing. It goes well beyond simply making sure that your text is legible and your layout is inviting.

Design can facilitate your ability to build your company’s brand and express it clearly and effectively to your customers. For example, studies show that if you plug video content into your email, you can increase your conversion rate by up to 300%.

If you think you can rely only on social media to connect with customers on a meaningful level, you may want to think again. Email is 40 times more effective for customer acquisition. And conversions (meaning when someone reading your email executes your desired action) will come easier with mobile-responsive messages designed to help you speak directly to your targeted audience.

Investing time and effort in learning how to design emails better will maximize your sales and connections to support your company’s growth.

Email design best practices

People make entire careers out of mastering design. You don’t need to be an expert, but you can improve by always putting the goals of your marketing campaigns in the forefront as you begin to create your emails.

Before you can start working on the best email design for your business, you need to know:

Who your target audience is
What the purpose of your email is
What you want your readers to do

Who is the audience that you’re trying to reach? Answering this question will help you as you write the copy and choose your images. For example, an auto repair shop trying to get customers to come in for an oil change will require a very different kind of email design than that of a hair salon wanting clients to book an appointment with a new stylist.

Once you know who you’re crafting your message for, you’ll need to know exactly what you want them to do. The action should be a measurable objective that you can track on the back end of your email marketing platform. With your campaign’s endgame in mind, you can employ email design techniques that will work to streamline messages for your company’s benefit.

Good email design also helps you avoid having your message arrive in the junk folder before anyone reads it. For example, some spam filters will analyze messages to see if they’re too heavy on images or text. Shoot for about 40% text and 60% images to make it past filters like these. The only way to balance these elements in an email is by following established design best practices.

Below are some general best practices to keep in mind as you learn more and work to enhance your email design skills.

Stay on-brand

Your email design should have the same look and feel as the rest of your marketing materials, including your website and social media platforms. Use email marketing as a means of strengthening your brand, not an opportunity to stray from it.

email design example

Gantri’s minimalistic leanings are reflected in this simple email design.

While most rules are meant to be broken sometimes, your design should be consistent with your brand identity in the following ways at-minimum:

Color palette: Stick to using your brand colors consistently, with just a few additional colors that complement your brand. Less is more when it comes to your color palette.
Font: Try to stick to no more than two complementary font styles. And when it comes to font size, don’t make your type too small. Shoot for somewhere between 14pt and 16pt. You don’t want your email design to force people to get out their reading glasses.
Tone: Write your emails in the same way you would for any of your other brand channels, like your website or social media, or even over the way you speak to potential customers over the phone.
Message: Considering your brand identity will keep your message consistent and focused on what’s most important for you — and your readers.

Be mobile-responsive

A majority of people check their email on their smart devices — often before they even get out of bed. Your email design must be mobile-responsive so that your message looks just as good, and functions just as well, on a small screen as it does on a laptop or desktop computer.

email design example

The template featured in this Protest Sportswear email works on mobile devices by allowing the reader to scroll through the products, providing a realistic shopping experience.

Since most people are reading emails on their phone’s smaller screen, your emails should be concise. Longer text blocks involve a lot more scrolling on smaller screens. You’ll also want to make sure to choose a font size that is easily readable on a mobile device.

Any images you add will need some extra effort. Some email clients don’t automatically download images. Properly fill out each picture’s “alt text” box so your readers will know what they’re missing. This step will also help with search engine optimization (SEO).

Overall, your emails will look best on smaller screens when you use a simple template featuring a single column. With Constant Contact, you can opt for a multi-column layout, which will show up on a smartphone as a single column. Otherwise, beware: Sometimes multi-column templates will show up on a smartphone so small that a reader will need to zoom in to read. That’s why it’s so important to always use an email marketing provider that prioritizes mobile-responsive emails.

If your email is not mobile-responsive, your design may arrive at your subscribers’ inboxes in a form that’s different from what you originally envisioned. Make sure your hard work pays off.

Use an email template

Often, you can use email templates to make the email design process easier. But you may also want to modify it to fit your needs and tastes.

If this is the case, make sure to incorporate a good amount of white space around each design piece. Think of it like a frame that will draw the reader’s eye to where you want it to go. You can also use colors for contrast in the same manner. Be sure to avoid too many light grays or off-whites, both as font color and as a background choice. It’s too easy to have a gray-heavy design look washed out.

The 7 essential elements of an email

By understanding each design element of your email, you’ll be better equipped to tie it all together functionally and effectively.

Every email has seven elements:

Header and metadata
Logo and colors
Call-to-action (CTA) buttons

Here are some best practices to consider when you’re maximizing the marketing potential of each of these email sections.

1. Header and metadata

This is the first thing that people see when they receive an email. Email marketing systems usually pre-populate the “From” and “Reply-To” parts with information you provide to your email marketing provider, but you can edit the header information of a message by simply clicking on that area in your draft.

“From” name and email address

To increase deliverability and likelihood for users to receive your emails, use an official email address — ending in your company’s domain name rather than or — for both the “From” and the “Reply-To” sections. When your recipients can see exactly who is sending your emails, you lessen the chances of them unsubscribing.

“Reply-To” name and email address

Frequently, company messages come straight from the top executive — but they’re usually too busy to be expected to reply. It’s okay to have a different email address in the “Reply-To” section of your header from the signature at the bottom of the email body. Just make sure it will still be easy for customers to interact with your brand and ask questions through email.

An effective subject line

While your subject line isn’t exactly part of the email design, it’s crucial to the success of your marketing message delivery. It’s the first thing your recipients will see — and boring, irrelevant, or spammy subject line may mean your email won’t even get opened.

Including a subject line is important for more than just enticing the recipient to click open. Emails without subject lines are more likely to end up in the junk folder. Try adding a fun emoji to your subject line, too.

Here are some tips for creating a great subject line:

Make it brief. Your goal is to not have a subject line truncated by email inboxes.
Be honest. Use the subject line to announce what’s in the email. Don’t try to be tricky — no “bait and switch.”
Be clever, but not too much. Check with your team to see if a joke will fly.
Avoid spam trigger phrases (like “FREE” or “$$$”) and excessive use of punctuations.

Subject line personalization is also a great tactic. When someone sees their name in a subject line, they know the message was catered just for them — and they’re more likely to click and read.

2. Preheader

Also known as an introduction, a preheader is the text that often accompanies the subject line in a recipient’s inbox. While not all email providers show the preheader automatically, it’s a good idea to still include one, and use this as an opportunity to let your subscribers know exactly what they can expect when they open the email.

Follow the same best practice that journalists use: Start with the most important information. If you are announcing a sale or launching a new product, for example, lead with that detail to encourage people to click and read the rest.

Preheaders are not necessary to send an email, but they can help make your message crystal-clear to your readers. Preheaders can be used to create a feeling of urgency. Focus on the first five to eight words, which almost always show up in a person’s inbox.

If you leave the preheader blank, it will just populate with the first few lines of your email. Depending on their settings, your recipient may see your preheader as well as the first few lines. Consider this while designing your headers.

3. Logo and colors

Email design can be a creative process, but it’s important to stick with some basic best practices and to be consistent if you want to build a strong sense of who you are — your brand. You want your email recipients to get used to your brand identity before you shake things up, so make sure you have a clear set of brand colors and a nice logo to showcase in your email design.

A memorable logo

No matter which template you use, your logo and company name should be front and center when someone opens up your email. For branding purposes, every company needs a logo.

When adding your logo to your email body, be careful that it doesn’t stretch out to fill the entire screen. You may need to decrease your logo’s size so that your email recipients don’t have to scroll down an entire page just to see what’s below it. But, of course, always make sure the logo is large enough to identify or read.

You may wish for your logo to have a transparent background or a shape with your branded color scheme. Take time to edit your logo as you set up a template so that all your emails look even more professional.

Use your brand colors consistently

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to more easily convey a sense of your brand identity if you use a single set of colors consistently. Choose just 2-3 colors that complement your logo to utilize in your email design, rather than starting from scratch and choosing new colors for every email campaign.

4. Images

Images can be an effective tool to include in your emails, but only if it supports your message. Often, customers or potential clients may quickly scroll past text — but they’ll stop for a compelling image. What makes an email image engaging?

email design example magic spoon

This Magic Spoon Cereal email features a compelling image.


First, images should be clear and high-resolution, but not so big that it takes a long time to download. Shoot for around 1 MB in size and not larger than 5 MB. When images are too small, pictures will look pixelated and your email will seem unprofessional. When they are too big, they could take a long time for your readers’ email clients to download or even worse — they could send your email to a SPAM folder.

Original or custom-edited

Stock images can be a great way to quickly create a professional-looking marketing asset like an email campaign. They’re easy and accessible, with a large library of stock images built right into Constant Contact. But that doesn’t mean you should rely entirely on stock images. Using your own, original images shows people who you are and further connects them with the brand identity you are trying to convey.

So try using your own images. If you have the budget, invest in a professional photographer for a unique shoot. You can also work with an illustrator to make branded graphics. If you need to rely on stock photography, look for images that match your brand and support your overall message. Learn how to properly edit images to customize them for your email campaigns.

Showing emotion

Start noticing what type of photos draw your attention the most. Chances are, you connect to images that have the subject looking directly at the camera or showing emotion. Photos are less engaging if you can’t see the person’s face or clearly understand what they’re doing.


Make sure you add photos with good lighting to your marketing emails. Paying attention to this detail can help colors pop in your images. A fun design trick is to use softer shades of the same colors in a photo for the background in some of your content blocks. Clever design can pull the entire email together and make it look more streamlined and professional.

When pictures are too dark, you force the reader to spend time trying to figure out what is going on. Spoiler alert: they won’t. And they might even unsubscribe instead.

5. Body

When someone clicks to open an email, the first thing they see is the body, which is really where you can get creative with your design features. Consider using a drag-and-drop template that works for your industry. It’s also possible to build a customized template from a blank slate, but a template will help you create a cleaner, better-designed email that follows best practices.

Content blocks

To create your templates, you’ll often utilize elements known as content blocks. These help you build and design your email as you’ve envisioned. They can contain:

Social media links
Links to additional content pieces, like your blog

What information do you want to share with your readers? This will determine which content blocks to add to your template. Consider readability as you decide where to add which block.

Remember your goal for your email when laying out your content blocks. Never have too much text in a single block, as that can feel overwhelming for readers. Break up the copy with a soft background color, sub-headings, or bullets. Integrate images that speak directly to your email campaign, so the recipient knows exactly what you want them to do.

It’s also possible to share videos, play with animation, or even include a countdown timer right in an email. Just be careful not to make it too busy. Only use one or two of these interactive design elements per email.

Saved custom templates

If you plan to produce monthly newsletters, you’ll want to create a recognizable design that your customers will appreciate receiving. Luckily, you won’t have to recreate the wheel every month. Once you’ve set up your content blocks, you can save the template for future use.

Keep in mind that you may have different news and updates to share each month. You don’t have to follow your custom template exactly. It’s possible to edit and switch up your email design with different content blocks — or create an entirely new template if you wish for special occasions like a holiday or a once-a-year sale.

Simplicity and space

If you have a lot to share, consider treating your email as more of a digest that previews your content and includes a button to “read more” that links to that content on your website or social media.. This will allow you to give your images extra space and not overwhelm your readers. Remember, minimalism goes a long way with email design.

Another way to simplify is to try using icons as graphic inserts instead of photos. Creating cute drawings for elements of your email can tie the look together more easily than trying to find photos that have the same tone and color scheme.

A clear message

Again, it’s about simplification. It’s a lot harder to write a couple of sentences than a couple of paragraphs, but your emails will look and read better if your text is concise. Most people aren’t going to allocate a lot of time to digest a complex email, even if you have a lot to share. They’ll appreciate a clear and direct message that makes sense.

email design example headspace

This Headspace message features a sweet and simple email marketing design that makes you feel relaxed, just like their service.

Good design helps the reader understand what you want to express without too much brainpower. A large section of text takes a lot more focus to read than smaller sections within the email. It’s easier to read a bulleted list or short paragraphs. Sometimes it also helps to include design elements like borders or backgrounds with different colors.

You’ll also want to avoid clichés or insider lingo that may confuse someone. Be careful to not use slang that may have more than one meaning. And while you’re at it, double-check for any typos.

Aligned text

Make sure your readable message is aligned and consistent throughout the email. Perhaps you’d like to align some text along the edge of an image. It’s okay if the choice is consistent, but it’ll look too busy if you have different alignments throughout an email.

Links that work

A benefit of digital marketing is that you can encourage people to visit your website’s contact page, blogs, social media, and other online resources — with just a click of the mouse. But it’s a mistake to not double-check any links you add to an email. Do this every single time. Broken links will not only detract from your design and frustrate your customers, but a broken link can even give the impression that your brand is unreliable.

6. CTA buttons

While technically found in the body of an email, buttons for calls-to-action are so important that they demand a separate section to discuss best practices. Your CTA serves as an arrow for the reader to follow.

The words on the buttons tell them what to do next — like “buy now” or “learn more.” Whatever the text you use, the idea behind it is the main reason you’re sending the email in the first place.

Always include a CTA button with clear and direct text. If your brand is fun and fresh, don’t be afraid to change up the wording on the button to reflect that. Use active language and express the action in as few words as possible.

email design guide cta

It’s clear what Hawthorne wants you to do — get yours for $60.

It’s essential to limit the number of CTA buttons or links in each email. If you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant with a phone book-sized menu, you know how confused some people get when presented with too many options. CTAs aren’t about giving the reader a bunch of options. Rather, they should be clear and singular — asking the reader to do one specific thing.

Bold and obvious

Your CTA should attract the eye immediately and be conspicuous in color, size, and location. And after clicking your CTA button, tt should take readers exactly where they expect it to take them. If you’re promoting a new product, for example, make sure the link goes directly to that product’s page. Don’t make your readers search for what they want. Use design and direct links to make it easier for them.

No attachments

You may have a lot of information you’d like to include in your email, but adding attachments isn’t the way to do it. In fact, your recipients will be more likely to presume your attachments are spam. That’s why most email marketing services don’t even allow you to add them to your messages.

It’s better to encourage your subscribers to download what you would have attached. Upload whatever you wish to share on a cloud storage service (or better yet — to your website), and link to it somewhere in your message — a CTA would be ideal for this job.

7. Footer

At the very bottom of every email is a section known as a footer. It provides an opportunity to include specific information that’s required by legislation like the CAN-SPAM Act without messing with the overall design.

Mandatory information in the footer includes:

Your organization’s name and physical address
An Unsubscribe link
A way for subscribers to update their profiles
Your company’s privacy policy
Details about the service provider

Unsubscribe button

A classic bad move for email design is to hide the unsubscribe button. Don’t make the font of your unsubscribe link super small or the color blend into the background so that you can’t see it. This trick won’t work. People who aren’t interested in your products and services will unsubscribe anyway.

When you frustrate recipients this way, it’s also more likely that they’ll report your emails as spam. Email providers take those reports very seriously. Instead, consider unsubscribes as an act of kindness. More is not necessarily merrier if your email list is filled with people who have already decided not to do business with you.

Of course, if you use an email marketing platform like Constant Contact, you’ll never have to worry about your unsubscribes since the process is already built-in.

How to integrate email design into a comprehensive strategy

Not sure if you’re following design best practices effectively? You’re not alone. Marketing professionals and even graphic designers often try different layouts and messaging. Sometimes the process can feel like a guessing game. The way to know what’s best is through a process known as A/B testing, also known as split testing.

Let’s say you’re not sure which of two different email designs to use to express your message. Perhaps you’re experimenting with the wording of your call-to-action (CTA) button or you can’t decide between subject lines. Make sure your two designs aren’t completely different — otherwise it will be hard to determine what’s working and what’s not.

email design guide

Does the CTA button text in this Atoms email work? You can study CTAs like this using A/B testing methods.

Send one version to half your list and the other to the rest. Then, check your backend email reporting to determine which one is more successful in accordance with your goal — be it open rates, click-through rates, or signups. By analyzing your metrics, you’ll have a clearer understanding of which design works best for your target audience.

Once you have a solid grasp of the basics of email design, you’ll be ready to integrate email marketing into your comprehensive online marketing plan. If it sounds like too much to do, don’t worry. You can use online tools like Constant Contact’s content blocks and email templates to create email campaigns easily.

Remember: Email works best when combined with social media marketing, paid online advertising, content marketing, and managing your overall online reputation.

To learn more about the basics of online marketing and email’s place in it, check out Constant Contact’s The Download. The free marketing guide explains the essential digital marketing tools and strategies that small businesses can use to thrive.

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Sharp pain in the eyes.

 Sharp discomfort in the eyes. Sharp discomfort in the eyes, sometimes. Not able to trace the reason/irritant: might occur in the early morning when I simply open my eyes, in some cases at night (although it’’ s unrelated to computer system or TELEVISION). When it occurs my eyes end up being watery and red together with that discomfort. The acute pain rather depends upon the light (however a bit). E.g. the sunshine can increase discomfort by about 30%, (btw table light does precisely the very same), darkness relieves the discomfort by 20% I’’d state. I had 2 eye doctors analyze my eyes however they stated I’’ m fine. Inflammation relief drops won’’ t aid. Any concepts?? (Thanks!)

sent by / u/detileta3 [link] [remarks]

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The 7 types of rest that every person needs

This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from people in the TED community; browse through all the posts here.

Have you ever tried to fix an ongoing lack of energy by getting more sleep — only to do so and still feel exhausted? 

If that’s you, here’s the secret: Sleep and rest are not the same thing, although many of us incorrectly confuse the two.

We go through life thinking we’ve rested because we have gotten enough sleep — but in reality we are missing out on the other types of rest we desperately need. The result is a culture of high-achieving, high-producing, chronically tired and chronically burned-out individuals. We’re suffering from a rest deficit because we don’t understand the true power of rest.

Rest should equal restoration in seven key areas of your life.

The first type of rest we need is physical rest, which can be passive or active. Passive physical rest includes sleeping and napping, while active physical rest means restorative activities such as yoga, stretching and massage therapy that help improve the body’s circulation and flexibility.

The second type of rest is mental rest. Do you know that coworker who starts work every day with a huge cup of coffee? He’s often irritable and forgetful, and he has a difficult time concentrating on his work. When he lies down at night to sleep, he frequently struggles to turn off his brain as conversations from the day fill his thoughts. And despite sleeping seven to eight hours, he wakes up feeling as if he never went to bed. He has a mental rest deficit.

The good news is you don’t have to quit your job or go on vacation to fix this. Schedule short breaks to occur every two hours throughout your workday; these breaks can remind you to slow down. You might also keep a notepad by the bed to jot down any nagging thoughts that would keep you awake.

The third type of rest we need is sensory rest. Bright lights, computer screens, background noise and multiple conversations — whether they’re in an office or on Zoom calls — can cause our senses to feel overwhelmed. This can be countered by doing something as simple as closing your eyes for a minute in the middle of the day, as well as by  intentionally unplugging from electronics at the end of every day. Intentional moments of sensory deprivation can begin to undo the damage inflicted by the over-stimulating world.

The fourth type of rest is creative rest. This type of rest is especially important for anyone who must solve problems or brainstorm new ideas. Creative rest reawakens the awe and wonder inside each of us. Do you recall the first time you saw the Grand Canyon, the ocean or a waterfall? Allowing yourself to take in the beauty of the outdoors — even if it’s at a local park or in your backyard — provides you with creative rest.

But creative rest isn’t simply about appreciating nature; it also includes enjoying the arts. Turn your workspace into a place of inspiration by displaying images of places you love and works of art that speak to you. You can’t spend 40 hours a week staring at blank or jumbled surroundings and expect to feel passionate about anything, much less come up with innovative ideas.

Now let’s take a look at another individual — the friend whom everyone thinks is the nicest person they’ve ever met. It’s the person everyone depends on, the one you’d call if you needed a favor because even if they don’t want to do it, you know they’ll give you a reluctant “yes” rather than a truthful “no”. But when this person is alone, they feel unappreciated and like others are taking advantage of them.

This person requires emotional rest, which means having the time and space to freely express your feelings and cut back on people pleasing. Emotional rest also requires the courage to be authentic. An emotionally rested person can answer the question “How are you today?” with a truthful “I’m not okay” — and then go on to share some hard things that otherwise go unsaid.

If you’re in need of emotional rest, you probably have a social rest deficit too. This occurs when we fail to differentiate between those relationships that revive us from those relationships that exhaust us. To experience more social rest, surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Even if your interactions have to occur virtually, you can choose to engage more fully in them by turning on your camera and focusing on who you’re speaking to.

The final type of rest is spiritual rest, which is the ability to connect beyond the physical and mental and feel a deep sense of belonging, love, acceptance and purpose. To receive this, engage in something greater than yourself and add prayer, meditation or community involvement to your daily routine.

As you can see, sleep alone can’t restore us to the point we feel rested. So it’s time for us to begin focusing on getting the right type of rest we need.

Editor’s note: Fatigue can also be associated with numerous health problems, so please get checked out by your  physician if it persists. 

To learn more about Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith and her work, visit her website. This post was adapted from her  TEDxAtlanta Talk. Watch it here: 


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14 Tips for Preserving Your Mental Health While Working in Social Media

Social media was born in the late 1990s and has actually given that turned into among the most extremely pre-owned types of interaction in our world. Current information informs us that over 50% of the international population and 79% of the U.S. population utilize social networks, and routine use has actually increased this year in big due to the international pandemic.

Now, individuals are utilizing social networks to inform themselves about what’’ s occurring in the news, discover details about regional facilities, keep themselves linked to loved ones, and more. The requirement for brand names to have a interesting and active social networks existence is necessary now more than ever.

 14 Tips for Preserving Your Mental Health While Working in Social Media

That stated, for those people who operate in the world of social networks marketing, discovering a work-life balance can be hard nowadays. Investing the whole day flooded in social networks just to ““ sign off ” of work and after that “ indication on ” to your individual accounts can be tiring and frustrating.


Our group at Ignite Social Media shares ideas that permit them to take pleasure in social networks personally and succeed as a social networks online marketer. Conserve yourself from burnout and see what these specialists have to state if you ’ re likewise working in the market.


Sara, Community Manager


I restrict my time or takecomplete breaks from my individual social accounts. I understand I require to take breaks from my social accounts when I’m unable to let things go quickly (after seeing things on my individual social feed )or if it’s still affecting my state of mind in an unfavorable method after logging out. It can be tiring working in social networks throughout the day and in some cases taking that area from it can be practical, so you’re not letting your unfavorable experience from your individual accounts rollover to the accounts you work.


Some things I do to take pleasure in social networks is being selective with who I follow, link, or engage with. Your individual accounts are for YOU – what lights your fire? What motivates you? What makes you pleased? Try to find those things and follow them so you – see more of what makes you calm or delighted. When you enjoy something you see ask yourself – how can I attempt to recreate this sensation for brand names I deal with so their audience can feel this too?


Right now, the world is – shook for numerous factors, and truly so. Benefit from snoozing or unfollowing accounts or individuals that are makingyou have an unfavorable experience in any method on social. Be self-centered with your individual social accounts – they’re yours so tailor them as required to keep your mind and social sessions inspiring and pleased.


Lastly, screen dependency is taking place – do not hesitate to disconnect and step outside, check out a book, color, opt for a walk, take a look at the clouds, discovera brand-new pastime or task that does not include – a screen, or whatever else to offer your eyes and mind a well-deserved break. All of this has actually enabled me to keep the balance in between my individual and work social accounts.


Meghan, Director, Community Management


I follow @SippinSocialTea on Instagram, which is where Social Media Managers share confidential tirades about their task. It assists you seem like you aren’t alone and it’s enjoyable to sympathize.


Kathleen, Manager, Content Production


I likewise follow @SippinSocialTea ! That and a group ofother social networks experts on Twitterassist me feel sane. When you work in social, it’s difficult to attempt to loosen up on social! When you desire to remain notified, it’s likewise difficult to disconnect. When all else stops working, put yourself a beverage and get lost on TikTok.


Susan, Senior Productions Manager


I keep my individual Instagram extremely curated like the shiny publications I check out, so it is all cooking, books, and interior decoration material …for the a lot of part. I see extremely little sponsored material.I will state this year has actually truly evaluated this.


Erin, Senior Vice President, Carusele


Purge typically. It’s not unusual for me to follow brand-new brand names and influencers every day in investigating for customer work however that leads to a feed that is typically filledwith picture-perfect whatever, which we understand isn’thelpful for one’s psychological health. By cleaning out those follows frequently, I can get my feed back to some form of truth.


I likewise get rid of social apps from my phone from time to time. I’m on them a lot throughout the day anyhow, if a good friend has something life-altering going on, I’m visiting it. I do not require to have my nose in the phone beyond work hours to captureup with individuals.


Jim, Founder &CEO of Ignite Social Media and Founder &President of Carusele


Follow meme accounts on Instagram. My feed upon Facebook tends to be far more controversial however scrolling through my Instagram can offer me a great comical break. That, andputting the phone away &completely. I need to confess however, I have problem with that tail end.

Vanessa, Director, Integrated Strategy &Promotions


I likewise attempt to keep who I follow, particularly on Instagram, extremely curated. Throughout down time, I attempt to make more of a mindful effort to not get my phone to fill that time.

Brandi, Director, Account Management


I have actually begunenjoying a great deal of documentaries versus scripted programs which offers me the genuine human stories/connection that I desire.


Lisa, Senior Vice President, Strategy &Business Development

What you follow and the details you consume insocial matters. Take note of how you feel after you scroll and be selective.


Eric, Content Producer

. Making the most of the Screen Time constructed into the phone OS. I have my Instagram app restricted to &30 minutes a day.My partner has my Facebook password, so whenever I wish to visit, I need to ask her.Strangely, having a smartwatch has let me leave my phone behind more frequently. This assistsme understand I can have access to calls/texts without the temptation of social networks bunny holes.


Aly, Community Manager


One factor I like social is due to the fact that it can similarly be a favorable force as it can be unfavorable however it’s up to us( not simply social networks online marketers, however every user) to take in properly. As individuals who operate in social however, we have an advantage of understanding and can design what that indicates for our household, pals, neighborhood, and so on. One mantra I like to follow is” divert daily, withdraw weekly”. What that appears like for me is at least as soon as a day I attempt to do something detached from my phone for an hour – whether it is an exercise, checked out a book, cook supper, have fun with my nieces, and so on and for withdraw weekly I turn and attempt off alerts throughout all apps for one day a week( normally a day on the weekend ).


Misi, Senior Vice President, Analytics &Media


I listen and vacuum to podcasts. Cleaning up makes me seem like I have control over something, in this case, dirt, since in this service, we do not actually have excessive of that. Social is really unforeseeable. When I get some of my finest concepts and finest options, it’s truly excellent thinking time too; often it’s. I normally go to sleep to a podcast. It’s like an adult variation ofstorytime. It provides my eyes a break from reading and the computer system and gets my mind off the tension from the day.


Jesse, Community Manager


Keep in mind that social is everybody’s effort to depict their life as how they desire it to be, not always how it constantly is. Social makes it simple to seem like you’re refraining from doing things in addition to everybody else with these actually picture-perfect lives. Do not compare your behind-the-scenes to another person’s emphasize reel. And certainly do not hesitate to disconnect from social. As concluded as we get in social on the everyday, it can be uneasyto decline the impulse to inspect your feeds, however there is never ever, ever something life-altering that you will lose out on while you kick back.


Jenn, Enterprise Marketing Manager


The number 1 function I do not like about social networks is the quantity of criticism you can get from your fans. I keep [of this most] of my viewpoints to myself. It might appear silly, however I genuinely think “ If you wear ’ t have anything good to state, put on ’ t state anything. ” Why take part in the negativeness or welcome negativeness into your life if you put on ’ t need to?


Instead, I getlost consuming enjoyable and amusing material. IG Stories provides me a method to independently interact and respond with individuals about products they publish, and in a prompt way. Plus, TikTok is an unlimited cycle of home entertainment.



There ’ s naturally another method to conserve yourself from burnout– employ a firm to run your social networks marketing for you. Contact our group today to read more about our services and how we can assist boost your social networks method.

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Best 22 CI/CD Tools for Sysadmins in 2020

However, picking the best CI/CD software application is difficult. Various tools featured various performances, so you require to understand what every alternative needs to use.

This short article presents the very best 22 CI/CD tools offered for usage. Keep reading to streamline your choice procedure and discover the ideal suitable for your DevOps group.

.What is CI/CD?

CI/CD is the acronym for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery:

.Constant combination (CI): Continuous combination is the practice of presenting code modifications from numerous factors to a single task. The CI procedure likewise usually consists of code screening.Constant shipment (CD): Continuous shipment gets code modifications of all types into production securely and rapidly. The main point in CD is to turn updates into regular jobs a group can carry out on-demand.

CI/CD makes it possible for companies to react to market and consumer needs rapidly. These practices grant groups the dexterity to establish software application effectively without jeopardizing quality.

CI/CD tools manage CI/CD practices. When established, the tool serves as the main center for all CI/CD activity. Automation conserves time and makes sure quality with regular tests.

Learn more about the distinctions in between constant shipment, combination, and implementation .

.Leading CI/CD Tools Comparison.

The table listed below is a general contrast of the very best presently offered CI/CD tools: Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, Bamboo, GitLab, and Buddy.

Note: The table is scrollable horizontally.

.Jenkins.TeamCity.GitLab.Bamboo.CircleCI.Pal.Open-source.Yes.No.No.No.No.Yes.Free variation.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Supported running systems.Windows, Linux, macOS, any Unix-like OS.Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, FreeBSD.Linux circulations (Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, Debian, CentOS).Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris.Linux, macOS.Linux, Windows, macOS.Cloud hosting.Yes.No.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.On-premise hosting.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yes.Reduce of setup.Really simple (has pre-built bundles).Really simple (has pre-built bundles).Really simple (has pre-built plans).Easy.Easy.Extremely simple (15-minute

setup with a series of predefined actions).Highlight.Numerous plugins.Gated dedicates.High levels of modification.Extremely easy to use.Quick setup and simple to utilize.Exceptionally simple to develop, change, and handle pipelines.

 A list and contrast of finest ci/cd tools.

.22 Best CI/CD Tools.1. Jenkins.

Jenkins is a totally free, open-source automation server composed in Java. This tool automates all structure and release jobs. Jenkins masters big jobs that need great deals of modification.

.Easy setup with pre-built bundles (an easy WAR file you drop in the JEE container).Jenkins supports numerous os (Windows, Linux, macOS, and other Unix-based os).A basic, easy to use user interface.Real-time screening and reporting.Easy environment setups.Permits dispersed builds with master-slave architectures.Supports a number of variation control tools (Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Maven).Numerous plugins for code management, administration, and UI.Widely offered and outstanding documents.A big, active neighborhood of users.

 Jenkins pipeline diagram

.2. TeamCity.

TeamCity is a CI server that assists construct and release tasks with speed. TeamCity runs in a Java environment and deals with Windows and Linux servers .

.Easy setup with pre-built installers.Recyclable settings and setups get rid of the requirement to replicate code.Gated devotes test code modifications prior to they end up being a part of the codebase.Can run parallel builds concurrently in various environments.Comprehensive variation control suitable for huge jobs.The server is simple to tailor, engage with, and extend.In-depth history reports for builds, modifications, and mistakes.User management functions (user functions, user groups, a number of user authentication approaches, and a log of all activity on the server).Assistance for Visual Studio.3. GitLab.

GitLab is a Git repository supervisor that includes a CI tool. This tool automates procedures and reduces the shipment lifecycle. GitLab permits you to handle concerns, view code, establish a DevOps pipeline, and run CI/CD, all from a single control panel.

.Pre-built plans for popular Linux circulations.An user-friendly, easy to use UI.CMD construct scripts permit designers to program in any language.Custom-made variation tests allow users to inspect branches separately.Quick rollbacks and versions.Supplies APIs for many functions, making it possible for much deeper combinations with the item.Automatic develops, combinations, and confirmations of source codes.Extremely safe and secure (container scanning, vibrant and fixed application security screening (SAST and DAST), and dependence scanning).In-depth documents on every function.

 GitLab CI/CD tool workflow diagram

If you are brand-new to variation control tools such as Git, these tutorials might assist:

How To Use and set up Git On Windows How To Install Git On CentOS 8 Git Commands Cheat Sheet (Downloadable Cheat Sheet). How to Undo Last Commit in Git How To Unstage Files On Git How to Switch Git Branch

.4. Bamboo.

Bamboo is a CI server that automates the management of software application releases and develops a constant shipment pipeline. Bamboo features integrated Git branching workflows and implementation jobs.

.Supports a number of leading stacks ( Docker , AWS, Amazon S3, Git, CodeDeply, Mercurial).Comprehensive lays out of code history.Bamboo supports approximately a hundred remote construct representatives.Parallel batch tests.A user friendly web user interface.An abundant choice of add-ons.Per-environment authorizations that make it possible for groups to release to different environments.Bamboo can set off builds based upon modifications identified in the repository.Mobile designers can release their apps to the Apple Store or Google Play immediately.Bamboo works flawlessly with JIRA, HipChat, and Bitbucket.

 Bamboo (a CI/CD tool) pipeline diagram

.5. CircleCI.

CircleCI is a cloud-based CI/CD tool that automates procedures throughout the DevOps pipeline . This versatile tool is perfect for little jobs that require to get off the ground rapidly.

.Quickly legible YAML setups.Quick setup.Supports Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Node, Python, PHP, Java, and Clojure.Constant, branch-specific releases.Instantly cancels queued and running builds after a more recent develop is set off.Decreases construct time by splitting and balancing tests throughout several containers.Straightforward and exact debugging procedures.Docker assistance enables a high level of environment personalization.Incorporates with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket.Supports numerous develop tools (Maven and Gradle, for instance).6. Friend.

Buddy is a complimentary web-based and self-hosted CI/CD tool for structure, screening, and releasing software application. This tool utilizes Docker containers with pre-installed languages and structures you can construct on.

Buddy does not need users to script the CI/CD procedure. Absence of scripting decreases the entry barrier to the DevOps world both in monetary and useful terms.

.Develop shipment pipelines from over 120 predefined actions.Supports all popular languages and structures.A GUI-driven method that makes the tool incredibly simple to utilize.Usage drag and drop to organize pipeline actions in a clear and informing GUI.An instinctive UI/UX that permits non-tech users to produce and handle pipelines.Lightning-fast implementations based upon changesets.Users can quickly produce, change, and reuse builds and test environments.Real-time tracking of development and logs.Git assistance and combinations.Numerous attachable services (Elastic, MariaDB, Memcached, Mongo, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Selenium Chrome, and so on).7. Codeship.

Codeship is a hosted CI/CD platform that incorporates with GitHub and BitBucket.

.Easy to utilize.An easy task control panel.An effective facilities that keeps an eye on and scales per requirements.Native assistance for Docker circumstances.A wise notice system.Permits encrypted external caching of Docker images.Easy setup file management for establishing workflows.As much as 100 complimentary builds monthly for one test pipeline.Thorough and quick designer assistance.8. GoCD.

GoCD is a complimentary, open-source tool that automates the constant shipment of software application.

.Tracks modifications throughout devotes and implementations.Makes it possible for users to envision workflows in real-time with Value Stream Map.Supports parallel and consecutive executions.Easy dependence setup.A custom-made design template function that permits designers to recycle pipeline setups.Substantial test reporting.A large selection of plugins that boost performance.Numerous out-of-the-box functions (worth stream mapping, cloud-native implementations, intricate workflow modeling, advanced traceability, custom-made sets off).An active neighborhood.9. Wercker.

Oracle’s Wercker is a Docker-based CI/CD platform that assists designers develop containerized applications. Wercker is perfect for complicated microservices architectures .

.Easy setup management with YAML.Enables users to reproduce SaaS environments in your area.Allows you to perform automatic pipelines through the command-line user interface.Terrific pipeline debugging.Parallel screening.Enables you to construct very little containers and keep the size workable.Walterbot (a chatbot that communicates with notices to upgrade the develop status).Numerous security functions (source-code security, shut off test logs, environment variables, and adjustable authorizations for jobs and users).Git combinations (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and variation control).10. Travis CI.

Travis CI is an open-source platform utilized to evaluate and develop GitHub jobs. With consumers like Facebook and Twitter, this Ruby-based tool is among the leading alternatives on the marketplace.

.Supports lots of programs languages (C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Node, Perl, PHP, Python, R, Ruby, and so on).Quick and easy setup.Permits setups with easy YAML files.A construct matrix that allows users to run tests with various variations of plans and languages.Instantly finds brand-new dedicates pressed to a GitHub repository.Extended API and CMD tools.Pre-installed database services.A tidy virtual maker for each construct.Assistance for macOS, Linux, and iOS.A notice system that supports e-mail, Slack, HipChat, and comparable services.11. Semaphore.

Semaphore is a hosted CI/CD service for automated tests and releases. Semaphore is a totally free, open-source task.

.Among the fastest CI/CD platforms on the marketplace.Integrated Git branching and workflows.Allows you to evaluate numerous jobs and branches concurrently.Customized tests for systems, code design, dependences, and security steps.Native Docker assistance.Instantly scales jobs, so there is no unneeded rate overhead.Environment variables.Boosters (a function for Ruby tasks that minimizes the test suite run time through automated parallelization).Customized evaluates for pull demands (GitHub or Bitbucket).12. QuickBuild.

QuickBuild is a CI/CD platform that utilizes a quick, performance-oriented core system.

.Usage drag and drop to develop intricate construct workflows.Numerous helpful variables for implementation workflows.Build-proofing that look for bugs prior to production.Customized construct reports are produced in real-time.Parallel representatives for queueing actions.Quick and easy imports/exports of setup files.One-click cloning for all tasks and constructs.13. Nevercode.

Nevercode is a cloud-based CI/CD server for establishing mobile applications. This shipment server constructs, tests, and disperses apps without the requirement for human interaction.

.Easy setup and setup.Instantly develops the task for every single devote.A range of automated tests (system tests, UI tests, code analysis, genuine gadget screening, test parallelization).Automated publishing to iTunes Connect, Google Play, Crashlytics, TestFairy, and HockeyApp.Comprehensive summaries of construct and evaluate statuses.Combinations with typical app advancement tools.Excellent paperwork.14. Spinnaker.

Spinnaker is an open-source multi-cloud constant shipment platform. Netflix established this tool for internal functions.

.Enables you to release and launch software application modifications throughout various cloud service providers (AWS EC2, Kubernetes, Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google App Engine).Implementation pipelines that run combination tests, spin up and down server groups, and screen rollouts.Spinnaker’s CLI administration tool, Halyard, streamlines circumstances updates, installs, and setups.Pipelines that activate by means of Git occasions.Immutable images make it possible for simple rollbacks and quick rollouts.Gets rid of hard-to-debug drift problems.Users can connect releases to a tracking service (Datadog, Prometheus, Stackdriver, or SignalFx).Supports occasion notices for e-mail, Slack, HipChat, and SMS.15. AppVeyor.

AppVeyor is a cloud-based service for screening, structure, and releasing applications. AppVeyor is offered just for Windows.

.Easy setup procedure.An all-in-one constant shipment service that needs no extra tools.AppVeyer supplies all the facilities.Separated environments for builds.SSD drives with devoted hardware allow quick speeds.Customized group environments utilizing granular approaches.16. IBM UrbanCode.

IBM UrbanCode is a tool for automating application releases. This tool is an excellent suitable for business with complex, multi-channel builds low-level tools can not deal with.

.Automated, repeatable release procedures.Succinct job design templates for a variety of setups.Decreases implementation failures.Fast feedback suitable for nimble advancement.Pluggable environments that work well with both custom-made and external internal tools.Handle reliances based upon customized modifications to the job summary.Complete presence, traceability, and auditing functions.Enterprise-level security and scalability.Hybrid cloud environment modeling.

Read our Agile vs DevOps head to head contrast short article to read more about both practices.

.17. Buildbot.

Buildbot is an open-source Python-based CI structure. Buildbot allows CI screening, automation of develop systems, application implementation, and management of release procedures.

.Supports dispersed, parallel executions throughout numerous platforms.Supports several screening hosts with numerous architectures.Rapidly determines build-issues.Versatile combination with version-control systems.Thorough status reporting.Preserves a single-source repository.Runs constructs on numerous servant platforms.Custom-made develop status notices.Custom-made history records.18. PHPCI.

PHPCI is an open-source and complimentary CI tool particularly created for PHP.

While it might not provide the functions of extensive tools, PHPCI is simple and quick to utilize.

.Perfect for PHP designers.Easy to utilize.Customized plugin assistance for numerous structures and tools (Lint, Composer, MySQL).Test databases that allow users to develop demonstration environments rapidly.Supports private directory-based plugins.Permits you to run builds utilizing employees, daemons, or cron tasks .19. FinalBuilder.

Vsoft’’ s FinalBuilder is a Windows software application for automating develop procedures. While FinalBuilder is effective by itself, you can incorporate the tool with any of your preferred CI servers.

.Versatile graphics user interface with visual lays out of develop procedures.A library of predefined construct automation actions.Designers can prepare builds with Windows Task Scheduler.Action outputs are directed to the develop log.Conditional declarations manage regional mistakes.Custom-made construct reports.Assistance for all popular variation control systems.20. CruiseControl.

CruiseControl is among the earliest CI tools on the marketplace. The Java-based tool was introduced in 2001 and has actually been continually established since.

.An abundant structure for producing custom-made construct procedures.Easy setup.An uncomplicated web-based control panel.Many plugins that make work much easier.Can Be Found In Ruby (CruiseControl.rb) and.NET (CruiseControl.NET) variations.Open-source and complimentary to utilize.21. Strider CD.

Strider CD is an open-source tool composed in Node. Strider utilizes MongoDB as a support shop.

.Includes hooks to construct actions.Enables you to subscribe and release to socket occasions.Functions an adjustable user interface.Numerous plugins to improve default settings and functions.Supports Docker.Incorporates with GitHub and Bitbucket.22. Buildkite.

Buildkite is a cross-platform develop runner for scalable and quick CI pipelines.

.All source code and secret keys remain personal.Operates on different OSs and architectures (Ubuntu, Debian, Mac, Windows, Docker, and so on).You can run as numerous develop representatives as you require.Outstanding interface for activating develop pipelines.Supports all significant variation control systems.Combinations with Slack, HipChat, Flowdock, Campfire, and more.Conserve Time and Money with the Right CI/CD Tool.

All CI/CD tools pointed out in this list can improve your advancement, enhance quality, and boost precision. Above all, a helpful CI/CD tool will conserve your designers’ important time and keep your expenditures in check.

Consider all the choices and choose the tool that fits your requirements the very best.

Next, see our substantial list of 52 finest DevOps tools and 30 finest cloud tracking tools .

.Current Posts. What is an APT Attack (Advanced Persistent Threat) and How to Stop It? Hybrid Cloud Challenges and Hybrid Cloud Adoption What is Zero Trust Security Top 8 DevOps Trends for 2021 What is CI/CD? Guide to Continuous Integration, Testing &&Delivery .UNCODE.initRow( document.getElementById(” 143303″)); 


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5 Tips for Combating Declining SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization is no longer exclusively about keywords. It incorporates numerous locations of proficiency, which frequently need a full-fledged SEO group in your corner to resolve the ins and outs of Google’s continuously developing algorithm. It’s obvious that SEO is made complex. When you’re ranking well, things are terrific, however if you start to see your rankings decrease, you might discover yourself panicking.

But one is for specific: the only and very first method to get to the bottom of your decreasing rankings is to remove more obstacles by attending to the problem head-on. Having a backup strategy is extremely important in times of crisis and can conserve you lots of cash in the long-lasting and short-term. Eventually, SEO is a long-lasting video game, and if you’’ re rushing to get your rankings back into great shape, you’’ ll require a bulletproof method. That ’ s where we action in.

Using this guide, we’’ ll stroll you through the 5 ideas you require to understand to fight decreasing SEO rankings and restore your website’’ s previous ranking magnificence.

.Suggestion # 1: Optimize Page Speed for High-Traffic Pages.

Page speed has actually constantly been a crucial part of SEO analysis, and as an increasing variety of services shift towards online platform operations, SEO grows more vital than ever in the past. In the most uncomplicated significance of the term, page speed describes how rapidly the material on a site loads. You can explain page speed in one of 2 methods: “page load time” or “time to very first byte.”

To determine your site’s PageSpeed rating, Google brings your URL two times—– as soon as with a mobile phone and as soon as with a desktop. It evaluates 2 criteria: the time it takes to pack all material above the fold, and the time it takes to fill the totality of the page.

Images typically add to most of the information use on any provided web page. As an outcome, it’s a proper technique to enhance them to reduce the volume of downloaded bytes and enhance the speed of the site.

.Idea # 2: Create More Comprehensive and Authoritative Content.

Authoritative material achieves 2 main goals: it presses more natural web traffic and likewise assists to develop trust in between authors and readers. When online visitors consume your material and start to comprehend more about you, they seem like they are forming a relationship with you, too. To put it simply, they start to rely on the words you state.

Take an appearance at this post from Time Trade to see how trust is made through composed copy:

Among the lots of terrific challenges dealt with by authors and web online marketers is the task of developing special product that resonates and shines with readers. It is a popular belief that you require to be a professional within your field to start sizing up to your rivals, Google patterns have actually revealed otherwise. What makes material marketing so continually tough is that it’s insufficient to merely produce excellent content when. To keep great rankings, you need to have the ability to develop fantastic material on a constant basis.

High quality and intriguing material is not constantly the end-all-be-all to your visitors. Google is well beyond the days of tallying keywords on a page—– today, meaningful, concise, and easy-to-read site material is a crucial part of SEO . Concentrate on readability and material freshness to guarantee your pieces are gold in the eyes of Google.

.Pointer # 3: Refresh Content with Declining Traffic.

Your site’s material resembles any other excellent or service and hence has a limited life-span. At some time, the material ends up being less efficient at amassing interest and converting. When you begin to discover SEO decreases, this is exactly what occurs. This must trigger you to investigate your material and see where you can make substantial modifications to raise your rankings back up and produce brand-new interest. Through rejuvenating and updating content , you can gain a series of SEO benefits.

Another method to revitalize material is to turn old material into an evergreen resource . An evergreen resource is a page that throughout time will still be important to a visitor and still promote users to click a page. An example of an evergreen resource is this reverse home loan calculator from GoodLife Home Loans .

In order to stay at the cutting edge of the SEO video game, staying on top of your material freshness is constantly vital. Handling a material stock and establishing routine reports to investigate site product and media files make an enormous distinction not just to your website ranking however likewise to your online visitors too.

.Suggestion # 4: Fix Broken or Unsafe Links.

Broken links are horrible not just for user experience, however they can likewise be damaging to your site’s Google rankings. Beyond the scope of your SEO, your website visitors regardless of damaged links too.

In reality, when visitors stumble upon a damaged link, they likely will not wish to continue browsing through your website merely since they can’t. When things are tough or obstructions exist, users do not wish to put in the time to figure it out, they desire a simple, easy to use experience. Eventually, if users invest less time on your blog site, online search engine will securely presume that your site does not use an enjoyable interface. This ultimately results in decreased rankings due to increased bounce rates.

But what is a damaged link? Broken links are links that provide users with a caution that the site no longer exists, triggering a 404 mistake page. Broken links can be both external and internal.

The most convenient method to keep a close watch on the status of your website’s links is by routinely tracking the site. If you see shifts in conversion frequency, bounce rates, or traffic, there might be problem. In the majority of scenarios, these challenges are usually connected to damaged connections online.

.Pointer # 5: Hire an SEO company.

There are numerous exceptional benefits to contracting your SEO to a professional group of Google online search engine pros. In the long run, these advantages significantly exceed the financial cost savings that you might experience by trying to tackle your decreasing SEO rankings yourself, especially if you’re strapped for time or inexperienced in SEO.

When is the most suitable time to use an SEO firm? Eventually, that response is subjective – – however when your organization has the cash to manage a terrific company and can prepare for long-lasting methods throughout numerous media channels, you might discover yourself in the very best position to outsource your SEO auditing and planning.

With a rejuvenated understanding of what you can do to handle SEO decreases, it’s your rely on react. Constantly remember that SEO is built on a variety of variables, and even the most minute specifics can impact your site rankings. Make an effort to continuously remain and investigate brand-new patterns in the understand about algorithms to ensure your SEO method is sharp.

.Author Bio.

Samantha Rupp holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is the handling editor for 365businesstips. com . She resides in San Diego, California and delights in spending quality time on the beach, researching present market patterns, and taking a trip.

The post 5 Tips for Combating Declining SEO Rankings appeared initially on BenchmarkONE .

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Tesla Key Moments: What Happened During Full Self-Drive From SF To LA?

A Tesla recently navigated from San Francisco to Los Angeles with almost no human intervention using its Full Self-Driving feature. This demonstration was presented in time-lapse so the entire ride, six hours if driven non-stop, is shown in just over fifteen minutes. The return trip was also completed successfully, without the need for any corrections by the person driving.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature is currently in beta testing, with a larger rollout coming this year. Tesla vehicles can’t legally drive without a human driver behind the wheel but, after passing regulatory hurdles in the future, FSD may be able to handle CEO Elon Musk’s eventual goal of driving without a human monitoring. Since a computer can access and more quickly adjust to data faster than a human, future self-driving cars should be safer overall. All Tesla cars made since October 2016 include updated Autopilot hardware and while not as exhaustive as Full Self-Driving, these systems have provided a large amount of data to inform Tesla’s machine learning software. Whether Autopilot or FSD is on or off, the system is still analyzing the data and learning from real-world experiences.

Related: How Tesla Subscriptions Can Help Full Self-Driving Become A Reality Sooner

A video posted recently by Whole Mars Catalog demonstrated a Tesla operating with Full Self-Driving in a time-lapse drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. With FSD enabled, an enhanced visualization of how the Tesla views traffic and identifies objects is shown on the touch-screen, which is fascinating and informative to see. The driver noted that two stops had to be made for charging, but that a Model S with a 400-mile range could make the trip on a single charge. More notable, there were two occasions where the human driver appeared ready to take control to perform a manual correction. In the second instance, the danger was considered significant enough that the driver did override the computer momentarily. Tesla has hundreds of thousands of cars on the road with self-driving hardware, but despite this massive amount of real-world data, unexpected events can still happen, as seen in the video.

Since this is a beta version of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system, this was a rare opportunity to observe how the system handles various situations. It managed driving on highway and city streets very, very well. However, there were a couple of instances that revealed the car might not be quite ready to operate without an attentive human driver. Near the beginning of the trip (at around the 1:21 mark in the video), an intersection at Market Street presents an unusual, angled intersection and busy city traffic with pedestrians.

FSD handled the pedestrians with no trouble, but when the light changed and traffic started moving, the computer seemed confused by the lane markings and drifted left toward an adjacent vehicle. The driver’s hand is seen ready at the wheel and appears to grip it briefly, before releasing. FSD takes a moment to correct and understand the lanes, then proceeds along normally. Given that Tesla prioritizes drivable space over lane lines, there was probably no danger of a collision. The cars were never really close to colliding, but crossing the lane lines in that situation is different from how a human driver may have reacted and could have been startling for other drivers.

The second event occurs at 12:52 in the video and when traveling over 70 miles-per-hour. A car in front of the Tesla brakes and swerves around what appears to be a tipped over wooden road barrier. The Tesla driver takes control briefly, steering around the hazard that occupied the entire center lane, before re-engaging self-driving. Perhaps FSD would have detected this, but nothing on the display indicated awareness of the danger and there isn’t much time to correct when traveling at highway speeds.

Expecting even the latest version of Tesla’s advanced FSD to take over driving completely would be a dangerous mistake. Unfortunately, some drivers have already put too much faith in the less advanced Tesla Autopilot and collisions have resulted. No one wants this program to face regulatory issues because of bad behavior by irresponsible owners and even though it will take more time, the advances so far are remarkable. With Tesla Full Self-Driving becoming available to even more vehicles in 2021, it’s important to celebrate this glimpse of the future, while keeping in mind the limitations.

Next: When Is Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Subscription Coming? Buy Or Subscribe?

Source: Whole Mars Catalog

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47 Easy Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs if You’re a Mom

Ever thought about doing some freelance writing jobs to make money writing?

With the pandemic in full swing, being a freelance writer or freelance blogger can not only help you supplement what income you have coming in, but it can also help you stay home for good and work from home!

Is that amazing, mama?

I’ve been a freelance writer and picking up freelance writing jobs since my twins were toddlers and I love every minute of it.

I make enough money with my freelance writing gigs that I don’t have to do affiliate marketing. I don’t have to sell courses.

I can live happily and comfortably with my freelance writing jobs.

So, I want to help you start working from home as a freelance writer and help you find the perfect freelance writing jobs, whether you’re a teacher, nurse, stay at home mom or in school!

In this guide, you’ll learn what my first legitimate freelance writing job was and how I scored my first writing gig, how to get started, different types of freelance writing jobs you can do as a beginner, and then I’ll dive into specific freelance writing jobs you can do as a mom.

My Very First Legitimate Freelance Writing Job

Picture this –

My maternity was almost over, and my twins weren’t even sleeping through the night or potty trained.

And I had to go back to work when I was still pumping milk? —I just couldn’t!

Even though I get a year off for maternity, it truly was not enough. I needed to find a way to work from home and take care of my little ones.

Me with my darling baby twins going for my daily stroller walks during maternity leave

I couldn’t even think about leaving home when my twins were soo young and needed me. What could I do from home? My husband told me that many mom bloggers were VA’s or writers.

I was intrigued. So I started reading other mommy blogs and how they made money, and many of them talked about freelance writing jobs.

I started learning more about freelance writing or freelance blogging and decided to be a freelance writer.

At first, I made a ton of mistakes.

I looked at Upwork and content mills and couldn’t believe what businesses were paying writers – $15 for a 2,000-word blog post?

How could other moms who worked from home be doing freelance writing jobs if they pay so little?

Another mistake I made early on was feeling doubtful. This clouded my thinking and made me doubt that I could ever do this. I’m not a good writer! I don’t know how to write a blog post for clients.

What am I doing?

Yea – I was seriously doubting my ability to find freelance writing gigs and do a good job for them.

It took many trials and errors to figure out that anybody – mom, college student, corporate worker or high school student – could be a freelance writer and do this as a side hustle if they wanted to or a full-time gig like I did.

So, how did I score my first legitimate freelance writing job?

I went on job boards and applied to any freelance writing job that was remotely interesting to me. It didn’t matter if I had experience in what they wanted, and it didn’t matter if I needed certain writing samples – I just went for it.

And guess what?

I landed my first freelance writing job that paid me $100 a blog post (of around 700 words).

I was in heaven. Even though this writing job wasn’t something I was interested in writing about – automotive – I could still infuse my creativity by writing as a parent in the automotive industry.

My first freelance writing job

I finally found a legitimate freelance writing gig that helped me build my portfolio as a professional writer.

I was able to tell my mom friends that I was a professional content writer.

And over the years, I’ve worked closely with small businesses in the Saas industry (think Tailwind, for example) and some amazing parenting businesses like Walmart of all things!

Walmart freelance writing job

I don’t need many clients or have to write a lot to make a full-time income as a freelance writer.

Are you excited? Do you want to see where your writing can take you as a new freelance writer?

Let’s look at how you can easily start, even if you don’t have a blog or anything online. I’ll share how easy it is to start.

How to Start Freelance Writing Even During a Pandemic

I know what you’re thinking –

Is it even possible to start freelance writing during a pandemic?

Yes! Freelance writing is the PERFECT gig to have during a pandemic. This means you get to stay home safely and make money without risking your life or your child’s life!

My children probably won’t go back to school, but that’s fine! Both my husband and I work from home, and we can homeschool our twins until we feel it’s safe to put them with other children and adults.

I encourage you to take the time NOW to consider picking up some freelance writing jobs! I’m here to help too!

To start freelance writing, you do need to enjoy writing and be skilled in writing in English. Can you be a freelance writer if English is your second language?

Yes, you can – as long as you are strong in grammar or have a proofreader and editing tool, you can get started as a freelance writer.

If you don’t like writing – especially writing that isn’t like poetry or opinion based – then freelance writing jobs aren’t what you’ll enjoy. You might do better with other side businesses like graphic design or editing even.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s look at the quick way to start so you can land some fantastic writing jobs.

1. Discover Your Writing Niche

For many writers, your writing niche can be the most challenging thing in all of this. It’s not finding writing jobs; it’s figuring out which writing niche to stick to!

To make it easy – this is the fast track version – let’s only focus on the writing niches that clients desperately need writers for. We are reverse-engineering this step to make it super duper easy for you!

These are the writing niches that are booming during a pandemic.

Remote Working
Remote work traffic

From this graph, people are scrambling to learn more about remote working as a beginner. For companies in the remote space – think ProofHub or Basecamp – they are growing due to people having to stay home and work from home.

Learning to write about work from home topics isn’t that difficult.

Here are some writing sample ideas to see if you are interested in this type of freelance writing job.

What’s the Best Video Conferencing Tool for Remote Work?

The One Thing to Keep Your Remote Team Productive

25 Remote Working Tools to Help You Work From Home

Education traffic

Education and educational tools/apps are showing a huge surge in traffic.

More and more people are searching for at-home curriculums or homeschooling or educational content to help parents with their child who is missing school or doing homeschooling.

Companies that supply these tools, services like Scholastic or Kids Learn Reading need help with their content.

Here are some blog ideas to help you see if education is a good freelance writing job for you.

15 Top Education Apps for Homeschoolers

8 Tips to Make Teaching Grade 3 Math Fun

12 Easy Educational Games to Teach Reading in Young Children

Financial traffic

Another hot writing niche during the pandemic is finance.

Do you need to work in finance to be a finance writer? Nope. Many stay-at-home moms have transitioned to writing about financial content easily.

And with more and more businesses benefiting from the pandemic – think credit cards, loan companies, even bad credit services – you can land some easy freelance writing jobs.

To see if you would enjoy financial writing, here are some ideas you can write about:

9 Easy Ways to Stop Taking Money Out of Your Savings Account

5 Loans You Can Get If Unemployed with Bad Credit

35 Side Hustles Moms Can Start

Puzzle traffic

Entertainment is a huge varied niche with many sub-industries, but many of them, like puzzles or DIY crafts, are booming right now (while the graph shows a decline, look at the numbers. Over 500,000 searches for puzzles – and that’s just one form of entertainment).

For companies that supply crafts like craft box companies or puzzle companies, they are in need of writers to help them with their content!

Check out these writing ideas to see if you would like writing entertainment content:

Best 1000 Piece Puzzles to Cure Boredom

9 Step Guide to Watercolor Painting for Beginners

12 Best Crochet Crafts for Kids to Make

Motivation/Mental Health
Motivation traffic

Motivation ideas are being searched more than ever after the pandemic hit.

People are stuck at home, bored, sad, or lonely and may have a hard time feeling needed or valuable when they don’t have a job or nothing to do. Companies in the mental health industry – therapists, coaches, medication distributors, books, authors – are working hard at helping their clients and customers get through this with a positive outlook.

You can help these businesses attract their target client with your writing!

Here are some writing sample ideas to help you figure out if this is your writing niche:

47 Motivational Quotes to Inspire Success 

5 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Child to Do Their Homework

8 Powerful Habits for Better Mental Health

You might be wondering if you need special requirements to write about mental health. It depends.

If the company isn’t in the medical niche, then you don’t need to be a nurse to write for them!

Here are other top writing niches that need writers:

Digital marketing (this is the niche I write for)
Online learning

2. Create Three Writing Samples

Okay –

You found a writing niche so you can easily find freelance writing jobs. Now, to get hired as a freelance writer, you need proof that you write!

And the easiest way to do this is to write a writing sample like a blog post.

Blog writing is highly versatile, and most businesses know what a blog post is.

So, take some ideas that I provided in this post and create some amazing blog posts. Here are tips for writing:

Your introduction needs to capture the reader
Break up your post with subheadings (like I do in this post)
Create white space with subheadings, images and lists
Have a conclusion paragraph (Wrap it Up or Conclusion at the end)
Create long-form content (1,000-2,000 word blog posts is standard)

You might be thinking – I can’t write that much! That’s okay! Aim for 800 words and go up from there! Your first writing sample can be 800, the next 1000, and the last one can be 1300.

Where do you write your writing sample?

One place is your blog. While this may be challenging and not the quickest, it is the long-term idea around being a freelance writer. If you have a hub – a home online – then it’s much easier to attract freelance writing jobs than to hunt them down.

I should know – as soon as I created a writer website for my business, I was able to make more money per post and secure my ideal clients. So consider starting a blog and having a portfolio page on your blog.

The second way that’s super easy is to go on Medium or Contently.

This is my Contently portfolio showing all my writing from clients to guest posts to writing samples:

Elna Cain Contently Portfolio

Both these options – Medium or Contently – are free to use and start.

Note: with Contently, if you’re in the finance niche and you have financial content on your Contently portfolio, you can land some freelance writing jobs from using Contently! How sweet is that?

This hasn’t happened to me since I’m in the digital marketing niche, but I know other writers that it has happened to.

The last way is to guest blog. Guest blogging means writing on someone else’s site. For example, Imperfectly Perfect Mama is a site I own, and it’s a contributor site!

Feel free to guest post on there and gain your first writing sample!

3. Create Social Media Profiles

To score freelance writing jobs easily, you need to be on social media. Social media is a goldmine for finding and landing freelance writing jobs.

For example, in a Pinterest group I was in, my pin caught the eye of a parenting editor, and I ended up with a fun freelance writing job for a twin site! How cool is that?

My suggestion is to choose two social media profiles – Twitter and LinkedIn have yielded me the most freelance writing jobs – and fill out as much as you can to help you get noticed on those platforms.

You don’t have to be on social media every day; just share content and be consistent.

When I started, I did share my guest posts and blog posts of sites that I wanted to write for! This prompted the networking potential with these sites.

4. Cover the Logistics Before Pitching

The next big step to finding freelance online writing jobs is to make sure you have the basics covered. These are:

A professional email address (Gmail is fine but make sure you’re not using your high school email address to email those freelance writing jobs!)
A PayPal business account (it’s free to sign up)
A computer/laptop and proper seating
A pitching planner like the one I use

My planner that I use


I suggest you have a place to track all the pitches (the planner I use has tracking sheets) you send out because, in the beginning, you will have to send out a lot to land your first writing gig.

It doesn’t mean you have to – many of my writing students found success in one week of doing this and sending only a few pitches – but if you are brand new to all of this, you might have to tweak your pitches or write another writing sample to see results.

5. Create an Optimized Pitch Email

All of your pitching involves email or a form the company sets up. In either case, you will have a space to convey to a potential freelance writing job ad that you are the writer for them.

Here is a basic pitch email (adapted from my freelance writing course) you can use and tailor to your specific niche or needs.

Hi (name), 
I’m (name), and I’m a freelance writer with experience in (your niche). 
I found your site from using your product (or through a friend, job board, Yelp etc.)
As a (niche) freelance writer, I know how to write content that will hook a reader’s attention and help with your blog’s marketing strategy.
With (#1 years) experience in (niche), I can help grow your brand, reach, and bring that loyalty with your audience by providing emotional-based and highly valuable blog posts. 
I see from your site you’re selling X/writing about X/, and I’d love to help write about your service/product on your blog or in your emails. I already have several content ideas that can help you reach your target market. Hear a few of them:
Idea 1 | Idea 2 | Idea 3
I’d be more than happy to discuss this further with you.
Thanks for your time, (name)

6. Understanding Freelance Writing Jobs Expectations

You’re totally new to this whole freelance writing thing, so you may not know the expectations companies have when hiring a content writer.

From the years of being a freelance writer, the number one expectation businesses have is reliability.

You don’t know the number of stories I hear from businesses that hired writers tell me that their writer ghosted them! If you want to take on more writing jobs, all you have to do is be reliable.

If you say you will be home at 2 pm for a Skype call, be home at that time.

If you say, you will submit your article before 12 the next day, submit it at 8 am the next day (yes, go above and beyond for your clients).

Other expectations businesses have when hiring a writer:

The article if free of errors
The article is formatted for online reading
The article has credible sources
Open to communication via email or phone
Take feedback in a professional manner

Now that you know the expectations be careful of potential red flags when finding a freelance writing job.

If a job seems too good to be true, it probably is!

If a writing job asks for a sample just for them, don’t write it! You just created three samples, and that should be enough for a freelance writing job. As well, this screams free writing for businesses.

If a writing job ad has you pay to sign up or submit your piece, walk away and move on. This is just plain wrong.

Oh, and try to stay away from Upwork. You might hear every person online talk about using Upwork to find freelance work, but for writing work, Upwork is horrible.

This platform stresses the cheapest pay for jobs, and well, clients need to value our writing! (do you think Walmart hangs around Upwork???)

So you have a writing niche, writing samples, a place online to showcase your work, a professional email address and PayPal account, a pitch template, and know client expectations.

You are ready to land freelance writing jobs.

Let’s now look at the type of freelance writing jobs you can do as a beginner.

Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

All of these choices are great for moms and beginners in freelance writing.

1. Blog Writer

Blog writing is probably the most popular type of freelance writing job you will come across in your online job hunt. I market myself as a blog writer, and my portfolio only shows blog posts.

My freelance writing portfolio

As a mom, these are the best writing gigs because they are recurring and don’t take too much time to create.

Even if you’re a slow writer, after writing a few blog posts, I swear you’ll be able to whip out an 800-word blog post in one day! Imagine having three freelance writing jobs that wanted one blog post a week (each post $100).

That’s feasibly 3-4 days of work of $300 a week or $1200 a month! Boom $1k in one month! How sweet and easy is that?

You can easily earn up to $61,400 a year as a freelance blogger.

2. Copywriter

Copywriting is a fun, freelance writing job to have! I’ve done a few copywriting projects and loved doing them. I also do copywriting for my blogs and business and love it.

What do I mean about copywriting? This is persuasion writing in a conversational way. So writing a sales page or landing page – like this one – is copywriting.

I’m trying to convince people reading my sales pages or landing pages to convert in some way – click the buy button or sign up to my email list.

Copywriting is highly profitable, and many writing jobs start at $1-$2k.

3. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is another highly profitable freelance writing job. The only catch with these types of writing jobs is that you aren’t credited for your work, so it will be hard to make a name for yourself.

But, if you don’t care about being known online, then you can make bank as a ghostwriter – especially if you ghostwrite books. Typically ghostwriting books are worth $10-$20k to write.

4. Product Review Writer

Product reviews are typically used for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing implies that a business or blogger signs up to an affiliate program – for example, Target has an affiliate program – and after signing up (it’s free), you get a special affiliate link to use for marketing purposes.

Many businesses and bloggers create product reviews of the affiliate products they have links for.

However, many business owners and bloggers can’t write or don’t have the time to write a highly detailed product review.

That’s where you come in, mama! You can pick up product review freelance writing jobs and write those buying guides for your clients.

I’ve been hired to create a product review for tools and services.

5. Gift Guide Writer

Walmart hired me as a gift guide writer to create a long list of gift guides for parents. I loved this online writing job, and I found it fun to look at all the toys and gifts and create a short description that was emotional-based and personal at times.

Many companies hire specialized freelance writers to create highly valuable, long-form gift guides for their blog. This type of freelance writing job is time-consuming but high-paying.

I was paid thousands for my gift guides.

6. Magazine Writer

Magazine writing may not be too easy to land unless you are an avid magazine reader or know editors of magazines. Magazine writing jobs are high-paying – often starting at $1 per word – but it can take weeks or months to get paid.

I’ve never had a magazine writing job, but I do know other moms that have! For example, Readers Digest is a great magazine to write for! My freelance writer friend, Carrie, is a mom and writes for Reader’s Digest.

Magazine writing job
7. SEO Writer

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means businesses use SEO tactics to help them rank higher in Google.

Most people don’t read past page one – or even after the first 3 results on page 1 – so businesses will pay big bucks for SEO writers to help them rank.

Part of my blog writing is for SEO purposes, and many clients give me the keywords to use for my blog posts.

It’s up to me to know where to place these keywords, how many to put in my post and which ones to give more weight to. Learning to write SEO is something I teach in my freelance writing course to help you understand how to write SEO content for your clients!

8. Email Marketing Writer

Another aspect of a business is email marketing. Many brands, businesses, and blogs have an email list (I do).

Traffic is fleeting, but if you can capture that blog traffic with a free incentive, then readers will sign up to your list, and now you have a subscriber.

You can email this subscriber, get to know them on a more personal level and market to them.

This is what businesses do, and they often need writers to create email funnels for them. These are a series of emails to market their service or product.

9. Content Writer (Site Copy)

As a content writer, you can create anything from About Me page copy to transcribing Podcast episodes and more. These types of freelance writing jobs are fun to do since they can be varied.

One freelance writing job I had was to create website copy for different media kids. Another freelance writing job I had was writing a guide used for an email incentive. If you’re a content writer, there is no shortage to freelance writing jobs for you!

Okay – now that you are familiar with different types of freelance writing jobs, let’s dive into writing jobs for certain people!

Freelance Writing Jobs for Teachers

Are you a teacher? While you love teaching and helping children learn, there’s something in you that wants you to stay home with your child because you work long hours, and many of it is unpaid.

I know many freelance writers that started as teachers – I’m one of them! Before I had twins, I was a special education teacher.

I loved every minute of my job, but once I was pregnant and put on bed rest, I knew that my job was too stressful.

I’m glad I found out about freelance writing jobs. If you are a teacher, here are some freelance writing jobs for you.

Note: all of these jobs are found using Contena – a premium job board. I will share with you other job boards and places at the end of this post to see all different types of freelance writing job boards.

For now, I want to tailor this to moms!

10. Curriculum Writer

A curriculum writer usually creates and develops a curriculum for elementary, high school or college level.

This is an easy freelance writing job that a teacher can slip into since it’s in their wheelhouse of knowledge. If you know the k-12 curriculum, you can help educational centers, schools and more.

Some of the  job ads on Contena state up to $4,000/month for this type of freelance writing job.

11. Lesson Writer

Some educational companies need lesson writers to help write in an easy to understand and clear way for difficult subjects. If you enjoy creating lessons for your students, then you can easily transition to lesson writing as a new freelance writer.

The pay is well too – jobs on Contena state up to $7,000/mth for lesson writing freelance writing jobs.

12. Test Prep Writer

For any test a school, district, or state has, you can be a test-prep writer for them! Many school testing companies – like MasteryPrep – hire freelance writers to author subject matter content.

A job on Contena says for this type of writer, pays up to $60,000 a year!

13. Academic Content Writer

Educational companies, educational apps, tools and services hire academic content writers for their clients, customers and students. As a teacher, you have insider knowledge about various subject matters for academic content writing!

14. Chemistry (Subject) Course Writer

Do you teach Chemistry as a high school teacher? Why not start a side hustle with this freelance writing job?

A Chemistry course writer needs first-hand experience in teaching Chemistry to high schoolers. Companies like Construct Education seek these experts to help them develop digital lessons for school districts.

15. k-12 Passage Writers

If you’re looking for part-time freelance writing jobs, then maybe you can be a k-12 passage writer. These types of freelance writing jobs are usually short contract work for various subjects from k-12.

16. Construction Exam Writers

As a teacher, you don’t have to stick to elementary or high school freelance writing jobs. You can create course exam questions and tests for construction trades! How cool is that!

17. ELA Curriculum Writers

If English and Language Arts are your thing as a teacher, why not try being an ELA curriculum writer? These writing jobs have you develop in-depth ELA digital curriculum for schools.

18. History/Science Writer

If you’re a history or science teacher, you can be a history and science writer! Writing lesson plans to chapters in textbooks to even history presentations, a history and science writer sounds like a fun writing gig.

19. High School Curriculum Writer

You can even market yourself as a high school curriculum writer, rather than a general curriculum writer. This can help you land the perfect freelance writing job in your intended writing niche.

20. ACT/SAT Grammar Question Writer

If you are exceptional with grammar you can be a grammar question writer for the ACT and SATs tests. This can expand to quiz writing jobs as well!

21. Nutrition Lesson Writer

If you’re a teacher, you don’t always have to do writing jobs in the educational industry! Why not take your academic knowledge and apply it to a passion niche like health or travel or pets!

You can be a nutrition lesson writer and help write lessons for a nutrition program, course, service or product.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Nurses

Are you a nurse, or do you work in medicine?

I pray for you and other frontline workers during this pandemic. I know you want better for your life if you are working as a nurse and unable to be home with your family in case you get sick.

I want to encourage you to think about doing some paid writing at home with nursing or medical freelance writing jobs that you can easily do!

Let’s look at some medical freelance writing jobs using Contena – a premium job board.

22. Medical Writer

Medical writing is a very lucrative freelance writing job. If you are a nurse or work in medicine, you can be a medical writer.

As a medical writer, you might be responsible for drafting medical publications or writing other medical content.

On Contena, you can find similar jobs for medical writing.

23. Clinical Content Writer

Work closely with private clinics to provide highly engaging content for a variety of audiences. Some types of writing gigs may want you to adhere to the ACCME standards.

You would be responsible for writing and even creating medical content for clinics.

24. Spanish Translation Content Writer

Are you interested in doing some translation jobs instead? If you speak more than one language, why not offer this type of freelance service and freelance writing?

Translate patient care plans from English to Spanish!

25. Health Care Content Writer

Market yourself as a health care content writer and be responsible for writing and possibly editing medical deliverables. You may even write about the late stages of clinical research.

You can also niche down to writing about immunology and infectious disease.

26. Documentation Writer

Be responsible for preparing regulatory documents for medical professionals. You may work alongside a technical team and be comfortable with using technology and discussing technology.

27. Nursing Script Writer

Scriptwriting is a popular writing service you can offer. You can niche down to provide this by creating and editing video scripts for nurses or scripts for their medical presentations.

28. Medical Cannabis Writer

CBD writing is a booming writing niche. Why not target your services to be a medical Cannabis writer? Write in-depth articles surrounding using Cannabis in a  medical setting.

29. Mental Health Blogger

Blogging jobs are my jam! If you have a passion for mental health or have experience working in a mental health setting, why not become a mental health blogger?

You may write about bipolar from a young adult’s perspective, family members with mental illness or about Schizophrenia.

30. Nurse Resume Writer

One of my freelance writing course students is a nurse and writes resumes for nurses.

What’s awesome about her is that not only is she offering a 1:1 service of helping nurses with their resume writing, but she also has ready-made nursing resume templates and even courses too!

You go freelance writing mama!

Freelance writer nurse with her services and products
Freelance Writing Jobs for Christian Moms

Hey mama –

Are you a Christian and love writing about your life as a Christian mom and family? Did you know that there are freelance writing jobs in the Christian niche?

This looks like an easy way to land some amazing freelance writing jobs that fulfills a need in you to serve and help!

Pastors, Christian bloggers, faith-based schools, Christian authors and even Christian owned businesses hire Christian writers to help them grow their business or brand.

31. Devotional Writer

Devotionals are used by many blogs, businesses and brands in a variety of ways. They may use them to attract leads, as large-circulation devotional guides, or daily devotions for Christian schools.

Writing devotions means focussing on the reader’s mind, character and heart.

32. Christian Blogger

Do you have a Christian blog? Why not offer your Christian blog writing to other Christian blogs? It’s a great way to spread God’s message out to the masses.

33. Christian Copywriter

You can infuse selling with faith-based writing. Many Christian owned businesses need a Christian copywriter to help them with their email funnels, landing page copy and even Facebook ads.

If you are good at digital marketing and social media marketing and you’re also a Christian mom blogger, you can offer a Christian copywriter service and land some awesome freelance writing jobs!

34. Christian Web Content Writer

Write social media posts, landing pages, About pages and more. As a web content writer, you can write for ministries that need online content to reach their congregation.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Parents

If you’re stay at home mom or a dad, you can quickly get started with landing some sweet writing gigs.

Check out these fun freelance writing jobs for parents!

35. Nursery Content Editor

Why not focus on writing about nurseries or baby products only?

This Contena writing job is for a Nursery Content Editing job. You are responsible for researching, writing and publishing content about nurseries! How fun is that?

36. Educational App Writer

There are thousands of educational apps geared for parents, children, teens and adults. Why not tap into this market and offer your educational writing?

A few months after starting Twins Mommy, a chore app contacted me to write for them! I was ecstatic and found it a fun writing project!

37. Writer for Children & Baby Products

Writing for baby and child products like the Gro-Clock are fun writing jobs and can help you make a living as a blogger!

Gather a list of the popular children and baby products and start “stalking” these businesses on social media! Get to know the people behind the brand and reach out to them!

38. Special Needs Parenting Writer

Autism, Anxiety, learning difficulties and more are topics many parenting sites and brands need writers for. If you are familiar with these or have direct experience in treating autism or learning difficulties in children, why not offer that as a writing service?

39. Parenting Ghostwriter

There are thousands of parenting books out there, and I can bet that many were ghostwritten. Why not offer your parenting experience to brands and ghostwrite their next book or article?

Freelance Writing Jobs for Healthy Moms
family mother and child daughter are engaged in fitness yoga exercise at home

Hey mama –

Are you into fitness and being healthy? Maybe you’re a health coach, a dietician, or you work at a gym.

Whatever the case is, because of the pandemic, your job may have let you go or unable to work at your workplace for a while. Why not try your luck with freelance writing jobs in the health niche?

Bonus points if you have a health mom blog! You already have a niche and writing samples! Easy peasy!

Let’s check out freelance writing jobs using Contena – a premium job board.

40. Fitness Writer

Fitness writing is highly versatile and needed all around. If you have a passion for fitness or are a fitness instructor, you can leverage this experience and write for other fitness companies.

41. Cannabis Content Writer

Alternative health is all the rave now! Just like for nurses, you can write about Cannabis for CBD oil companies and other CBD brands. Run a quick Google search to get a list of Cannabis-based businesses and reach out!

42. Sleep Niche Copywriter

Did you know there are thousands of businesses dedicated to helping babies, children and adults sleep better? From sleeping magazines to blogs to sleeping products (special pillows, for example), there is no shortage of writing about sleep!

Offer copywriting for a sleep company’s next product campaign or write up an email incentive to help them attract more leads.

43. Health and Fitness Copywriter

Level up your health writing service and offer copywriting. This is conversion writing, and many health and fitness companies need copywriters for their marketing campaigns.

Mom of 2, Jessica Collins, is a health and fitness copywriter and is slaying it on her service-based website!

44. Wellness Writer

From essential oils to using superfoods, there is a large industry devoted to wellness. You might write about healthy food, healthy relationships or having a healthy mindset.

Be open to also write about trends, news, fitness equipment and workout routines.

45. Natural Health Writer

Are you passionate about natural health? I am. When I became pregnant with twins, I began using natural products on my skin, and often DIY’d my soaps!

If I wanted to, I could use my story of going natural when I became pregnant as a lead-in to my freelance writing for natural health companies.

46. Alternative and Spiritual Writer

Alternative health and spiritual can be a good market to get into. If you know the companies in these niche topics, you can use your passion or knowledge about alternative health and spirituality to land some freelance writing jobs.

47. Fitness Product Writing

Write how-to guides, list posts and more for fitness product companies. There are thousands of products for fitness and health. All you have to do is gather a list of popular products and emerging ones and reach out to each company!

Top Free Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs
young and beautiful mother with kid

Up until this point, I shared exclusive writing jobs from Contena, a premium job board. If you are on a budget or just want to see how to do this for free, check out free websites for writing jobs.

1. Problogger

Problogger is a great blog to help bloggers. With a blog, podcast, and courses, you can learn a lot about blogging. But they also have a job board, and it’s free to use.

Simply see what new freelance writing jobs are posted or use their filter to search your writing niche topic.

2. BloggingPro

If all you want are freelance blogging jobs – what I do and absolutely love – check out BloggingPro. They only post blogging jobs.

You can choose between part-time, temporary, contract, internship, or freelance. I usually pick freelance or part-time.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is a wonderful site with some of the best information to help you as a freelance writer. They also feature top writers in their fields and provide writing jobs.

Just a warning – these are highly varied jobs from online sites. I found my first freelance writing job using this job board, though, so it’s worth the time to look at this board.

4. Do One-Off Pieces

Look –

There may be some of you that just need quick cash and not a writing gig. I got you!

Check out these blog posts on one-off writing jobs:

12 Sites for Moms That Pay $100 to Write
12 Sites that Pay Moms $200 to Write
30 Websites that Pay Up to $700 for a Blog Post

Ready to Land Freelance Writing Jobs?

Pat yourself on the back if you read everything in this post!

I truly want to help all moms out there to make money blogging, and the secret to that is to offer a service like freelance writing!

You don’t have to be the best writer out there, just one that knows where to find freelance writing jobs! If you are already a blogger, well, you are that much closer to getting paid to write!

Tell me in the comments what writer you want to be and if you’re landing some freelance writing jobs! I want to hear your story!

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