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Robots, wristbands, and apps: startups that innovated their products for COVID-induced med tech

As development ended up being the byword for a brand-new typical in the wake of interruption triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, this appeared in med-tech too, which rotated to combating COVID-19.

From establishing fast infection screening packages and apps that prescreen for signs to ventilators and sanitiser-dispensing robotics, here are 10 start-ups that innovated their items for COVID-induced med tech.  &#xA 0; &#xA 0;


Ahmedabad-based IoT start-up LimelightIT &#x 2019; s wearable wristband keeps an eye on the body temperature level of workers and acts when it notifications anybody &#x 2019; s temperature level increasing. The wristband can likewise discover their cough and sneeze counts.

Founded in 2018 by Tarun Purohit, LimelightIT likewise supplies cordless ID card services to assist organisations keep track of properties and individuals. It uses micro-location services and automated energy-saving services.  LimelightIT

Tarun Purohit, Founder and CEO, LimelightIT

.READ.How IoT start-up LimelightIT is preparing organisations and workers for post-lockdown duration.

In the wake of the pandemic, iCreate-backed LimelightIT repurposed its ID cards into wristbands consisting of sensing units that can identify COVID-19 signs. The wristband likewise enables staff members to type and out without needing to register their presence biometrically.

Salcit Technologies

Hyderabad-based start-up Salcit Technologies coordinated with IT business Zensark Technologies to resolve the problem of pre-screening for COVID-19 signs.

For this, the start-up repurposed its kAs mobile application, which utilizes expert system and audiometric innovation to evaluate coughing noises. The item was upgraded and introduced in April to prescreen individuals for COVID-19 infection, based upon World Health Organization standards.

 Salcit Technologies

Salcit Technologies

.READ.Coronavirus: This Hyderabad start-up intends to prescreen COVID-19 clients by evaluating cough noises.

Salcit has actually been utilizing audiometric innovation to spot breathing diseases such as persistent obstructive lung illness, therefore making performances of spirometry offered anywhere, anytime. The service was given an Indian patent in 2019. &#xA 0;

Invento Robotics

In April, Bengaluru-based Invento Robotics introduced C-Astra, a robotic that assists screen for COVID-19 signs and decontaminates typical locations. The self-governing mobile system can walk around spaces, corridors, and lobbies sanitising them. &#xA 0;

Invento &#x 2019; s flagship robotic, Mitra, has actually been updated with the following functions: scan temperature level of clients; gather required information such as their name, contact number, and picture; and established video calls with the medical professional for additional medical diagnosis. Mitra was initially created for client engagement and would inform hosts about the arrival of visitors.

 Invento robotics

Invento Robotics, Co-founder, Balaji Vishwanathan

. READ. [Financing&alert] Bengaluru start-up Invento Robotics raises concealed fund from MSPL Limited, others. .

To lower the threat of medical professionals contracting the infection, Invento made another robotic calledRoboDoc. It can walk around a medical facility autonomously and take medical professionals inside COVID-19 wards practically, lowering their physical motion. &#xA 0;

The robotic likewise scans the temperature level and other vitals of clients, and gathers and feeds the information to the computer system. It can bring loads of approximately 2 kg.


In August, Milagrow HumanTech, established by Rajeev Karwal, released 4 humanoid robotics: RoboDiCaprio, RoboJulia, RoboNano, and RoboElf. &#xA 0;

Specially created to accommodate hotels, healthcare facilities, dining establishments, and business workplaces, these humanoids can communicate with consumers, carry out jobs, and browse separately.

Asimov Robotics

In March, Kochi-based Asimov Robotics established 2 humanoid robotics as part of the Kerala Startup Mission. These robotics were the very first in the nation to raise awareness about the spread of coronavirus amongst individuals in Kerala. They stream videos and quick individuals about social distancing and other preventive actions. &#xA 0;

The robotics likewise disperse masks, sanitisers, and napkins at the start-up complex in Kochi. 

Log 9 Materials &#xA 0;

Bengaluru-headquartered nanotechnology start-up Log 9 Materials provides surface area sanitisation services through its item, CoronaOven. Its patent-pending innovation utilizes UV-C light to sanitize surface areas of various items.

Founded by Akshay Singhal and Kartik Hajela in 2014, Log 9 Materials is associated with developing ingenious items utilizing graphene. &#xA 0;  Founders of Log 9 Materials

Founders of Log 9 Materials

. READ. [Financing alert] Cleantech start-up Log 9 Materials raises$ 3.5 M in Series A round. .

&#x 201C; CoronaOven is mostly a disinfectant innovation, &#x 201D; states Akshay. &#x 201C; It sanitises any things that can be put inside its chamber.It utilizes proper UV-C light strength authorized by the Indian Council of Medical Research to eliminate coronavirus or any other pathogen. &#x 201D; &#xA 0;

FYI Health

Gautam Gambhir-backed FYI Health has actually introduced FYI Health Post, a made-in-India business service that makes it possible for facial acknowledgment, mask detection, temperature level scanning, and contactless sanitisation at the point of entry to properties.

 FYI Health

Credit: Yash Raj Gupta, Founder, FYI Health

. READ. Gautam Gambhir-backed FYI Health is assisting business unlock with its &#x 2018; all-in-one &#x 2019; item. .

&Launched in May 2020, the New Delhi-based health tech start-up is a neighborhood health tracking service specifically developed for business usage. &#xA 0;

Mylab &#xA 0;

In April 2020, Pune-based molecular diagnostics start-up Mylab Discovery Solutions established PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR Kit for faster detection of the coronavirus infection. The set was the very first from an Indian business to get business approval from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation.

The native set can detecting a client in two-and-a-half hours, unlike imported ones that use up to 7 hours.

. READ. Pune-based Mylab &#x 2019; s COVID-19 low-priced PCR package makes detectionmuch faster. .

Mylab &#x 2019; s group of researchers was led by Minal Dakhave, who dealt with the sets even in her last phase&of pregnancy.

Biodesign Innovation Labs

In April, Bengaluru-based start-up Biodesign Innovation Labs introduced a portable ventilator, RespirAID. It is a mechanical ventilation helping gadget that attends to the unreliability, disparity, and fatigue triggered by an Ambu bag or manual ventilation.

The gadget supplies periodic favorable pressure ventilation and its portable size permits health care experts to bring it quickly throughout transport and emergency situation circumstances.  biodesign ALSO READ. Bengaluru-based start-up launches portable ventilator for coronavirus clients. .

Founded in 2017 by bros Adithya Pasupuleti and Gautham Pasupuleti, Biodesign intends to offer&affordable ventilation options in India.

Modulus Housing

Chennai-based Modulus Housing is fixing the issue of medical facility facilities through mediCAB, its immediate and portable healthcare facility systems.

Founded in 2018 by IIT Madras alumni Shree Ram Ravichandran and Gobinath P, Modulus Housing intends to construct micro facilities and rotated to constructing portable health center systems throughout the pandemic.

( Edited by Lena Saha)


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A history of the 30-year feud between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, whose love-hate relationship spurred the success of Microsoft and Apple

 Steve Jobs Expense GatesSteve Jobs, left, and Expense Gates.

.Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs started developing their business right around the very same time, and it was a natural driver for their competition..While the 2 creators had durations of civility, at other times, they were at each other’s throats..Jobs insulted Gates’ taste and creativity, while Gates when explained Jobs as “strangely flawed as a human.”.The 2 officers appeared to get along much better later on in life, and when Jobs passed away in 2011, Gates stated that they “stimulated each other on, even as rivals.”.. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never ever rather got along.

Over the course of 30-plus years, the 2 went from careful allies to bitter competitors to something practically approaching buddies – often, they were all 3 at the very same time.

It appears not likely that Apple would be where it is today without Microsoft, or Microsoft without Apple.

Here’s the history of the love-hate relationship in between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

.Costs Gates and Steve Jobs weren’t constantly opponents – Microsoft made software application early on for the mega-popular Apple II PC, and Gates would regularly fly down to Cupertino to see what Apple was dealing with. Steve Woz Apple IIThe Apple II computer system.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.In the early ’80s, Jobs flew as much as Washington to offer Gates on the possibility of making Microsoft software application for the Apple Macintosh computer system, with its innovative visual user interface. Gates wasn’t especially pleased with what he viewed as a restricted platform – or Jobs’ mindset. Steve JobsSteve Jobs, chairman of the board of Apple Computer, leaning on the brand-new Macintosh desktop computer following an investor'' s conference in Cupertino, California.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.” It was type of an odd seduction go to where Steve was stating we do not truly require you and we’re doing this excellent thing, and it’s under the cover. He’s in his Steve Jobs sales mode, however sort of the sales mode that likewise states, ‘I do not require you, however I may let you be included,'” Gates later on stated. expense gatesBill Gates in New Delhi in 2008.

Source: Fortune

Still, Gates appeared along with Jobs in a 1983 video – a “Dating Game” riff – evaluated for Apple staff members ahead of the Macintosh’s launch. Because video, Gates compliments the Mac, stating that it “actually catches individuals’s creativity.”. costs gates 1983 mac launch occasion

Source: Business Insider

.Microsoft and Apple worked together for the very first couple of years of the Macintosh. At one point, Gates quipped that he had more individuals dealing with the Mac than Jobs did. Mac computer systems 1984

Source: Yahoo

Their relationship, currently sort of rocky, broke down when Microsoft revealed the very first variation of Windows in 1985. A furious Jobs implicated Gates and Microsoft of duping the Macintosh. Gates didn’t care – he understood that visual user interfaces would be huge, and didn’t believe Apple had the special rights to the concept. Bill Gates Windows 98Bill Gates.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Gates understood complete well that Apple took the concept for the visual user interface from the Xerox PARC laboratories, a research study organization they both appreciated. xerox

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.When Jobs implicated Gates of taking the concept, he notoriously addressed: “Well, Steve, I believe there’s more than one method of taking a look at it. I believe it’s more like we both had this abundant next-door neighbor called Xerox and I got into his home to take the TELEVISION set and discovered that you had actually currently taken it.”. expense gates 1992Bill Gates, right, chairman and creator of Microsoft Corp., sees a video discussion prior to providing the keynote address at the yearly conference of the Washington Software Association in Seattle, Wash., Jan. 28, 1992. Searching is Paul Grey, president of Softchec, Inc. of Kirkland, Wash.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.From there, the gloves were off in between the 2 creators. “They simply ripped us off entirely, since Gates has no pity,” Jobs when stated. To which Gates responded: “If he thinks that, he actually has actually participated in among his own truth distortion fields.”. steve tasks

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Jobs believed that Gates was a stick in the mud, far too concentrated on company. “He’’d be a more comprehensive man if he had actually dropped acid as soon as or gone off to an ashram when he was more youthful.”. Bill Gates

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Gates stated Jobs was “essentially odd” and “strangely flawed as a person.”. Steve Jobs

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Gates appreciated Jobs’ propensity for style: “He actually never ever understood much about innovation, however he had a fantastic impulse for what works.”. Steve Jobs

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.In 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple after a power shift to begin his own computer system business, NeXT. Even though Jobs was no longer working for Microsoft’s most significant rival, it didn’t enhance relations in between the 2. steve tasksIn this April 4, 1991, file image, Steve Jobs of NeXT Computer Inc. positions for journalism with his NeXTstation color computer system at the NeXT center in Redwood City, Calif.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Jobs believed that if NeXT lost and Microsoft Windows won, “we are going to get in a computer system Dark Ages for about 20 years,” he informed Playboy in 1985. steve tasks neXT 1990Vittorio Cassoni, from Ing. C. Olivetti &&Co., consulting with Steve Jobs at the yearly PC Forum in Tucson, Arizona, in 1990.

Source: The Telegraph

.Still, Windows was winning. By the late ’80s, it ended up being clear that Microsoft was almost unstoppable on the PC. costs gates windows

.Fast-forward to 1996, when Jobs appeared in a PBS documentary called “Triumph of the Nerds” and ripped into Gates and Microsoft, stating that they made “third-rate items.”. steve tasks

Source: PBS

Jobs went on because very same documentary: “The only issue with Microsoft is they simply have no taste. They have definitely no taste. And I do not imply that in a little method, I indicate that in a huge method, in the sense that they do not consider initial concepts, and they do not bring much culture into their items.”. Bill Gates

Source: PBS

By the late ’90s, Apple remained in severe threat of going under. When then-Apple CEO Gil Amelio transferred to purchase NeXT in 1996 and bring Jobs back to Apple, Gates attempted to talk him out of it. amelio tasks

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Gates stated this to Amelio: “I understand his innovation, it’s absolutely nothing however a warmed-over UNIX, and you’ll never ever have the ability to make it deal with your devices. Do not you comprehend that Steve does not understand anything about innovation? He’s simply an incredibly salesperson. I can’t think you’re making such a foolish choice.”. Bill GatesBill Gates.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.By 1997, Jobs was Apple’s CEO. At his very first Macworld keynote, he revealed that he had actually accepted a financial investment from Microsoft to keep Apple afloat. Expense Gates appeared on a substantial screen by means of satellite link. The audience booed. Bill Gates

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Gates plainly appreciated Jobs, even if they didn’t constantly see eye-to-eye. When Apple presented iTunes, Gates sent out an internal e-mail to Microsoft that stated, “Steve Jobs’ capability to focus in on a couple of things that count, get individuals who get interface right, and market things as revolutionary are incredible things.”. steve tasks imac 1998

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.When Apple presented the iPod in 2001, Gates sent out another e-mail: “I believe we require some strategy to show that, although Jobs has us a bit flat footed once again, we can move fast and both match and do pack much better.”. steve tasks

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Jobs was still quite down on Microsoft, specifically after Steve Ballmer took over from Bill Gates as CEO in 2000. “They’ve plainly fallen from their supremacy. They’ve ended up being mainly unimportant,” Jobs as soon as stated. “I do not believe anything will alter at Microsoft as long as Ballmer is running it.”. Steve Ballmer Bill Gates

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.On the other hand, Gates believed much of Apple’s post-iPhone success originated from Jobs himself, and not from Apple’s “closed” approach. “The integrated method works well when Steve is at the helm. It does not imply it will win lots of rounds in the future,” Gates stated. expense gates microsoft 2001Bill Gates in New Delhi in 2008.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.And Gates didn’t believe too much of the iPad.” [I] t’s not like I sit there and feel the exact same method I made with iPhone where I state, ‘Oh my God, Microsoft didn’t intend high enough.'”. Steve Jobs utilizing an iPad

Source: CBS MoneyWatch

.Jobs didn’t believe much of the Windows community either: “Of course, his fragmented design worked, however it didn’t make truly terrific items. It produced lousy items.”. Steve Jobs

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.When Gates chose to give up Microsoft in 2006 to focus more on his structure, Jobs didn’t even have any grace. “Bill is generally unimaginative and has actually never ever created anything, which is why I believe he’s more comfy now in philanthropy than innovation,” Jobs stated. costs gates melinda gatesBill and Melinda Gates.

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.Still, in an unusual method, the 2 guys plainly appreciated each other. Appearing on phase together at the 2007 AllThingsD conference, Gates stated, “I’’d offer a lot to have Steve’’ s taste.”.  Steve Jobs Bill Gates

Source: The Wall Street Journal

.And Jobs as soon as stated, “I appreciate him for the business he constructed – it’’ s remarkable – and I took pleasure in dealing with him. He’’ s intense and really has a common sense of humor.”. steve tasks

Source: ” Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson

.After Jobs passed away, Gates stated, “I appreciate Steve, we got to collaborate. We stimulated each other on, even as rivals. None of [what he stated] bothers me at all.”. expense gates

Source: Yahoo

Ultimately, both males declare rather a tradition: Jobs constructed Apple into what is now the world’s most important business, while Gates is the third-richest individual in the world. steve tasks

Source: CNBC , Bloomberg

Read the initial post on Business Insider

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10 Best Grammars and Punctuation Checker Tools for Error Free Writing

The Posit is Originally Published on TheGuideX by Sunny Kumar

If for any case your English is not 100% perfect, you have to admit. Everyone needs a helping hand, but the first measure is to admit you have a problem. When you are submitting your work to be published, there are several things that you should first of all check to ensure everything works as planned. One of those things is grammar.

You need a 3rd party tool that will highlight all the mistakes and eventually propose some corrections to the existing errors. The second thing, in this case, is punctuation. It has its own way of affecting the message being communicated.

The reality of the matter is that grammar rules are highly unbreakable and programmable. This is the first reason why languages are automated. When it comes to online tools and robotic intelligence in correcting grammar and punctuation, there are several tools that are at your service.

Current Advancement in Punctuation and Grammar Checking Tools

Previously, these tools would only handle rudimentary functions. They could only focus on auto-capitalization. However, technology over the years has proven that much can be attained. Grammar checkers today have learned to understand context.

What this means is that they can actually understand messages being communicated and in some situations can identify misused words. They are aimed at identifying these messages, and for that reason, they can correct them with unmatched accuracy.

Today computers have proven to be more accurate in proofreading content and correcting mistakes with greater accuracy. The main reason why this is possible is because machines are not unlike humans and aren’t fond of forgetting things, they also don’t skim read or unconsciously miss some things when reading out.

To get the best out of your writing, you need to be able to take care of the fundamentals before you even start looking for other solutions.

In this article, we are going to address some of the most popular and useful tools to check for grammar and punctuation.

Why Do You Need Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools?

There are several reasons why most of the people today are going for these tools. These tools can be used in almost all perspectives. If you are planning to start a blog or if you are a writer and you want to provide 100% unique and error free articles, then these are the best partners in office.

Lecturers and students can as well use these tools to ensure that they are receiving and issuing the right documents.

The reality of the matter is that you have to improve your writing skills. In most of the cases, there are several errors that you are likely to make, but computers cannot make the same mistakes.

The Importance of Grammar Checker Tools

It is surprising how individuals whether professional or amateur find it difficult to write articles and other contents using the correct grammar and punctuation.

The reality of the matter is that there are several reasons for this and for that reason, there are several reasons why someone would rely on grammar and punctuation checkers.

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

These tools have uncountable benefits that no one should underestimate.

Some of the benefits include…


Using grammar and punctuation checking tools relieves you a lot of stress and time that you could otherwise use to check for the mistakes manually. This is one of the key reasons why most of the peoples are going for automated ways of detecting and fixing grammar and punctuation mistakes.

You don’t have to spend half a day proofreading your 10,000 words document when there are online solutions that could take merely 20 minutes proofreading the same. Online grammar and punctuation checkers help you save your precious time and at the same time write correct English.

Suggestions of The Right Spelling and Auto-Corrections

This is another very imperative consideration when you are checking for a language checker. In most of the situations, the tool will help you proofread and get the right spelling and punctuation by giving you a suggestion on the left side or also auto-correcting as you write.

It Helps You to Have Command Over the Language

This is the first thing that should cross your mind every time you think of sitting down on your computer to write any content. The fact is that if you don’t have command over a language you intend to write the content on, then you are unlikely to write it correctly.

Online grammar and punctuation checkers help you correct spelling errors with ease. It even makes it more effective than it was before.

The tool also gives you suggestions and for this reason, you can be able to pick the right spelling according to the suggestions given. It is up to you to do comprehensive research to get the right tool for all your needs.


In most of the cases, there are several human errors when writing. For this reason, most of the situations the intended message isn’t communicated the right way. As a matter of fact, there are several problems that accrue when you don’t write the correct grammar.

If you are a professional or someone who is always caught up between writing multiple documents and emails and ensuring that they are written correctly, you have to rely on these tools for help. They will at all times suggest the right grammar and at the same time give you an easy time determining what is needed at each point in time.

Other Advantages

Besides the advantages stated above, there are several other small advantages that are likely to accrue when you get a reliable checker.

Some of these advantages include…

Ease of use- Most of the grammar and punctuation checkers available in the market today have a very simple user interface and they also don’t involve a lot of commands when in use. In most cases, you have to upload the document you want to check for errors and the next step will be to execute the main aim of the tool.

In some other cases, you can attract these applications together with Microsoft applications such as word so that every time you are writing a document they actually correct for any errors.

No Limits: In most of the sites, you don’t have to worry about the number of words that you can upload to check out. They don’t limit customers on the number of words especially when you have subscribed for a whole year payment plan.

Premium Features: Most of the tools that are available in the market today offer a chance for every user to upgrade to the premium account for additional features such as plagiarism and other issues. What this means is that if your needs are very dynamic, then you can always get a premium account. However, you have to incur some costs for this.

It is for Everyone: The fact is that almost everyone can at all times use grammar and punctuation checkers without any limitations. It can be used by professors, freelancers, and students at all times of the day to check for grammar and punctuation errors. However, most of the tools can as well be used to check for plagiarism and other copyright issues.

List of Top 9 Best Tools

For people who take English as their second language, it is always imperative to get one of the below tools to check your grammar. Here is a list of the top 9 best grammar checking tools that are available in the market today.

1. Grammarly

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

This is the first tool that we will talk about today. There are several reasons why most of the writers are using Grammarly to check for grammar and punctuation errors and fix them. As the name suggests, this tool is aimed at making sure that you write 100% error-free articles and at the same time communicate your message well.

This very useful tool was launched in 2009 and over the years so much has happened with the development team. They have for the years invested so much energy and money to ensure that this tool becomes the best tool in the market with accuracy and capacities. Today almost every user has agreed that they are paying for the real worth.

The company calls itself the ‘’world’s most accurate grammar checker’’. Although there are several other tools working the same as Grammarly, nobody has over the years disputed that it is the world’s leading grammar and punctuation checking software.


Accuracy – Grammarly edges all the other when it comes to efficiency. It is the best tool when it comes to catching more errors and providing more and helpful suggestions. The software also provides the user with either basic or more advanced interface options.
Grammarly is Everywhere – One thing that most of people agree on is that Grammarly is omnipresent. It is one of the most reliable software because it is available as a dedicated desktop application in Windows and macOS. It also has an application for iOS and Android. The other good thing is that this software is available as an extension for some popular browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and edge.
Excellent Support – This is another reason why almost everyone is going for this software. If you want to get clarification on something or just optimize your experience with the software, you can at all times reach its highly proficient support team.


No offline editing
The free version is limited on what it can edit
It is very expensive to upgrade to its premium version. it doesn’t support Google Docs and Office on a Mac.


2. WhiteSmoke

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

This is another very useful and reliable software for checking for grammar and punctuation mistakes. This application uses unique technology which is known as Natural Language Processing. It also utilizes artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to ensure that they are getting a clear picture of all the errors that are available and fixing them.

With all the technology put in place, you can expect that this software is a good option especially when you are a freelancer, a student, or a lecturer.


Writing Assistance: This software offers a couple of useful tools to improve your writing. It also ensures that all the mistakes you make as you write are highlighted for you to correct. It also offers a greater option when you are writing grammar sensitive articles. It provides free writing assistant for those people with dyslexia, free toolbar download, translator, and several other useful tools.
Scoring your Progress: This is another very imperative feature that most of the people like. You can use the application’s writing score feature which is displayed using the colored bar and plain words like poor, fair, and excellent.
Pricing: This software also offers flexible essential and premium payment schemes in monthly, yearly, or 3-year plans.


3. ProWritingAid

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

This is a grammar checking and manuscript editing tool that almost everyone is talking about in 2020. One good thing that makes people look for this tool is that its main purpose goes beyond grammar checking.

It helps any writer turn their writing from good to great. This product is mainly used by many authors to increase the readability of their texts. If you want to give it a try, then you can get it with a 40% coupon.


It offers all that you needed to correct your grammar and vocabulary.
It helps people improve overall writing reports with the style suggestions.
It is also updated with the latest English vocabulary.
This application is available for all platforms
User-friendly user interface.


It sometimes lags especially when you add books with more than 5-00 pages.
You cannot use it to check for plagiarism. It comes as a separate feature.


4. Ginger Grammar Checker

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

This software is at the top list of the best proofreading tools of 2020. It is also the best grammar checking tool. If you have some varying uses for this tool, then it is the best in terms of multitasking.

It can be used to check various errors which include spelling, misused word, and several others. The other good thing about this application is that it is available online and also as a software.


Familiar layout
It also has free versions
It is the best tool for people using English as their second language


This application is not fully featured on its free version


5. Language Tool

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

This other tool is one of the best online grammar checking tools. It can check and correct grammatical errors across multiple languages. It also gives you a clear suggestion that you can use to predict the best and the most appropriate word for the sentence.

If you are one of those people who usually like documents translated into other languages, then this is the best tool for you. It can as well be used to meet all the grammatical standards even when it is being used to translate.

It is one of the best tools that you can use especially if you are a professional translator. Most of the people also claim that this tool also captures many different mistakes and gives a clear suggestion when you are correcting them. What this means is that if you want to ensure that the article or the document you are dealing with is grammar free, take this tool.


It works with different languages
You can choose from three options when you are downloading the tool
It catches more grammatical errors.


It is not fully featured
Another drawback is that this application will not integrate with the word processor.


6. Hemingway App

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

This is a great option especially when you are looking to eliminate wordy sentences. It can as well be used to change all complicated wordings and other bad writing. What this means is that this is the best tool when it comes to improving document readability. It helps you to detect passive sentences and also to shorten the sentences.

This means that it helps you become a better and professional writer. It should be the first thing that crosses your head when you think about great work. It can be used by freelancers, students, and teachers to check for grammatical errors and other mistakes.


It allows you to import your texts directly from your word processor
Its basic version is available for free and the premium version at a lower price
You have a great chance to break your bad writing and at the same time improve your content.


Some users don’t like it. It may seem foreign to some of them and difficult to use.


7. PrepostSEO

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

The Prepostseo Online Grammar Checker is a completely free tool. It checks spelling and grammar mistakes of your writing with a one-click test.

Typing errors can be easily avoided if articles and content are properly reviewed with this tool.  Typically most spelling errors occur if the article is not properly checked/edited. You can easily access this tool online.


Free unlimited Grammar checking
Find Active/ Passive voice mistakes
Proper formation of words and tenses


No cons identified yet


8. Paper Rater

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

When you are done with the article but still want to check and see if the article is ready for publishing, this is the best tool to use. It has some unique features that will ensure your document has a good rating.

It offers just a simple rating and at the same time helps you correct all the mistakes that are in the text before you publish it. It also offers flexible pricing plans. However, there are several options that are available for you when it comes to correcting the mistakes.


You can check for all the grammatical and punctuation errors hustle free.
It offers flexible payment options
The tool also provides a unique rating


Its free version is limited


9. After the Deadline

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

Here is another tool that almost every person has been waiting for. It is a good tool to check for spelling and grammar. This tool was developed by the same group that started the After the Deadline blogging platform.

After the deadline, the tool is a great option especially when you are in a hurry to complete an article but at the same time doesn’t want to have a lot of punctuation and grammatical errors.


Helps to detect and correct spelling and grammatical errors
It’s premium version is very affordable


Its free version is limited
Some users say that it has a complicated user interface


10. Reverso

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

Reverso is one of the best applications that are available in the market today for grammar and spelling checking. It is the best tool for those people who want to translate the article.

It works with multiple languages including Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, French, Spanish, and many more.


Nimble Translator: This tool helps you translate the article or the document you have into multiple languages
Expansive Language Tools: This tool is the best in case the language needs are very intense.
Accurate: Another thing that most of the people like about this tool is that it is very powerful and accurate.


It is very expensive

11. Writer (Bonus)

free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, free grammar check, free punctuation checker and corrector, grammar check, online free grammar check

The writer is another most powerful grammar and punctuation checker tool in the market for business users. The Writer mostly focused on the constant and the flow of writing, and the corrections are based on your own brand voice and terminology.

Along with it, the writer has solid integration with tons of tools, so you can work flawlessly, and the best part is Writer doesn’t store your data after processing it and it’s not used to train their AI models.


Provide detailed writing dos and don’ts with examples.
Integration with tons of tools and services.


It is very expensive


Bonus Tips

When you are looking for the best tools in the market for grammar and punctuation checking, then there are several things that you have to take into consideration.

This is to ensure that you are looking for the best tool and at the same time it doesn’t drain your financial reserves. Here are some of the factors to take into consideration.

Accuracy – This is the topmost factor that you should look for. You want to be sure that the tool you choose will help you in one way or the other to correct the mistakes your article has. If you think that you are going to trust your tool on this, then you have to go for the most accurate tool.
Price – One thing that most people don’t have in mind that most grammar and punctuation checking tools can be expensive. For this reason, you are supposed to go for a cheaper alternative.
Ease of Use – This is the 3rd most important thing that you should have in your head. Ensure that the tool you are going for has a simple and user-friendly interface.
Premium Features – You also have to ensure that the premium features of the tool you are going for are adorable and useful. This should be a consideration depending on your specific needs.


The above are the top best grammar and punctuation checker tools that you should be looking for to make sure your writing is great.

I highly recommend the above tools to freelancers, bloggers, students, and other writers especially guest posting writers. They will correct your grammar and in some cases give the rating of your document.

I hope you have enjoyed this comprehensive guide; you can share your favorite tool in the comment section below and also let me know if you have any other queries.

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50 Free Online Classes You Can Take (and Finish) by the End of this Year

The post 50 Free Online Classes You Can Take (and Finish) by the End of this Year appeared first on Edsys.

In two months, 2020 comes to an end. This year has been a roller coaster ride of uncertainty and economic downturn. People have been locked up inside their houses for nearly seven months now. A lot of people decided to use this time to join an online course and upskill themselves or learn a new skill.

However, have you been putting it off because of other commitments?

No worries! You still have two months to reach your goal. In this blog, we’ve listed 50 free online classes that you can take and finish by the end of this year. So, enroll in these courses right away and complete them by the end of this year.

Basics of COVID-19, IGOT

This course is offered by IGOT (Integrated Government Online Training) for healthcare professionals as well as students of medicine and nursing. The course covers the basics of this pandemic disease and elaborates on hygiene measures, discharge, death and stress management.

Beginner level
For healthcare professionals

NOC: Structural System in Architecture, NPTEL

This course is offered for free on the NPTEL platform. It is coordinated by IIT Kharagpur. The curriculum includes the basics of structural system, elasticity, stress in beam, structural grid and framing, and truss analysis.

Video course
6-week course
Includes assignments, downloadable videos and transcripts

Learn Responsive Design, Code Academy

In this course, you will learn all about responsive design and why it is important in web designing. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential to take up this course.

Intermediate level
2 hours
Certification of completion

NOC: Basics of Metal Engineering, NPTEL

This course coordinated by IIT Madras is designed for mechanical engineering students. The curriculum includes material property landscape, crystal structure, defects in crystalline materials, mechanical properties, and static failure theories.

6-week course
Includes downloadable videos and transcripts
Has assignments

Java Programming Basics, Udacity

This beginner level course will help you learn the basics of Java syntax and use Java Integrated Development Environment.

Beginner level
Self-paced course
Includes interactive quizzes
Approximately 6 weeks

NOC: Optical Fibre Sensors, NPTEL

This 2-week course is offered on NPTEL by IIT Madras. This video course will give you an introduction to optical sensors and optical receivers.

Intermediate level
Includes assignments and transcripts

NOC: Understanding Ethnography, NPTEL

This engineering design course is offered as a series of downloadable videos. It is coordinated by IIT Bombay and offered on NPTEL.

Intermediate level
Video course
6-week course
Downloadable videos and transcripts

Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy, Coursera

This course offered by the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) will be useful for students of nutrition as well as couples looking to start a family.

Flexible schedule
Approximately 7 hours
Intermediate level (basic knowledge of nutrition essential)
Free enrolment
Financial aid available

NOC: Financial Accounting, NPTEL

Students of management and business accounting will find this course useful. The course covers basics of financial accounting, accounting principles, balance sheet, debit and credit, ledger posting, and trading account. It is coordinated by IIT Madras and offered on NPTEL.

Intermediate level
6-week course
Downloadable videos and transcripts

Understanding Research Methods, Coursera

This course is offered by Dr J Simon Rafe and Dr Yenn Lee from the SOAS, University of London. Postgraduate students who need to submit research papers will find this course useful.

Flexible deadline
Free enrolment
Financial aid available
Approximately 6 hours
Beginner level

NOC: Experimental Biotechnology, NPTEL

This course has six modules that cover a wide range of topics including basics of laboratory research, electrophoresis, and chromatography. It is coordinated by IIT Guwahati.

Intermediate level
Approximately 6 weeks
Downloadable videos and transcripts

Web Tooling and Automation, Udacity

This course offered by Google is led by Gulp, Sass, and BabelJS, Oh My! Aspirants who want to build a career in web development, app development, data science, AI, and machine learning will find this course useful.

Intermediate level
Approximately 3 weeks
Self-paced course
Includes interactive quizzes

Organisational Behaviour, NPTEL

This video course available on NPTEL is coordinated by IIT Madras. The course covers concepts of organisational behaviour such as perception, personality, attitudes, emotions and motivation.

Suitable for management students
6-weeks course
Downloadable videos and transcripts
Includes assignments

Learn Game Development with Phaser.js, Code Academy

This course consists of games, quizzes and projects to help you learn game development the fun way. Knowledge of JavaScript coding is essential to take up this course. You will learn Phaser basics, Phaser physics and controls, and Phaser animation and tweens in this course.

Intermediate course
9 hours
Certificate on completion

Rapid Prototyping, Udacity

Learn to build apps for mobile and web platforms in this course offered by Google. You will learn about low fidelity paper prototype, interactive prototypes, and research in this course.

Approximately 3 weeks
Interactive quizzes
Self-paced learning
Intermediate level

Learn GIT, Code Academy

This course offered by Code Academy is for beginners interested in learning how to make the most of the GIT code saving and collaboration tool. It doesn’t require any specific prerequisite.

Beginner level
10 hours
Certificate of completion

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Psychological First Aid, Coursera

In this course, you will learn about RAPID model: Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition to provide psychological first aid. If you’re working in a field where you deal with depressed people, then this course will be helpful. Your knowledge of psychological first aid can also help friends and family who are suffering from mental trauma.

Flexible schedule
Approximately 6 hours
Enrol for free
Financial aid available
Course developed with support from John Hopkins Open Education Lab
Course offered by John Hopkins University

NOC: Introduction to Classic Mechanics, NPTEL

Learn the essential concepts of classic mechanics in this free course. It is coordinated by IIT Madras. The curriculum includes symmetries of space and time, Euler LaGrange equations, conservation laws, oscillations, matrices, faces, one-dimensional systems, and orbits.

Intermediate level
Downloadable videos and transcripts
Includes assignments
Approximately 6 weeks

An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing, Coursera

This course will be helpful for professionals who want to learn about customer behaviour and decision making. It is led by Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School.

Flexible schedule
Free enrolment
Financial aid available
Approximately 26 hours
Offered by Copenhagen Business School

NOC: Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics, NPTEL

This video course is led by Professor Rajaram Lakkaraju of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. The curriculum elaborates on conic sections and orthographic projections.

Intermediate level
Approximately 6 weeks
Includes downloadable videos and transcripts
Has assignments

The Sustainable Development Goals – A global, transdisciplinary vision for the future, Coursera

This course on sustainable development is led by Katherine Richardson, Professor at the Sustainability Science Centre. It is offered by the University of Copenhagen.

Beginner level
Enrol for free
Financial aid available
Flexible schedule
Approximately 10 hours

NOC: Right to Information and Good Governance, NPTEL

This video course is offered by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore and coordinated by IIT Madras. The curriculum covers various concepts in transparency, accountability and good governance. It also elaborates on the salient features of the Right to Information Act.

6-week course
Beginner’s level
Includes downloadable videos and transcripts
Has assignments

SEO Tutorial for Beginners, Udemy

This free tutorial covers the fundamentals of search engine optimisation, keyword research and on-page optimisation. You can take up the course for free. However, you need to pay if you want a certificate.

Contains 5 sections with 10 lectures
Approximately 45 minutes
Free enrolment

Learn Bootstrap, Code Academy

At the end of this course, you will know how to use Bootstrap grid system to build complex layouts. You will also learn about the components and utility classes of Bootstrap.

Intermediate level
Prerequisite – HTML
3 hours
Certification of completion

Diploma in E-Business, Alison

This free course will help entrepreneurs learn the basics of e-business. It has 15 models and assessment tests. The curriculum includes Google webmaster, Google Analytics, online marketing, Google AdWords and Google AdSense. This course is offered by Google.

Beginner level
Certificate on completion
6 to 10 hours
Includes assessment

Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012, Udemy

This course covers concepts of Agile methodologies essential to setup a Lean start-up. It contains recordings from the SXSW Interactive 2012 event.

8 sections with 18 lectures
Approximately 6 hours

Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation, Future Learn

This course covers concepts such as eyewitness testimony, witness memory, interviewing witness, facial recognition, and visual identification. This course is suitable for anyone interested in forensic science.

8 weeks
Free enrolment
Beginner level
No prerequisites

Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health, Coursera

This course on mental health is offered by the University of Sydney. The curriculum covers concepts including positive mental health, psychiatry, body and mind, love and work, and mental illness.

Flexible schedule
Free enrolment
Approximately 20 hours

Feminism and Social Justice, Coursera

This online course is adapted from Professor Bettina Aptheke’s full-time course offered at the US Santa Cruz university. The course delves into feminism and the various feminist movements.

Free enrolment
Approximately 7 hours
Flexible schedule
Beginners level

Retail Management, Customer Interactions, Alison

This management course will be helpful for students who want to build a career in retail.  In this course, you will learn about the legal rights of customers, safety regulations in a retail outlet, and responsibilities as a trader.

Beginners level
Includes assessments
Certificate on completion
5 to 3 hours

Understanding obesity, Coursera

This course will delve into the facts and misconceptions about obesity. It also talks about the various causes of obesity. This course on obesity is offered by the University of Edinburgh.

Free enrolment
Certificate on completion
Flexible schedule
Beginners level
Approximately 6 hours

Transformational Leadership, Alison

You will learn all about effective leadership techniques, tools and methodologies. This online course is led by Prof. Paul Cline, celebrity trainer and CEO.

Includes assessments
Free course
Certificate on completion
Intermediate to advanced level
5 to 6 hours

Introduction to Fluid Art, Udemy

If you enjoy creative pursuits and love to learn different kinds of painting methods, enrol in this course. You will learn all about paint pouring or liquid art.

Free tutorial
Approximately 1 hour
On-demand video

Vital Signs: Understanding what our body is telling us, Coursera

This course offered by Penn, University of Pennsylvania talks about the vital signs such as body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, pain, and respiration rate. It elaborates on how these signs can help us understand the body functions.

Free enrolment
Certificate on completion
Flexible schedule
Approximately 14 hours

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System (QMS), Alison

This course will give you the basics on how organisations need to manage the quality management systems (QMS) of processes and projects. The course has three modules and includes an assessment.

Free enrolment
Certification on completion
Approximately 3 hours

NOC: Essential Mathematics for Machine Learning, NPTEL

This online course is led by Dr S K Gupta and Dr Sanjeev Kumar of the Department of Mathematics, IIT Roorkee. The curriculum covers vector spaces, special matrices and properties, singular value decomposition, component analysis, and calculus.

Includes 8 units
Has downloadable videos and transcripts
Includes assignments

Introduction to Personal Branding, Coursera

This course on personal branding is offered by the University of Virginia. Aspirants can learn all about personal branding and how it helps their career growth and development. The training is led by Kimberley R. Barker, Manager for Technology Education and Computing, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library.

Certificate on completion
Flexible schedule
Beginners level
Approximately 6 hours

NOC: Learning Analytics Tool, NPTEL

This online training program offered on NPTEL is coordinated by IIT Bombay. The curriculum includes introduction to data analytics, data collection, data pre-processing, introduction to machine learning, performance metrics, descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, data mining, and process mining.

6-week course
Video course
Includes assignments
Has downloadable videos and transcripts

Audio engineering: EQ and Compression for beginners, Udemy

In this course, you will learn about EQ and compressor, range of EQ, compressor controls, and its applications. The course has 5 sections and 10 lectures.

Free enrolment
Approximately 1 hour

Diabetes – The Essential Facts

Offered by the University of Copenhagen, this course includes the fundamentals of diabetes, prevention and treatment, and diabetes in the future. The training is led by three instructors – Jens Juul Holst, Signe Sorenson Torekov, Nicolai Jacob Wewer Albrechtsen, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences and NNF Centre for Basic Metabolic Research.

Beginner level
Flexible schedule
Approximately 10 hours

Free Ultimate Beginners Guitar Lessons, Udemy

This free online tutorial helps you learn to play the guitar and understand the techniques. You will also learn to tune the guitar and read TAB.

Free enrolment
Approximately 4 hours
On-demand video

Photography Fundamentals for Beginners, Udemy

Learn the basic concepts of photography such as aperture, ISO, shutter speed, composition rules, and lots more in this online course.

Free enrolment
On-demand video
46 minutes

From Story to Screen: Producing a Professional Short Film, Udemy

If you have a keen interest in film making, enrol in this course that will introduce you to this marvellous world. The course curriculum includes identifying and developing story idea. You will learn how to develop a professional film with documentation.

Free enrolment
On-demand video
Approximately one hour

Intro to Cloud Computing, Udacity

Learn the foundation of Cloud computing and its applications in this online course. You will also learn about the various Cloud service providers and the services they offer.

Beginner level
Approximately two months
Interactive quizzes

Data Communication, NPTEL

This video course is coordinated by IIT, Kharagpur. It covers various concepts in data communication such as layered architecture, unguided media, digital signal transmission, multiplexing applications, switching techniques, routing, satellite communications, and multimedia networks.

Suitable for students of computer science and engineering
Includes assignments
Transcripts available

The Art of Baking with Yuppiechef, Udemy

Learn the art of baking from the expert in this course. The course gives you many easy baking recipes. You will learn to make bread and pastries and decorate cakes in this course.

Free enrolment
On-demand video
Approximately one hour

Android Basics: Multiscreen Apps, Udacity

If you are planning to build a career in android development, you can start preparing for it right away by enrolling in this course. It is a part of Google’s android basics nanodegree program. This course includes the basics of android multiscreen apps.

Approximately two months
Self-paced learning
Beginner level
Includes interactive quizzes

NOC: Information Theory, NPTEL

Learn what is information and the basic concepts of probability in this course designed for electrical engineering students. This video course is coordinated by IISc Bangalore. The curriculum also includes information and statistical inference, randomness and entropy, uncertainty, and compression.

Includes assignments
6 modules
Downloadable videos and transcripts

Website Performance Optimization, Udacity

This free training program is a part of Google’s nanodegree Front End Web developer program. In this course, you will learn the tips and techniques to optimize a website.

Intermediate level
Approximately 1 week
Includes interactive quizzes
Self-paced course

Learn 30 New Things In 30 Days!

There’s an old proverb that says “Where there is a will, there is a way.” If you are committed and determined to learn something new and develop yourself, you will surely find a way. Find the secret of learning something new every day in this course.

Free enrolment
30 hours
On-demand video

There are tons of courses available online for free.These courses cover a wide range of topics from computer coding to art and design.

Explore our list to join in any of the courses that you like. Else, you can find more courses on online training platforms. Let us know if you’ve enrolled in any course or if you have any other suggestions to add to this list.

The post 50 Free Online Classes You Can Take (and Finish) by the End of this Year appeared first on Edsys.

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Start 2021 by fixing your online privacy

 Are you utilizing an authenticator app for your accounts? It's an excellent relocation. Are you utilizing an authenticator app for your accounts? It’s a great relocation. (Pixabay ‘/)

Going into 2021, the concept of New Year’’ s resolutions can appear useless. After the assault of 2020, it can feel downright ridiculous to believe you’’ re going to make any advanced modifications in your life in a time when every day blurs into the next. Fortunately, sprucing up your personal privacy and security online is an easy objective that you can attain without needing to alter out of your pajamas or endeavor into the real life. And despite the fact that the actions are reasonably basic, they can secure you from some severe issues down the roadway. The last thing 2021 requirements is a bout of identity theft to get where 2020 ended.

Keep your software and hardware upgraded

If your mobile phone and computer system os routinely light you up with more alerts than your noisiest household group chat, then it’’ s time to use some os updates.

Annoying as they might be, keeping your OS current can secure you and your gadgets from recognized security holes that might go un-patched if you keep pressing off the upgrade procedure. You can frequently click on them to see simply what brand-new functions and repairs are consisted of when you see those upgrade alerts. Frequently, with huge updates like significant OS modifications, the security functions can get eclipsed by fancy brand-new style and performance functions.

Turning on automated updates makes it basic to keep up to date, however a minimum of deal with not letting the very same upgrade pop-up remain for long.

It’’ s likewise worth remembering that business put on’’ t assistance gadgets or software application variations permanently. If you’’ re still utilizing an iPhone 6 that you’’ ve been keeping permanently, for example, it’’ s no longer qualified for software application updates, which isn’’ t suitable. The exact same concept uses if you ’ re still sticking to an old variation of Windows.

Delete old apps

It might appear safe to leave old apps subjugating on your phone or computer system, however there are some disadvantages. They consume up an unexpected quantity of storage area. If you’’ re not utilizing an app and you’wear ’ t have automated updates switched on, then it’’ s simple to let it leave date.

Operating systems have actually improved about withdrawing access to your information from apps you sanctuary’’ t utilized in a while, however there ’ s no genuine advantage for keeping that cool app that makes your images look slightly like oil paintings if you never ever even utilize it any longer. Delete them .

Use a password supervisor

By now, you most likely have numerous online accounts, much of which are completely inactive. Envision you purchased a set of shoes from some site in 2016 that needed you to make an account. You utilized the exact same password you utilize for whatever. In 2018, that site experienced a breech and your password was jeopardized, however you never ever became aware of it. Now, long after those shoes have actually headed out of design, your details is still out there and offered to individuals who might wish to enter your other, more crucial, accounts. It occurs more than you believe.

A password supervisor like 1Password, Keeper, or Dashlane produce hard-to-crack, distinct passwords for your accounts and lets you log into them quickly without needing to remember them. It might appear like a great deal of trouble, however it’’ s likewise worth thinking about simply how shockingly bad individuals are at passwords. Check out the big information bases of breached individual details and you’’ ll discover the most popular choices are easy expressions like ““ 12345 ” and even “the old standby, “ password. ” Don ’ t be that individual.

If you still withstand utilizing a password supervisor, a minimum of have a look at a few of your essential accounts and provide an upgrade. There are numerous resources for preventing typical errors like making them too brief or believing that changing an ““ E” ” with a “ 3 ” is smart enough to deceive hackers.

Swear off those scammy Facebook apps

Do you wish to learn what Santa discussed you on his naughty list this year? Or perhaps you wish to see a stock image that apparently looks precisely like you will when you’’ re old. Facebook apps make lame pledges like this in exchange for access to the scads of individual details that Facebook currently gathers about you. These Facebook apps aren’’ t rather as dangerous as they were back in the early days of Facebook combination, when the notorious Cambridge Analytica scandal was occurring. Now, nevertheless, choosing into among those services offers random business with a lot more details than they require about you for practically no benefit.

If you have 3rd party accounts connected into your Facebook, this is likewise a great time to attempt and arrange them out or unlink them. It utilized to be basic to log into services like Spotify utilizing your Facebook qualifications, however that’’ s not the most protected method to run. You’’ re much better off utilizing a special login or, if you have the alternative, utilizing something like Log In with Apple, which offers more security functions than Facebook.

Turn on two-factor authentication

Even if you have a strong password, it’’ s possible for hackers to break and even bypass it, which is why two-factor authentication can be available in helpful. Up until reasonably just recently, most 2FA techniques included getting a text or an e-mail on your phone with a security code needed to visit. Lots of services still utilize this technique, however it’’ s not as protected as utilizing an authenticator app. With a common SMS text, determined bad people can obstruct the messages without requiring direct physical access to your phone. That’’ s not the case with an authenticator app, that makes it more safe and secure.

Some services permit you to utilize a physical security secret like Google’’ s Titan security essential .

Go through some standard security examinations

Several of the bigger tech business provide you the chance to go through and change your particular personal privacy and security settings. If you sanctuary’’ t went into those menus in a while, you might be shocked to see simply the number of choices there are when it pertains to managing what you share. Here are links to a few of the larger apps to assist you through the procedure.

<> Facebook<
> Google<
> Twitter<
> Microsoft<
> Apple<
<> .

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7 Best Ceiling & Attic Access Doors [2021 Reviews]

The attic is one of the least utilized spaces in your home. You’ve run out of space to store some things at home, so you don’t have a choice except to cut an attic hatch and use that space above for storage. Or maybe you need to improve your home’s insulation or you just want to check some electrical wiring hidden above your ceiling.

Whatever the case, you need to buy an attic access door. It’s something you haven’t bought before, so you’re clueless about where to start. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We’ve reviewed some of the best attic access doors available online to help narrow down your choices. Check out our handy ceiling access door guide, too, to get started.


Linhdor Elite 1000 Interior Metal Access Doors for Walls and Ceilings (24'x24')

Linhdor Elite 1000 Interior Metal Access Doors for Walls and Ceilings (24″x24″)

Construction – Access door for drywall is manufactured in the USA with an 18 Gauge steel frame and 18 Gauge steel door. Interior metal access door can be installed in the ceiling or wall. These metal access door will pass any government inspection requiring a USA made product to be installed.Design – 7/16” door return lip edge. Metal access door has machine door catches on the top and bottom to prevent door from pushing in. Recessed to keep flush with drywall or ceiling to maintain beautiful aesthetics for any building.Durability – Access door for drywall has rust resistant galvannealed steel to keep your interior access door from rusting and deterioration. Drywall door panel has large accurate cam slots to keep cams sturdy in place and to prevent metal access doors from sagging.Functionality — Access door for drywall is equipped with strong 14 gauge 304 stainless steel cam latches with large screwdriver slot for easy opening. Two stainless steel pin hinges at the top and bottom to allow opening to 165 degrees for a wider open work area.Finish – Paintable surface that is primed with white bake enamel on both inside and outside of the metal access door.

Check Price Below

Buy on Amazon


Acudor ED2436SCPC ED-2002 24 x 36 Flush Access Door by Acudor

Acudor ED2436SCPC ED-2002 24 x 36 Flush Access Door by Acudor

Rough Opening Size=24 ⅜” wide x 36 ⅜”Material:, Finish: Brushed FinishLock / latch: 5 x Screwdriver Operated Cam LatchHinge: ConcealedFlange: Hidden

Check Price Below

Buy on Amazon


Premier 2002 Series Steel Access Door, 24 x 24 Flush Universal Mount, White (Screwdriver Latch)

Premier 2002 Series Steel Access Door, 24 x 24 Flush Universal Mount, White (Screwdriver Latch)

Access Panel 24″ x 24″Fits Rough Wall Opening 24-3/8 x 24-3/8 InchLight Duty Commercial Or Residential ApplicationInstall in Drywall, Plaster, Tile Or Any Flush SurfaceSteel Access Door

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MaRoner Plumbing Access Panel for Drywall Ceiling 12 x 12 inch Removable Hinged Access Door Reinforced Hinged Panel

MaRoner Plumbing Access Panel for Drywall Ceiling 12 x 12 inch Removable Hinged Access Door Reinforced Hinged Panel

✅ Access panels are widly used building device that provide easy access to plumbing, electrical,HVAC or duct systems. Concealed-hinge access door with multi-use for opening to plumbing valves, wiring or duct systems encased in the wall.✅ Reinforced hinged drywall access panels are designed to provide easy access to walls and ceilings. UV Stabilized high impact Styrene plastic for outdoor use, not fade or corrode.✅ Easy Installing drywall access panels. Installtion is a quick, convenient DIY job, easy to handle. Access panel is reversible – can be surface mounted. No requiring framing, screws, latches or fasteners with this access pannel✅ Reinforced Hinged Access Panel made for sturdy plastic can be painted to any color match the existing wall color.✅ For walls at least 0.39 inch(10mm) thick – Size refers to cut out size (There is also a 1inch(28mm) Frame for a neat finish) ,PROVIDES: Access to plumbing lines behind walls or ceilings.

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SUMASAI Plumbing Access Panel Access Panel 12 x 12 inch Access Door with Removable Hinged Door Reinforced Durable Plastic Drywall Access Panel

SUMASAI Plumbing Access Panel Access Panel 12 x 12 inch Access Door with Removable Hinged Door Reinforced Durable Plastic Drywall Access Panel

✅ SUMASAI Designed to provide easy access to walls and ceilings access panel – Material: High Impact Durable Styrene Plastic with uv stabilizers resists fading and corrosion Recommended For INDOOR USE ONLY, WHITE✅ EASY INSTALLATION Quick access panel wall access panel SECURE TO WALL SURFACE USING CAULKING ADHESIVE✅ ✔Access panel 12×12 with Removable Hinged Door for Better Access 12 x 12 access panel – access panel – access panels – drywall access panel Snap latches allow the door to fit tightly within the frame✅ 12 x 12 access panel – access panel – access panels – access panel for drywall – drywall access panel Snap latches allow the door to fit tightly within the frame✅ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★

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Oatey 34056, 14' x 14' Access Panel 14'x14', 14-Inch by 14-Inch

Oatey 34056, 14″ x 14″ Access Panel 14″x14″, 14-Inch by 14-Inch

Provides a service area for Plumbing and security systemsIt is reversibleNo framing requiredAccess panelProvides service area for plumbing electrical, security systems, telephone, TV, computer cables and sprinkler system applications

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Fluidmaster AP-1414 Click Fit Access Panel, Size 14-in. x 14-in.

Fluidmaster AP-1414 Click Fit Access Panel, Size 14-in. x 14-in.

Conceals and reveals household wiring, plumbing and 14”x 14” Access PanelSuper-easy to installNo framing requiredMay be painted or wallpaperedWorks on walls and ceilings up to 3/4-Inch thick

Check Price Below

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1. Linhdor Elite 1000 Interior Metal Access DoorsPros:

This ceiling access panel is available in different sizes.
The panel and the frame are made of sturdy 18-gauge steel.
This is a locally made metal access door.
It has a sturdy stainless steel cam latch.
It is painted white, but it is also primed on both sides so you can paint it to match the color of your ceiling or wall.


This access door is a bit pricier than most.

Sebring Tip:

Check out the Linhdor Elite 1000 Interior Metal Access Door. This ceiling access door is made of a solid 18-gauge steel door and frame that doesn’t rust or warp easily. It comes with a secure 14-gauge 304 stainless steel cam latch and door catches to prevent it from swinging open randomly, while the stainless steel pin hinges ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly.

The door sits flush on its frame and the ceiling, resulting in a cleaner, more streamlined look. It arrives primed with white bake enamel, but you can always paint it with any color you like to ensure that it matches your ceiling or drywall.

Installation is pretty easy for most DIYers. What’s great about this ceiling access panel is that it is available in a wide array of sizes to fit your needs. Need a panel that is as small as 6″ x 6″? Or maybe you want something as large as 24″ x 24″? Then check out this attic access panel. But keep in mind that the bigger the attic access door, the more expensive it is.

2. Acudor 24 x 36 Flush Access DoorPros:

Its rough opening dimension is larger than other ceiling and attic access doors on the list.
The door sits flush against the frame and the ceiling.
It has a secure screwdriver operated cam latch.
It has a brushed white finish that matches most ceilings.


This is one of the priciest attic access doors on the market.

Sebring Tip:

Take a look at this Acudor 24 x 36 Flush Access Door. The door and the frame are made of durable steel that doesn’t corrode or rust easily. The rough opening dimension is larger at 24 ⅜” wide x 36 ⅜”, making it ideal as an attic hatch. Its cam latch is secure and will not open randomly. Keep in mind, though, that you can only open it using a screwdriver so make sure that you have one handy every time.

The hinge and flange are concealed, and the panel sits flush against the frame and the ceiling or wall resulting in a cleaner, more seamless look. It comes painted, so you don’t need to have it painted to match your ceiling or wall.

3. Premier 2002 Series Steel Access DoorPros:

The door is installed flush to the ceiling, ensuring a cleaner and seamless look.
The door is made of long-lasting and corrosion-resistant steel.
It is powder-coated for better rust-protection. 
It already comes painted in white.
The latch is fairly secure.


It is quite pricey.

Sebring Tip:

The Premier 2002 Series Steel Access Door is one of our choices for the best attic access doors. It features a standard access door with a frame, and both are made of sturdy steel. The whole body is powder coated white for better protection against rust. Its color matches most residential and commercial ceilings, so you don’t need to buy another can of paint.

The whole panel is pretty sturdy, and the installation is quite simple. The latch and hinges are pretty durable and secure. This is one of the priciest ceiling access panels on the market, but its durability makes it worth every penny.

Always check your home’s stud spacing if you want to purchase this ceiling access door as this doesn’t fit standard clearance between studs. The closure is available in the keyed cylinder latch and screwdriver latch.

4. MaRoner Plumbing Access PanelPros:

The panels are made of durable UV-stabilized polystyrene plastic.
This is reversible and can be surface-mounted.
The hinges are very durable, and the door latches securely in the frame.
This is pretty affordable.


You have to keep a screwdriver handy at all times if you want to open it.

Sebring Tip:

The MaRoner Plumbing Access Panel is another strong contender for the best ceiling access door. This panel features a frame and panel that are made of the sturdiest polystyrene plastic. The frame and the door do not feel and look flimsy at all, and they can be painted to match the color of your ceiling or wall.

Installation is a piece of cake as it does not require screws or other types of fasteners, and the panel is removable and reversible. It is available in different dimensions to fit your needs. 

Keep in mind that this is for outdoor use only. This is one of the most affordable access panels on the list, making it ideal for homeowners who are on a tight budget.

5. SUMASAI Plumbing Access PanelPros:

This access panel is very inexpensive.
It is available in three sizes.
Installation is pretty easy.
The latch fits securely within the frame.
The panel is made of durable plastic.


Note that it is painted in a light gray color, so you might want to repaint if you have white ceilings.

Sebring Tip:

Check out the SUMASAI Plumbing Access Panel. This ceiling and wall access panel offer different opening sizes that will fit your needs. It features a simple frame and a door that sits flush against the frame for a cleaner look.

The hinges are sturdy, and the door is latched securely to the frame to prevent it from swinging open randomly. The frame and the door are made of durable plastic. You can paint it white or whatever color you want to match your ceiling. You can also cover it with wallpaper if you are using it as an access panel on your wall. 

This is covered by Sumasai’s money-back guarantee.

6. Oatey 34056 Access PanelPros:

This is a very affordable ceiling access panel.
The door sits flush against the frame for a cleaner, more seamless look.
This is a reversible ceiling and wall access panel.
It can be installed flush against the wall or surface mounted.
The door locks into the frame securely.


Be careful with the measurements when you cut the drywall as the frame might not fit snugly to it.

Sebring Tip:

The Oatey 34056 Access Panel is another good candidate for the best attic access door. This access panel features a wide frame that fits into the ceiling or wall without the need for screws and other fasteners. It can be installed flush-mounted if you want a cleaner, more seamless look, or surface-mounted if you’re planning to install it in your garage or above your closet.

The panel is made of durable ABS plastic that won’t warp when exposed to extremes in temperature or rust when exposed to humidity. It can be painted to match your ceiling or covered with wallpaper if you’re using it as a wall access panel. It is not equipped with a handle, so you’ll need to have a flat-head screwdriver ready to pry it open.

7. Fluidmaster AP-0808 Click Fit Access PanelPros:

This is one of the most affordable access panels on the list.
It is available in two rough opening dimensions.
It is easy to install.
The panel is already painted white, but you can paint it with any color you like to match your ceiling color.


This is smaller than the other access panels we have reviewed.

Sebring Tip:

If you’re looking for a ceiling access panel that is easy to install, then look further than the Fluidmaster AP-0808 Click Fit Access Panel. To install it, all you have to do is cut a hole in the wall or ceiling, pop it in, paint it, and you’re good to go.

This panel is available in two sizes, so you can choose which one is ideal for your home. Remember, though, that the panel is smaller than your standard access panels. You can use it on walls and ceilings, but make sure that they are up to 3/4″ thick only.

Installation is pretty easy. All you need is a handful of tools (including a stud finder) and you’re ready to install it.

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Choosing the Best Ceiling Access DoorMaterial

Ceiling and attic access doors are available in different materials. Some are made of sturdy ABS or polystyrene plastic, while others are made of metals such as aluminum and steel.

Plastic ceiling access panels are sturdy, impact-resistant, and lightweight. They are affordable, and unlike some metal access panels, they do not corrode or rust when exposed to humidity.

Stainless steel and aluminum are also used to create attic access panels. Metal panels are prized for their sturdiness, and they are rust and corrosion-resistant. Plus, they do not warp when exposed to high heat. Metal panels are more lightweight than stainless steel, but they are a bit pricier compared to plastic.


Ceiling access panels are available in different sizes. Some are as small as 18″ x 18″, while others can go as large as 30″ x 30″. Consider the size of the objects you’re going to store in the attic when choosing the right attic hatch panel for your home.


Some ceiling access doors feature a keyed cylinder latch, while others have closures that require a flat-head screwdriver. Access doors with keyed cylinder latches are convenient to use, but it might not be the perfect access panel for your home if you’re the type of person who frequently forgets where you put things — keys included. Access panels with screwdriver latches are great, but you need to remember to bring a flat-head screwdriver before you climb a ladder to open the door. Or you can always keep a screwdriver in a drawer nearby, so you don’t need to go to the garage just to get one.

Ready to cut a hatch into your ceiling? Then you better have that stud finder, reciprocating saw, and hand drill ready to get started.


Our choice for the best ceiling access door is the Linhdor Elite 1000 Interior Metal Access Door. Let’s check out some of the features that make this particular ceiling/attic access panel stand out.

First is its all-metal construction. This is one of the few attic access panels made of sturdy 18-gauge steel. Unlike plastic panels, this door will not shrink or warp when exposed to extremes in temperature. It doesn’t look or feel flimsy, and it doesn’t corrode or rust easily.

The door is opened using a flat-head screwdriver. It might seem inconvenient at first if you’re used to using keys to open an access panel, but you can always keep a small screwdriver nearby to make it easier for you. The latch is made of 304 stainless steel that doesn’t rust or corrode. 

Some ceiling access doors sometimes push inward, making their appearance painfully obvious to you and your guests. Not this one. The frame and the doors sit flush against the drywall, and it features catches at the top and bottom for a cleaner, more seamless look. Both the frame and the panel are primed with white bake enamel, but you can always paint it to match your ceiling color.

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To view our Amazon Associates Disclaimer, please click here.

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From Apple Watch to Realme Buds Air Pro, What We Bought and Loved in 2020

It’s an understatement to say that it’s been a weird year. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging through the world, including in India, we’ve essentially spent three quarters of 2020 indoors. That means we’ve relied more on gadgets than ever before, to stay connected with friends and family, to stay fit and healthy, to keep our homes clean or make them more productive, and to alleviate our boredom. You can see a lot of that in the picks below, with the Gadgets 360 staff nominating mesh routers, smart watches, camera accessories, robot vacuums, and televisions as their favourite (tech) purchase of the year. We hope you’ll find something worth considering to fulfil your needs, and as always, you can reach out to us directly for recommendations too.

Abhinav Lal: Hisense TV 43A71F

2020 was the year I finally bought myself a TV. After years of being satisfied with my (19-inch) desktop, (15-inch) laptop, or (6-inch) mobile as my primary means of video consumption, I gave in to increasingly frequent idle whims of investing in a larger display.

I wanted an Android TV that offered Dolby Vision HDR and a 4K resolution but kept my budget as low as possible, knowing I didn’t need a large panel, and with Ali Pardiwala’s recommendation I went in for the Hisense 43A71F (2020). It has a 43-inch UHD 60Hz panel, 24W speakers, and Dolby Atmos sound.

So far, I’ve been happy with the picture quality, the official Android TV 9.0 Pie interface, the voice remote, and the added bonus of surprisingly good audio. Thanks for the recommendation, Ali! I also managed to have my cake and eat it too, when I was gifted a fancy gaming monitor for my laptop — a 24-inch full-HD 240Hz beast, giving me more eye candy at home than I could have hoped for.

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Buy: Hisense 43A71F (2020)

Aditya Shenoy: Asus RT-AC59U router

I was using the Xiaomi Mi Router for the past few years and while I thought of switching to something better on multiple occasions I kept delaying that decision. But with the ongoing pandemic and everyone working from home, the Mi Router soon became the bottleneck in my network. The poor router kept dropping devices and couldn’t handle multiple laptops and smartphones on the network. Frustrated with frequently being dropped out of the network, I had to upgrade to a better router.

I bought the Asus RT-AC59U dual-band router and finally got to experience full speed from my ISP. This router cost me about Rs. 5,200 whch is a reasonable price for what it offers. I did think of going for a mesh router, but I’ll save that for when I move to a bigger place. The dual-band router has let me put all the laptops on the 5GHz band while the smartphones at home and my review units have populated the 2.4GHz band. I haven’t faced any connectivity issues since and no one at home has come back to me complaining about network issues. While I was tempted to chuck the Mi Router out, I choose to keep it anyway. It is currently in charge of keeping my IOT devices online, which its handling quite well.

Buy: Asus RT-AC59U

Akhil Arora: OnePlus TV Q1 and Sony HT-Z9F soundbar

I spend a lot of time in front of my TV, because 1) I love watching movies and TV shows, and getting lost in all kinds of gaming worlds, and 2) of work, which involves even more watching as a film critic. And when the pandemic struck in March and forced us to spend all our time at home, I knew that I was going to spend even more time in front of the TV. And that’s exactly what has happened in the past nine months (and will no doubt continue for a long while).

That’s why I decided to upgrade my home theatre system entirely. Owing to my enthusiast tendencies, I needed something that would offer support for 4K, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. And it had to be 55” minimum, because I was used to that. I picked up the OnePlus TV Q1 because it offered all that I mentioned, and good black levels at a budget thanks to the QLED panel. Ideally, I would’ve gone for an OLED display, but they cost more than double the OnePlus, which I picked up at less than Rs. 60,000 during Prime Day. I didn’t pick the Q1 Pro because I don’t care for in-built soundbars.

Instead, I opted for the Sony HT-Z9F which offers a 3.1-channel main unit, and a wireless subwoofer that you’ll never get with a TV’s sound system. It’s got Atmos support too, though admittedly, there are no upward-firing speakers. But that’s the compromise you’ve to live with at this price range — the Sony Z9F comes in less than Rs. 60,000 too. You can add wireless rear speakers for another Rs. 10,000 if you want to have a proper 5.1 experience. If you want a world-class Atmos soundbar, you’re again looking at products that cost more than double. It’s just something that I couldn’t justify.

With the OnePlus TV Q1 and the Sony HT-Z9F, I essentially made my own home theatre, what with theatres shut for several months and still too risky after they have reopened. I’ve been able to make full use of my streaming subscriptions (Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+) and my gaming consoles (Xbox One X), and enjoy a bunch of 4K Blu-ray content (rewatching classics and new movies like Tenet). It’s a big expenditure, I know, but it’s not like I’m going on holiday anytime soon. In fact, that’s where a chunk of my budget came from.

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Buy: OnePlus TV Q1 and Sony HT-Z9F

Ali Pardiwala: 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The switch to permanent work-from-home systems for us this year meant that keeping the home clean while working was even more important. For this reason, I decided to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner, so I could summon it to clean up whenever I needed. Among the many robot cleaners I’ve reviewed this year, the 360 S7 stood out for a couple of key reasons, including laser navigation, and the ability to control it from an app and through voice assistants.

Thanks to laser navigation, the 360 S7 is precise and quick with its cleaning, moving effortlessly between rooms. What I find most convenient about it is its app, which lets you control and monitor the robot from anywhere, as well as set up specific instructions for different rooms of the house, including vacuuming power. It can also mop through a dedicated fitting, and was able to clean my 600-square-foot home in just about 35 minutes. Buying this robot was an easy decision.

Although there are more affordable options, the 360 S7 is easily available online, works well, and has a big enough battery to be able to clean a normal-sized home easily. It’s helped me out through immensely this year, and it’s a strong recommendation for anyone working from home right now.

Buy: 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Aman Rashid: Apple Watch Series 6

While I was expecting myself to upgrade to the latest iPhone Pro in 2020, ultimately, I did not. I am happy with my iPhone 11 Pro and I think I’ll sit this year out.

Which brings me to my favourite tech purchase of the year: the Apple Watch Series 6. I remember falling in love with the OG Apple Watch and having an eye on my dad’s Apple Watch Series 4, but I don’t know why it took me 6 long years to get my own. Not that I think the Apple Watch wasn’t a capable smartwatch, which it certainly is and has been, on its own or even when you compare it with its competitors; but I really don’t know why it took me so long to get one.

Anyway, my experience with the Apple Watch Series 6 has been pretty amazing. It is loaded to the brim with features such as new watch faces, health tracking, new workouts, calling and texting, always-on-display and so much more. The best part that I appreciate the most about this watch is the fact that I can leave my phone at home whenever I step outside; and all I have on me is my watch and my AirPods.

So, if you’re in the market on the lookout for a good smartwatch, you should consider buying the Apple Watch Series 6. And while many would argue that the Apple Watch SE is a better overall option and does almost everything that it’s costlier sibling can; if you’re looking for the best of the best, the Series 6 is the way to go.

Read: Apple Watch Series 6 review

Buy: Apple Watch Series 6

Gopal Sathe: TP-Link Mesh Wi-Fi

As all meetings became virtual, we’ve had to spend more time thinking about the home-office, and in my case, the part of the house that offers usable backdrops, does not overlap with the part that was close enough to my Wi-Fi router. I started to think about getting a mesh router system, but the more I read the more confused I became.

This forced me to explore different solutions — from trying to set up an office space in another part of the house, to wasting money on Wi-Fi extenders. But finally, I realised I didn’t have a choice, and so I had to take the plunge and buy a mesh Wi-Fi setup. It sounded like overkill for a small apartment, but having made the switch, it’s hard to imagine how I managed to work without this for so long. In order to make my decision, I went back to Gadgets 360’s reviews of these setups, and then also accounted for customer reviews online. Taking into account prices and discounts, I crossed my fingers and bought the TP-Link.

Setup was fast, and a lot simpler than I thought it would be, and the results have been good. The mesh setup has helped to deliver fast and reliable speeds across the entire house, and it’s given me the option to hold a video conference and look professional again. At this price, it was also a pretty good deal, and helped me a lot.

Buy: TP-Link Deco E4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi

Harpreet Singh: Apple Watch Series 3

During a normal year, I’d buy all sorts of things I don’t need during festive season sales. This year has been crazy on so many levels. I still ended up buying one thing though, but I have a good reason. 2020 is the year when everyone around you is talking about the importance of staying fit. I got myself an Apple Watch Series 3, promising I’d use it to try and get in good shape. Why a Series 3 model? Well, it was at a discount, what do you want? I’ve used the first-generation Apple Watch for almost 2 years until the display came off. But this time around, I’m going to make the most out of it. Excuse me, the Watch is now telling me that I’ve been sitting for too long.

Read: Apple Watch Series 3 review

Buy: Apple Watch Series 3

Jagmeet Singh: Dyson V10 Absolute Pro cord-free vacuum

The coronavirus outbreak has brought many changes to our lives. It, of course, affected quite harshly our impoverished societies and the people who already required care and support. But at the same time, the pandemic has changed the way we all live here. It also moved our priorities and that shifted buying patterns for many of us. The culture of working from home and staying doors has made us refrain from purchasing things for our routine travel. This is all unlike what we had in the past.

Thus, instead of going all self-centred and picking any tech purchase for my own use, I decided to get something that can be helpful for not just me but also for my family. That something turned out to be a Dyson V10 Absolute Pro after some research.

The Dyson V10 Absolute Pro comes with a range of accessories that help us clean our home effectively. Its cord-free form-factor also brings an ease-of-use. You can also mount the bundled dock station on a wall to keep the vacuum cleaner on one of the corners of your home. The expensive pricing of the machine is indeed something that made me rethink a couple of times. However, the recent Black Friday sale, during which it was available at a 20 percent discount, eventually convinced me.

Buy: Dyson V10 Absolute Pro

Jamshed Avari: Assorted camera holders

2020 hasn’t felt like a year for splashing out on anything expensive or self-indulgent. Sure, I’ve been tempted by sales, but I don’t really need AirPods if I’m not going out anywhere. Prices rising across the board have also taken some of the shine off any potential upgrades. The only things I’ve invested in are tools for working at home — with little time to plan the shifting and distribution of the entire Gadgets 360 reviews team, we all had some logistical setbacks to overcome and new environments to adapt to.

With no studio and no camerapeople, amateur video production at home has been a challenge, and has required some experimentation. The most useful things I’ve bought have been four little camera accessories. One is a neck brace for first-person point-of-view shots; one is a clamp with a flexible stalk; one is a Gorillapod knockoff (the handiest of the bunch); and finally, there’s a swiveling ball-head to allow for better angles. Collectively, they cost just over Rs. 1,000.

Buy: Flexible tripod

Jasmin Jose: Not much

I had been experimenting with minimalism this year, as a result of which my purchases in general had been very low. There were no personal tech purchases for me this year.

I was gifted a Elac Cinema 5 460W RMS 5.1-Channel Home Theatre Speaker System. The set came with 5 speakers and a subwoofer that skyrocketed my content-watching experience. Elac Cinema 5 supports Dolby Atmos and the subwoofer is adequate for a small to medium-sized room. Since I didn’t narrow down on this product by myself, I wouldn’t be able to say if this is the best in the market. But if you are looking for a home theater within the range of Rs. 50,000, this is definitely not a bad choice.

Buy: Elac Cinema 5

Pranay Parab: Apple HomePod

While I began the year with magnificent dreams of upgrading to the iPhone 12, I ended it on a high all thanks to my two-year-old HomePod that had been lying unused until the pandemic struck. During the lockdown, I have finally found use for a gadget that I’d recommend only to the most dedicated Apple fans. I have a tendency to buy things that I’ll never use, as witnessed by the thousands of unread books or unplayed games in my library, which is why I feel great when I use products that I paid for. For instance, I bought a 1,200-page book, which ended up becoming the only book I read in 2020.

Similarly, the HomePod became my constant companion through this miserable year. Yes, Siri is still infuriating (there was this one time when I asked it to “stop the 4pm alarm” and it ended up listing out each of the twenty-two alarms stored on my iPhone), and yes, this gadget is not for everyone. However, I now listen to music for a few hours every day and that has worked wonders on my mental health. During the day, the HomePod keeps playing music, while at night, I’ve been using it for meditation via AirPlay. It’s going to be used until this pandemic ends, and that is what makes this an excellent addition to my home.

Buy: Apple HomePod

Robin John: Sennheiser HD 350BT headphones

I was on the market looking for a good pair of headphones for my editing purpose, but I was confused whether to get wired or wireless headsets since I wanted it for gaming as well. During the Diwali sale on Amazon, I somehow came across the Sennheiser HD 350BT, and after hours of researching, I finalized the HD 350BT over the likes of JBL E55BT and the successor to HD350BT, the Sennheiser 450BT’s. The heavy discount definitely played a role.

It’s been over a month and I have to say I’m glad I made this purchase. The Bluetooth range is pretty impressive and so is the sound, it’s not made for bass heads but for people who love a balanced sound signature. The only thing that bugged me was the all-plastic build and the lack of foam on the headband. But then again, at its asking price, you really can’t expect much.

I was able to juice out around 25–30hrs on the HD 350BT, which is quite good. The fit was okay-ish for me and the clamping force wasn’t rough, which helped me use it for 4–5 hours without facing any issues. My muscle memory is still not trained enough to use the on-board physical buttons since the placements were unnatural for me. Also, it uses a USB Type-C port for charging purposes. Yay.

Buy: Sennheiser HD 350BT

Roydon Cerejo: Bosch cordless drill

We’ve all read stories about how people have discovered new hobbies during the lockdown like learning a new musical instrument or taking exercising seriously. I did none of that. However, I did find myself doing a lot of DIY projects at home and these seemingly simple tasks would have been hell to complete without a good cordless drill, and it doesn’t get better than the Bosch GSB 120-LI.

The beauty of this cordless drill is that apart from the regular drilling and screwdriving functionality, it also offers a hammer drill function which lets you drill through brick walls. I’ve found this to be immensely useful if you need to do some quick DIY projects at home, like installing shelves. While the hammer drill is decently powerful, it still struggles when trying to drill through concrete, which is where I had to break out my wired power drill. But for most other tasks like assembling furniture or cutting a hole through a cabinet for cable management, a cordless drill is all you’ll ever need.

The Bosch GSB 120-LI has individual settings for power and torque, making it very versatile. You also get an extra 12V battery, and basic drill and screw bits in the hard-shell carry case. It might seem a little pricey compared to the local alternatives but I think it’s worth it when you consider the quality of the drill and accessories, and you really can’t put a price on German engineering.

Buy: Bosch GSB 120-LI

Shayak Majumder: Realme Buds Air Pro

I replaced my old, faithful iPhone SE (2016) with the new iPhone SE (2020) this year. Now, we all know that the new iPhone models don’t come with a regular 3.5mm headphone jack. For the first few days, I tried using the Apple Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter with my Bose QC25, but it didn’t sit right in my pocket and somehow, didn’t feel right. The flimsy adapter especially ruined the look of my new iPhone, I felt. So, I had to go for TWS (truly wireless) earphones that don’t burn a hole in my pocket. Hence, I opted for Realme Buds Air Pro.

These were my first-ever Bluetooth earphones. I always had my reservations against wireless headphones as I had this idea that they somewhat lagged while working on GarageBand. However, the Realme offering took me by surprise. There wasn’t any notable lag (when Gaming Mode was turned on) and I was surprised by the quality of active noise cancellation (ANC) the earphones offered at an affordable price of Rs. 4,999. Of course, the sound quality isn’t that great (but not too bad either if you keep the volume levels high) and I wish it had at least 13mm drivers instead of 10mm ones. However, it’s a nifty little device with fun TWS features like wear-to-resume-playback, consistent auto-Bluetooth connection, and more. It made me a believer in TWS technology and now makes me want to upgrade to a pair of premium ones later on.

I’d recommend Realme Buds Air Pro if you want entry-level TWS earphones that don’t cost much but still offer a good-enough performance, given the price tag.

Read: Realme Buds Air Pro review

Buy: Realme Buds Air Pro

Shubham Raheja: Acer Predator gaming laptop

This may seem to be a bit strange, as everyone asks me “Shubham, why did you buy a two-year-old gaming laptop in 2020 with the touchpad on the wrong side?” There’s a reason for that. My job involves a ton of video editing, sorting, researching and publishing, which means at any point in time, I have at least 15 chrome tabs open along with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. So, any kind of delay is not an option. I also like playing games, although at the time of purchase, I hadn’t played any big titles for almost 5 years.

Therefore, I zeroed in on the Acer Predator Triton 700, a complete beast of its time. Sure, it doesn’t have the chops of a modern, fully fledged gaming or editing machine, but it does get the work done very well without ever breaking a sweat. And the best part, I got it at almost half its original price on a Flipkart sale, just shy of Rs. 80,000.

It’s almost like owning an Italian sports car, it goes really, really fast, it can be obnoxiously loud, it has angular lines everywhere and it also has similar teething issues. For instance, I have to clean the fans inlets and the mechanical keyboard every so often and since the touchpad sits above the keyboard, it’s almost impossible to use it on a regular basis. The battery life of about an hour too is an issue at times. But hey, it runs everything, including Cyberpunk 2077, like a breeze.

Buy: Acer Predator Triton 700

Sourabh Kulesh: Samsung Galaxy S20+

With a lot of money saved due to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown, I wanted to move on from my old Pixel 3 to a smartphone that offers most of the features in my personal checklist. My checklist includes a good, if not great, software experience, timely updates, flagship hardware and a great display. Long story short, I pretty much found all that I wanted in the Galaxy S20+, which was neither underpowered like the Galaxy S20 nor too flashy like the Ultra variant.

Read: Samsung Galaxy S20+ review

Buy: Samsung Galaxy S20+

Srishti Manak: iPhone XR

I’m not someone who likes to spend a lot of money on tech products. But having been stuck with an iPhone 7 for about two years, I finally decided to upgrade to a new phone this year: iPhone XR. I genuinely like this phone. The camera is the best I’ve ever had on a phone. Its battery life amazes me everyday. I love the colors, the display size, the gestures, and now that Apple has permanently slashed the prices of iPhone XR in India, I think it’s a great entry-level iPhone for those who have never had one. Should you buy it? Definitely yes.

Read: iPhone XR review

Buy: iPhone XR

Veer Arjun Singh: Apple Watch SE

My Fitbit Versa 2 was due for an upgrade. And Apple is not the first word that comes to mind when I think of a fitness wearable. Simply because Apple Watch has a much smaller battery, is heavier, and costs way more than its smartwatch counterparts (case in point: Apple Watch Series 5 vs Fitbit Versa 2). So after carefully considering all my options (Fitbit and Garmin, but also Amazfit and so on), I bought the Apple Watch SE this year. Allow me to explain the contradiction.

A few things changed for Apple and I this year. Apple launched a more affordable Watch SE. And even though I moved away from sleeping with a watch strapped on (I slid a Dozee sleep tracker under my mattress, instead), WatchOS can now track sleep. Apple is poised to introduce Apple Fitness+ in India soon, which should substitute for the excellent content of Fitbit Premium. The Watch SE also syncs with the Nike Run Club app where I track my running mileage and that of all my shoes (Apple 1: Fitbit 0).

Unfortunately, all of it still does not make Apple Watch a great fitness wearable (heavy, delicate). But the watch is a great substitute for a bulky phone. I have been using it to make calls, reply to messages — texts, WhatsApp, but also Slack — with voice. Siri, too, is way more useful on the Watch SE that the mute Alexa on Versa 2 (no speaker was a bad idea). And to top it all, I can finally stream new music and podcasts while running with the LTE-enabled Apple Watch SE. Oh, and it looks and feels great with the new Sport Loop.

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Buy: Apple Watch SE 40mm (GPS + Cellular)

Yousuf Jawed: a USB-SATA docking station

As this year was mostly spent working from home, I was in much need of a USB to SATA docking station. Context: I work on the video editing team. Since all the old important Gadgets 360 data was stored on a secondary system, it meant I had to turn on the other computer every time to access said data. Laziness leads to a solution, so I picked up the PiBOX India USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station. This really helped to access the 4TB SATA HDD via the external USB port. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just install the drive inside my primary machine permanently. Well, that’s because I didn’t want to have it online all the time.

Buy: PiBOX India USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station

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Intellectual property rights : copyright v. patent

This article is written by Sonia Balhara from Sushant University, Gurgaon. This article deals with differences in the rights of Intellectual Property Rights: Copyright and Patent. 


Through the speedy globalization and inaugural up of the Indian economy, “Intellectual Capital” has developed one of the main fortune teamsters in the present-day global trade. Intellectual property rights have developed considerably obvious on the legal prospect of India, both concerning new edicts and judicial statements. India sanctioned the contract for creating the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which holds the settlement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). Indian edicts and implementation necessities are the ways of clashing tenacity with esteem to intellectual property (IP) which safeguards TRIPS complaint.

Intellectual property rights (IPR) have been defined as thoughts, innovations, and imaginative terms based on which there is a communal inclination to grant the position of stuff. IPR offers limited rights to the originators or initiators of that property, to permit them to secure profitable welfare from their inspired struggles. There are numerous categories of intellectual property safeguard like patent, copyright, trademark, etc.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) play a key role in all divisions and have become the origin of critical asset resolutions. IPRs are limited rights and consequently, there is continuously a dare to assault stability among the comforts of innovators and the comforts of the culture at large. One more essential element is devising a sufficient legal background to protect the comforts of innovators and motivate assurance that their intellectual property will be sheltered, in turn prompting more improvement.


Copyrights were generated to protect the possession of creative works, containing mythical, harmonious, and dramatic conceptions. Intellectual goods threatened by copyrights comprise rhyme, harmony, tunes, gesture photographs, narratives, structural design, canvases, and even computer software. Thoughts cannot be copyrighted, however, a concrete method of the idea can be. 

By copyrighting original intellectual property, performers are having enough money for public notice and legal suggestion of possession. Encroachment of copyright provides the rights to the right owner of the intellectual property to mitigate the uncertainty in court. The limited rights accessible to copyrighted property’s owner includes the right to copy the work, the right to issue or transmit the work to the public, and the right to impart or rent the work. The vendor of the copyright concludes whether anybody can use their work in any aptitude.

Though, it is quite guided that writers uphold a set of accounts and proof of their intellectual property. This indication is used to display in court through violation statements to verify that the work was in your custody at any given time. Copyright security depends on the national legislature and thus contracts in each country are different.

Sajeev Pillai v. Venu Kunnapalli & Anr.

In Sajeev Pillai vs. Venu Kunnapalli & Anr case, whether the writer of work even after the consignment of work will have extraordinary rights to privilege authorship of his work delivered under Section 57(1) of the Copyright Act


The appellant, Sajeev Pillai, a movie director, and screenplay writer claimed to have investigated the past of the splendid festival Mamankam and set a script for a movie based on the same epic. He met Venukunnapalli and signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kavya Film Company which was linked with Kunnapalli. Sajeev was firstly appointed as the director but then his service was completed and was replaced by somebody else. The shooting of the movie was afterwards finalized which Sajeev purported and this all was done by disfiguring, misleading, and changing his script. Sajeev in light of that filed a suit looking for several reliefs. A provisional ruling claim was also filed to confine the respondents from freeing, publishing, misusing the film and issuing pre-release advertisement without providing suitable composition tributes to Pillai as per film industry criteria.


In deciding the issue, the Kerala High Court provided that Section 57(1) of the Copyright Act offers the author to imprison third parties and sub-Section 57(1)(b) provides the author with the right to claim indemnities from such third party in respect of any alteration, disfigurement or other modifications to his work or any other action, in relation thereto which would be injurious to his respect or status. This delivered the appellant a supreme advantage in the case and that his consignment of the work would not drain the legal right to claim authorship over it.

B.K. Dani And Ors. v. State Of M.P. And Anr.

In the case of B.K. Dani and Ors. v. The State of Madhya Pradesh, applicants are the publishers and book-sellers. In the honour of model questions and answers said to have been issued and sold by the applicants, Secretary Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, lodged a statement with Maharana Pratap Nagar Police Station claiming that the applicants have performed an offence by violating the copyright in a work which consisted of a book on model questions and answers issued by it.

It was moreover claimed that the above-mentioned publication of the applicants was without the consent of the Board. In the above-mentioned report, an offence under Section 63 of the Copyright Act, 1957 has been listed and applicants have been charged-sheeted. On the arrival, the applicants disputed that there has been no breach of copyright as to such they are discharged for an offence under Section 63 of the Copyright Act, 1957. Nevertheless, the Master of Finance & Control (MFC) continued with the framing of charge against the applicants. It has been contested that the respondent-Board of Secondary Education, Bhopal in the Deficiency of registration of copyright cannot insist violation. Even as per the charge-sheet, the publication of the applicants was never matched with the model questions and answers as has been issued by the board.

Concerning the publication of the board, there had been no registration of copyright under Section 45 of the Copyright Act, 1957. A member bench of this court in M/s Mishra Bandhu Karyalaya v. Shivratanial Koshal, held: “there were no terms for registration of copyright under the compilation without registering it. Under the Copyright Act of 1957, the listing of the book with the registrar of copyrights is a situation act of 1957, the listing of the book with the registrar of copyrights is a situation for getting copyright regarding it. Copyright in a book is now secured only if it is a unique collection and has been rightfully registered according to provisions of 1957 Act. Once it is recorded the author is considered to acquire a property right in it. The right deriving from the registration of the book can be the subject-matter of civil or criminal relief, so that, without it, the author can have no rights nor solutions though his work may be the real one.” A single bench of this court in Shiv Lal Agarwals and co. publishers, Indore v. State of Madhya Pradesh also held that registration of copyright is a condition receiving copyright in a book. Hence, in the deficiency of registration, the respondent-board of secondary education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal never received a copyright in honour of model question and answer said to be published by it.

In the prompt case, as has been pointed out that even as per the charge-sheet filed, the publication of the applicants was never compared with the publication of the Board and, accordingly, there was no basis to claim that there was an unreliable connection among the two publications. In the circumstances, there appear to be no legal grounds to frame a charge for violation of the copyright under Section 63 of the Copyright Act, 1957 against the applicants. Thus, from the charges as levelled and documents are taken at their face value, there being no substance to support the charge against the petitioners. It would be an abuse of the process of the Court to permit the case to proceed further. So far as the applicants are concerned, the charge of breach of copyright was misinterpreted. Accordingly, appeals under Section 482, CrPC succeed and are allowed. Bhopal against the applicants are revoked and they shall stand dismissed. Petitions allowed.

Raj Rewal v Union of India &Ors

The current case revolves around the same Mr Raj Rewal who designed and Mr Mahendra Raj who was the designer of the Hall of Nations building. The building was hailed as a symbol of modern Indian architecture and was erected on the premises of the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. ITPO in 2016, proposed to demolish the Hall of Nations building to create an ‘Integrated Exhibition cum Convention Center’. Despite several attempts by the plaintiff to prevent the building from being demolished, it led to the demands of ITPO. Following the demolition of the building, the Plaintiff filed a complaint against ITPO’s actions alleging that the demolition act undermined the Plaintiff’s exclusive rights under Section 57.


Whether an Engineer, as the creator and legally the ‘author’ of a structure has a right vested in him to oppose such alteration or demolition of their work by the landlord of the building?


The plaintiff’s claim that the Court constructed the case as a conflict of two different rights, namely – the rights of the designer under Section 57, and the rights of the landowner to act on their property.

The court found that the plaintiff, in this case, would not be allowed to prevent the demolition of the property by the defendant as it would be a limitation of the defendant’s right to control his property and land granted under Article 300A.

The court further states that the writer’s right under Section 57 to prohibit the ‘distortion, cut or modification’ of his work does not permit the author to prevent the destruction of his work because “what cannot be seen, seen, heard or heard, cannot be imperfect and ”Therefore, the standard is the right granted to the designer to further protect the property owner from ceasing to make changes to the architectural design and to convey it as if the design was made by the architect. The Court further relied on Section 52 (1)(x) which serves as a separate copyright holder. The court ruled that the ‘reconstruction’ contemplated under Section 52 (1)(x) is possible only if the building has already been demolished. Recognizing that the Copyright law must be read in conjunction, therefore the court, said Section 57 could not consider the right to object to the demolition of a building.

In conclusion, the court dismissed the case on the grounds that there was no reason for the demolition of the United Nations.


Patents are intellectual property rights contracted to discoveries. Resources that are patentable contain industrialized methods, types of machinery, biological structures, and factory-made possessions and artefacts. Patents belong to the originator, or else, to the singular or association, he provides the rights to. Patent holders may permit it, permitting others to make usage of their innovation, or they may trade it.

Patentable developments are mandatory to come across certain circumstances. They must be exclusively new and not issued by anybody else beforehand. Moreover, to be patentable, the invention must be practical by any kind of business. Hence, the invention must be an artefact, a tool, or an industrialized process, relatively than a technical theory, a work of fine art, or a carefully worked-out design.

Patents can be characterized as strategy patents and plant patents. Plan patents safeguard go on 15 years beginning from submission issuance. On the contrary, convenience and plant patents latter maximum 20 years ensuing a trooping of the patent claim. There is a probability of spreading or regulating patent positions. 


A patent defends a discovery from others who may use it without the consent of the creator. This includes rights to avoid the usage, trade, proposal for sale, and import of said creation. The patentee (owner of the patent) has the right to take legal action in contradiction of those using the origination without his/her approval. To gain a patent, applicants must relate to the intellectual property bureau, which chooses whether the innovation is patentable or not. Nevertheless, originators don’t need a patent to make use of their creation, providing that no one else has attained patent rights to it. It is recommended to save a patent as otherwise, it is approximately unbearable to avoid others from stealing or stealing the use of your origination. Some of the landmark cases for patent law are:

Mylan Laboratories Limited vs Union Of India & Ors

In Mylan Laboratories v. Union of India, the case contracts with the plea filed by Mylan Labs requesting for a stay on the instructions ‘methods of evaluating peptide mixtures’ passed by the Deputy Controller of Patents and Design in contradiction of the Petitioner.


The petitioner had to approach the High Court of Delhi as the seats of suitable officers at the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) were available and hence the task filed by the petitioner in contrast to the order of the Deputy Controller of Patents and Design might not be overheard. The petitioner obtained that Technical Members of Plant Varieties Protection have a responsibility to get the pending patent matters along with the chairman of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB)and it was held that the Chairman, Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) should be able to resolve all the incomplete reasons along with the relevant appointed scientific advisor. Although the respondents submitted that the chairman is not entitled to hear pleadings along with a technical colleague.


The court ordered the Chairman, Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), and Technical Member (Plant Varieties Protection) to listen to the stay request filed by the petitioner and place it off within six 6 weeks. The court also cleared up that the Chairman, Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), and Technical Member are at the right to get urgent problems under Trademarks, Patents, and Copyright.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, … v. Cipla Ltd., Mumbai Central

In this case, there were two petitioners, namely, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. and OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc., have filed the litigation for permanent writ restricting violation of patent, version of accounts, injuries and delivery against Cipla Ltd. Mumbai. Indian Generic producer Cipla has won the landmark Roche v. Cipla Patent Infringement case in the Delhi High Court over Cipla’s Generic version of Anti-cancer Drug Erlotinib. The case is the first Patent Prosecution in India post India’s 2005 Product Patent Management which involved public interest and pricing matters in addition to India’s Section 3(d) that restricts evergreening. The case was followed by Pharma Giants worldwide.

Roche sued Cipla in 2008 before Delhi High Court alleging that Cipla’s generic product Erlocip infringes the former’s Indian ‘774 patent claiming “Erlotinib Hydrochloride”. The trial Magistrate denied Roche’s request to give an interim writ restricting Cipla from selling a generic version of Tarceva on the areas of public interest and the fact that there was an ongoing patent repeal measures against ‘774 patent. Cipla’s generic version takes about 1/3rd of Roche’s patented drug. Roche’s following appeal to Division Bench also failed when not only did the bench sustain the conclusions of the trial Judge but also commanded costs on Roche for the abolition of material patent information about Roche’s later-filed application in India.

This was the Patent Application which was really on Polymorph Form B of Erlotinib Hydrochloride but was repudiated in 2008 following the opposition filed by Cipla originally on Section 3(d). Cipla disputed that Tarceva corresponds to Polymorphic Form B and that it is Form B which is also strong and fit for solid verbal dosage form than the composite exposed in ‘774 patent comprising a mixture of Forms A and B. Roche’s consequent appeal before the Supreme Court challenging the order passed by the division bench got rejected due to the continuous trial at the Delhi High Court.

Novartis Ag vs Union Of India & Ors.

In this case, Novartis challenged the rejection of its application by Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) for Beta Crystalline sort of “Imatinib mesylate” wherein such challenge was rejected by the Supreme Court of India on the bottom that the said drug didn’t produce an enhanced or superior therapeutic efficacy as compared to the known substance i.e., “Imatinib mesylate” means the said drug didn’t involve an ingenious step. One of the most important reasons for rejecting the application of Novartis was to avoid ever-greening of already patented products by introducing minor changes.


In 1998, one of the largest international pharmaceutical companies, Novartis International AG, applied for a TRIPS agreement before the Chennai Indian patent office was granted patents for anticancer ‘Glivec’ used to treat Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) and Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST) was developed in the Beta crystalline form of “Imatinib mesylate”. The drug is commonly used in the treatment of cancer and is patented in more than 35 countries.

At the time of Novartis’ application for its patent, the grant was used to limit the methods or processes and not the products in India, as defined under Section 5 of the Patent Act, 1970. After the Amendment Act, 2005 Section 5 is repealed and the copyright is granted to methods or processes but not to products.

In 2005 the use of the Novartis patent for the drug, given was considered and similarly rejected by the madras patent office because the drug was awaited before publication and failed to meet the need for professionalism and invisibility, and said the alleged invention was professionalism and invisibility and said the alleged invention was invincible under the provisions of Section 3 (d) of the Patent Act 1970 as the aforementioned drug did not show significant changes in medical efficacy due to its pre-existing condition which means Zimmerman patent. Novartis then filed two petitions in the supreme court of madras in 2006 under Article 226 of the Constitution of India. The petition subsequently stated that Section 3(d) of the patent act, 1970 is unconstitutional because it is inconsistent with the trips agreement and is contrary to Article 14 of the Indian Constitution and other contravention of an order passed by the madras patent office. The madras supreme court referred the case to the IPAB (Intellectual Property Appellate Tribunal) in 2007. The complaint was heard and dismissed by IPAB, alleging that the invention was tested on visibility and transparency but that product visibility was violated by Section 3(d) of the patent act, 1970. The decision made by IPAB to protect the suspicion of the fruits of the patented product by informing them of minor changes and to provide easy access for Indian citizens to life-saving drugs. Novartis then filed a complaint with the SLP (special leave petition) in 2009 before the supreme court of India challenging the order passed by IPAB under Article136 of the Constitution of India.


As per the terms of Section 3(d) of Patent Act, 1970 what is a known object?

As per Section 3(d) of Patent Act, 1970 what is the definition of Efficacy?
As per Section 3(d) of Patent Act, 1970 whether a rise in bioavailability restrains as a rise in therapeutic efficacy?
Whether the discovery “Beta crystalline form of imatinib mesylate” alleged by Novartis is more effective than the object that it was received from i.e. “Imatinib mesylate”?


In April 2013, a two-judge panel of the Supreme Court of India rejected an application by Novartis and insisted that the beta crystalline form of imatinib mesylate was a new type of known substance i.e., imatinib mesylate, where efficacy was well known. The supreme court has made it clear that in the case of a drug “effective” in Section 3(d) it only means “effective therapy” and states that all drug properties are incompatible, properties directly related to efficiency in the absence of medication are its therapeutic efficacy the supreme court in the third case has ruled that approximately 30% increase in bioavailability as a result of increased effective medical performance under Section 3(d) of the Patent Act, 1970 if the evidence is provided in the same manner. The supreme court compared the performance of the “beta crystalline form of Imatinib mesylate” with “imatinib mesylate” in terms of its flow, improved thermodynamic stability and low hygroscopicity, and held that none of these structures contributes to increased clinical efficacy in terms of Section 3(d) of the Patent Act, 1970 and Novartis did not provide any document indicating that the effectiveness of the “beta crystalline form of imatinib mesylate” is comparable to the effectiveness of “imatinib mesylate”.

Types of Patent
Utility patent 

It safeguards the establishments of a new or developed artefact, procedure, or machine which is also known as a “patent for innovation”. It bars new beings or enterprises from constructing, consuming, or retailing the conception without approval. Utility patents are virtuous for up to 20 years after the patent requests are filed, but it requires the owner to wage regularly organized prevention charges. Although most individuals are minor patents with types of machinery and appliances, which they can also relate to the software, occupational procedures, and chemical creations such as in pharmacological products.

Design patent

On the other hand, it applies to the exclusive appearances of an industrial thing. For instance, an automobile company with a unique cover or headlight profile. These graphic features are part of the car’s distinctiveness and might add to its significance. Though, without defending these types of machinery with a patent, contenders could hypothetically copy them without legal concerns. Design patents allotted since May 2015 last for 15 years from the period that patent is contracted and doesn’t necessitate upkeep charges. Patent distributed earlier to May 2015 last for 14 years.

Plant patent

It defends a new and exclusive plant’s vital individualities from being hacked, traded, or used by anyone else. It lasts for 20 years after the claim is filed. The plant essentially is an asexually reproductive living thing with the limitation being heritable identical to the new and accomplished over methods such as root carvings, partition, or embedding and burgeoning. 

Major differences

While a patient, with the omission of a design planet, defends discoveries of new procedures, copyright look after issued and unpublished original works, containing works in literature, song, fine, art, structural design, software, and composition. Similar to a patient owner, the copyright owner has limited rights, including the rights to make a replica, make an end product, allot copies, exhibit the work in public, or implement the work in public.

In some circumstances, a claimant can acquire both a copyright and a patent, overlay, for example, it can happen between a design patent and copyright in conditions where the patterned design succeeds both for a patent and as an exertion of fine art theme to copyright safeguard.


Governing Acts

Copyrights: It is governed under The Copyright Act of 1957.
Patents: It is governed under The Patents Act of 1970.


Copyrights: Global protection for the lifetime of the creator plus 60 years.

Patents: 20 years protection in the country of filing, with no extension after 20 years.

Protection requirements

Copyrights: Any literary object namely artwork, poetry, films, books, music, photography, etc.

Patents: A Technical enhancement that is novel, unique, and useful.

Maintenance of the Rights

Copyrights: No charges are required, as well as registration is not obligatory.
Patents: There is an annual fee for 20 years. 

When to apply

Copyrights: It can be applied at any time.
Patents: It can be applied only before launching a product into the market.

Right comes into Existence

Copyrights: Exclusive rights over the copyright are created the moment, the authorship, and creates the work.
Patents: Its registration takes about 2-3 years in all. But the owner can stop anyone else from claiming the rights over a particular patent the moment he applies for a provisional patent.

Provisional Application Requirement

Copyrights: There is no need for the provisional application.
Patents: A provisional application gives you 1 year to file a complete specification and a priority date claim.


Indian has prepared several alterations in its IPR rule to upturn proficiency and has bowdlerized down the phrase required to issue patents. The philosophy of invention is taking the middle stage in the country. India is sound and graceful to concentrate on R&D. This has been reproduced in its enriched status in the world-wide innovation catalogue over the years. The government’s struggle to support national IPR rule, IP appellate court, e-governance, and assurance to accept by the TRIPS contract of WTO in note and split will support in refining perception of India universally. A well-organized and justifiable intellectual property scheme can help all nations to apprehend intellectual property perspective as a facilitator for financial development and public and ethnic well-being.

Over the years a harsh increase has been witnessed in the attentiveness of intellectual property laws among the people. Almost every commercial touch IP rights and needs its security as it safeguards the appreciated resources of a company. From the company’s not only safe rights, but they also attest as an incentive for enhanced ingenious appearance and are a major motivation for inspiring people to finance research and improvement projects globally.



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2020 was the year that…

Joel Makower .Mon, 12/28/2020 – 02:11.

It was a long year. Real, simply 366 days (it was a leap year, after all), every one, I’’ m informed, including just the basic 24 hours. It was much, much longer than that.

Remember 2019? Neither do I.

To remember a few of the crucial advancements, as I have done each December for more than a years, I’’ ve plumbed the almost 1,300 columns, stories and analyses we’ve released on because the dawn of 2020 —– a.k.a. the beforetime —– emphasizing the favorable, looking for indications of development and hope. We require such tips to get us through these tough times.

.Here, in no specific order, are 5 stories that I discovered motivating throughout the 12 months simply ending.

And, possibly, to set us on a more bullish course for 2021.

Here, in no specific order, are 5 stories that I discovered motivating throughout the 12 months simply ending. (All links are to stories released on throughout 2020.) What would you contribute to the list?

.1. Business sped up the path to sustainable movement.

The increase of electrical lorries has actually been a seasonal story for almost a years, however 2020 saw the speed of modification speed up. In January, my coworker Katie Fehrenbacher anticipated that 2020 would be a crucial year for EVs. She was.

Both the public and personal sectors provided big wins for the electrification of transport. California’’ s guv signed a history-making executive order , prohibiting sales of brand-new gas-powered cars and trucks within 15 years. Britain upped the ante , with a comparable restriction however within a years, assisted by McDonald’’ s prepare to set up EV battery chargers at its UK drive-thru dining establishments. On the supply side, General Motors and Volkswagen prepared significant EV rollouts.


Ultimately, how quickly these markets accelerate depends upon need from fleet purchasers. Amazon continued its aggressive EV purchasing prepares , as did both Walmart and IKEA .

One factor for all this: Batteries continue their journey down the price-experience curve, where increased need reduces costs, even more pumping up need. New innovations are assisting, lots of still in early phases . Some are particularly tailored towards truck and bus fleets , a sign that the marketplaces for medium- and sturdy EVs are ready to kick into high equipment .

.2. Sustainable style ended up being product.

Fashion is another long-simmering ecological story that has actually lastly reached a boiling point. The concerns are numerous, from the resources required to grow cotton or produce artificial materials, typically from petroleum feedstocks, to the waste that winds up in garbage dumps, particularly for stylish and low-cost clothes products that frequently have a brief beneficial life.

In 2020, a number of brand-new advancements assist put sustainability in style. The not-for-profit Textile Exchange released a Material Change Index , allowing producers to incorporate a favored fiber and products method into their items. It likewise introduced a Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark to assist the style and fabric market do something about it on biodiversity.


Circular designs made the rounds, beginning with the style department, where a great deal of unfavorable ecological and social effects are baked into garments, typically unsuspectingly. Adidas and H&M Group collaborated for a job to recycle old garments and fibers into brand-new products for significant brand names. German sportswear business adidas dedicated to utilizing just recycled polyester throughout its supply chain by 2024. Markets for pre-owned clothes acquired sales, consisting of recommerce , where business offer their own recovered and reconditioned items back to consumers.

In the wings: start-ups promoting a brand-new generation of fabrics, production approaches and service designs, recommending there are a lot more developments in shop.

.3. Forestry settled on the balance sheet.

Saving and planting trees has actually been a foundation of ecological action basically because Day One. (Hence, the often-epithetic name ““ treehugger. ”-RRB- And pushing business to remove logging in their supply chains has actually long been an activist focus.

Now, business themselves are seeing business advantages of proactive forestry policies.

First, there’’ s run the risk of mitigation– making sure ““ a business ’ s capability to offer items into a” international supply chain, ” as a BlackRock executive put it . It ’ s not simply the environment effects of issue to financiers. Logging and human rights abuses typically go together– “ there ’ s nearly a direct connection, ” stated another financier — an extra layer of threat for business from ignoring forests and those who live and work there.

. forestry

And then there ’ s the chance for business to offset their emissions, because trees are a naturalenvironment service that can assist draw down greenhouse gases, particularly companies embracing net-zero dedications( see listed below ). Microsoft , JetBlue and Royal Dutch Shell are amongst those looking for to balance out a part of their carbon footprint by purchasing forest defense and reforestation.


Finally, there are the innovators– business owners who see gold in all that green. Silicon Valley investor are starting to branch off into forestry-related start-ups — business such as SilviaTerra and Pachama that offer making it possible for innovations to assist in forestry jobs. These business owners most likely saw chance in — the Trillion Trees effort released in early 2020.


Of course, success needs stopping logging in the very first location, particularly in tropical rain forests. Which stays an issue. Half of the business most dependent on essential products that have an unfavorable influence on forests– palm oil, soy, beef, pulp, leather, and lumber and paper– wear ’ t have actually an openly specified policy on logging, according to one report — .


Still, some companies are making development. Mars, for instance, revealed that its palm oil– utilized in food and family pet care items– is now deforestation-free after diminishing the variety of — mills it deals with from 1,500 to a couple of hundred, a specific indication that development is possible.

. 4. Food equity appeared on the menu.

For all the discuss Big Ag and Big Food, there ’ s a growing acknowledgment of the smaller sized gamers in the food cycle, from manufacturers and farmers to those who prepare and serve meals. And, naturally, the 821 million or two human beings who deal with food insecurity, according to the United Nations. Which stat was from 2018, long prior to this year ’ s international and pandemic economic downturn developed millions more starving tummies.


With dining establishments closed and other foodservice operations reduced, one remaining concern is what the world ’ s biggest food business are’doing to assist their providers and other partners.

.  foodservice

“ Brands and sellers are acknowledging that if they put on ’ t action in to assist their manufacturers and suppliers, the links holding together those supply chains might split in manner ins which aren ’ t quickly fixed, ” my coworker Elsa Wenzel reported back in June.


Collecting leftover food or unsellable fruit and vegetables for circulation to those in requirement is one activity that sped up throughout the pandemic .A newish principle, “ upcycled food ” — products that “ usage components that otherwise would not have actually gone to human usage, are acquired and produced utilizing proven supply chains, and have a favorable effect on the environment”– is being promoted by a not-for-profit consortium called the Upcycled Food Association.


Increased “issue for farmers is likewise on the menu. Fair Trade licensed crops continue to increase , making sure a living wage for lots of smallholder farmers, and there ’ s growing interest in supporting Indigenous farmers , who have actually long practiced regenerative strategies. The Regenerative Organic Alliance established a basic to support farmers who promote soil health.


All this will need making capital and help readily available to growers worldwide, consisting of the information and analytics that significantly are core to 21st-century farming. And to do this rapidly, prior tothe devastations of an altering environment produce even more difficulties for both food manufacturers and customers all over the world.

. 5. Net-zero dedications discovered boundless capacity.

And lastly, no– possibly a fitting coda to a year that boasts 2 of them in its name. What started simply a couple years ago progressed into a full-on motion as the variety of net-zero dedications doubled in less than a year .


The list ofbusiness making such dedications crossed sectors and global borders, amongst them BP , Delta , Facebook , HSBC , Nestlé , Walmart , even Rolls Royce . Verizon, Indian IT services huge Infosys and British durable goods brand name Reckitt Benckiser ended up being the very first worldwide business to sign up with Amazon’s Climate Pledge effort , dedicating to reach” carbon neutrality” by 2040.

.  net-zero

Some went even more. Microsoft stated it would end up being “carbon unfavorable” within a years , with a stretch objective to get rid of all the carbon it has actually discharged because it was established in 1975. The travel-intensive technique company BCG stated it desires be” environment favorable” by getting rid of more co2 emissions from the environment than it discharges.


But getting to no– or favorable or neutral or some other objective– is not without debate. As one report kept in mind , net-zero dedications differ commonly in regards to their metrics and openness, to name a few things. That is, no single basic governs the method net-zero is specified or determined, orhow it needs to be interacted. — Net-zero might quickly be in the crosshairs of activists excited to point out business greenwash.


Help might be en route. In September, the Science Based Targets effort revealed strategies to establish a worldwide requirement for business net-zero objectives, consisting of the function of carbon offsets, a practice whose huge growth is itself questionable and bothersome . How it gets dealt with will be a long-lastingstory for 2021 and beyond.

. There ’ s more.

Those were barely the only 2020 stories of note. There was a substantial uptick of Wall Street interest in ecological, social and governance( ESG) reporting … a rise of attention by business to ecological justice … the ongoing increase and empowerment of business sustainability specialists .


Oh , and the arrival of a brand-new U.S. governmental administration that pledges to reengage with service and the worldwide neighborhood on dealing with the environment crisis.


That is to state, 2020 wasn ’ t everything about the pandemic, economic downturn and you-know-who.


If that ’ s insufficient, here– in alphabetical order by business– are a baker ’ s lots other enthusiastic headings from the previous 12 months:

. How Apple intends to lead on environment and equity . Bank of America CEO: Each public business requires to reach carbon absolutely no . BP reveals net-zero by 2050 aspiration . Delta takes off with$ 1 billionpromise to end up being carbon neutral . Inside Eastman ’ s moonshot objective for constantly circular plastics . General Mills, Danone dig deeper into regenerative farming with rewards, moneying . HSBC buys world ’ s initially ‘ reef credit ’ system . IKEA will redeem utilized furnishings in stand versus’ extreme usage’ . Microsoft is developing a ‘ Planetary Computer ’ to secure biodiversity . Morgan Stanley will determine CO2 effect of financial investments and loans . How Ocean Spray cranberries ended up being America ’ s’ 100 percent sustainable’ crop . Unilever reveals environment and nature fund worth more than$ 1 billion . Walmart drives towards zero-emission objective for its whole fleet by 2040 .

I welcome you to follow me on Twitter ,sign up for my Monday early morning newsletter, GreenBuzz , and listen to GreenBiz 350 , my weekly podcast, co-hosted with Heather Clancy.

. Pull Quote. Here, in no specific order, are 5 stories that I discovered motivating throughout the 12 months simply ending. Subjects. Leadership Featured Column. Two Steps Forward . Included in highlighted block( 1 short article with image promoted on the front page or in other places). Off. Period. 0 Sponsored Article. Off. Year in evaluation 2020

GreenBiz Group


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13 Extreme Stories of Helicopter Parenting

Parenting is never easy.

You have to take care of your kid, teach them and watch them grow. Kids these days, especially teens!!! Are extremely sensitive they don’t want you to step inside their boundaries. The best way IN MY OPINION is to have them learn on their own.

It shocks me how some parents never let their kids grow and explore. I found this thread in Reddit and it is truly shocking how extreme they are!

Helicopter Parents | Stay at Home Mum

1. But Why?

“I had a mother call me to find out why her son didn’t get the job.  He’s 40. And a lawyer.”

Via Voice of Craisin


2. Public Un-Wedgied

My Mum owned a daycare center, and I worked there when I wasn’t in school. There were some very unique kids and some crazy ass parents. The one that comes mind though had a 6 year old son. This kid was an incredible brat, but as soon as you met his parents you understood why. He had just started school and was coming home upset because kids were making fun of him, because of his pacifier that he kept with him and used throughout the day.

So his mom decided to wait with him at the school bus stop and pick him up from there. One day they were waiting and he mentioned he had a wedgie. So right there at the bus stop, in front of all the kids in his class, and the crossing guard, his mom picked it for him. Just stuck her hand down his pants and took care of it for him.

She wouldn’t even let him handle his own wedgie.

Needless to say, that did not help with his teasing.

Quote Unquote


3. He Called Every Morgue in the City

My dad called every morgue in the city after I went to a concert and forgot to check in for a couple of hours. Not police stations, he went straight to morgues for some reason, actually found a cadaver with the same first and last name as me and was about to get in the car to identify the body when I called to check in.

Two hours. Two hours without hearing from me was all it took for him to assume I was deceased. I was 23.

Fuzzy Elf47


4. Wimpy Kid is Scandalous

Volunteer at a library, a mom wouldn’t let her 10 year old kid read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” because “They sin”.



5. No Friends For You

I had a mother ask for her son to eat his lunch alone in a separate room because she wasn’t sure she wanted him socializing yet with his classmates. He has only socialized with her around, so he wasn’t “ready” to do it solo. She was on that kids back every time he walked in the door for his lessons. Ever 10 years later, I still think about the little guy who is a teenager now. I have a feeling his mother never backed off.

Cyb Reader
13 Extreme Stories of Helicopter Parenting

6. Spoon Feeding

I’ve seen a child of around 12 years old (if I recall correctly); the mother would sit outside the classroom and wait until the lesson is finished (2-hour lesson btw). Best part was, the mother always had a lunchbox for the child during break time. Instead of letting the child eat on their own, the mum would spoon feed the child, down to the last bite.

When the child had to make a decision about something during a class discussion, they just couldn’t make their mind up. My colleague (who was teaching the kid) and I attributed it to the mother’s parenting style – she looked like she’d made every decision for her child. I wasn’t surprised that the child wasn’t able to make their own decisions for themselves.


7. No-Kissing Contract

My mum made me sign a contract when I was 11 saying I wouldn’t kiss anyone til I was married. When she found out I even spoke to a boy she took away all forms of communication and didn’t let me leave the house for 8 months. I was home schooled so basically jail.

Sarah Shaw


8. Oh He Didn’t……

During a piano recital, towards the end when all the advanced kids are playing, my dad went up on stage and dragged off the kid currently playing and demanded that I come on stage again and play for as long as the kid did (I was very much a beginner at the time). He got into a yelling argument with the teacher while I just kinda sat there and went through some scales, and afterwards, made my whole family leave because he felt that his time and money were being wasted by listening to the other kids play.

To this day, every time we did go to a recital, his one complaint has always been that they give all the long pieces to the other kids and his time gets wasted because he’s only there to listen to me and my sister.

9. Mum, I can pee alone.

A mother insisted on accompanying her 19 year old, fully functioning adult daughter into the toilet cubicle. Will never ask why she doesn’t talk about her mum anymore.



10. You Want What When?

A mother emailed me asking if I had graded their student’s essay, and if so why wasn’t it entered into the online grade book yet. She wanted me to know her student was very smart and would be going to an Ivy League college.

My response: “Are you asking about the essay they turned in today? The essay I just collected from them his morning? One hour ago?”

She didn’t reply.



11. Just Leave!

I was interviewing a guy for a technician job. Resume said he was 22, just out of technical college with a few certificates but no degrees. Cool beans, we weren’t sticklers about scraps of paper so long as you know computers.

I check everything out, call his last employer which was the school he went to. Reference is…interesting. I was told he was smart and learned fast but his dad was a pain. Found that odd. Call the kid up. A man rather older than 22 answers. I ask for Nathan and get told “this is his father. I can help.”

“I’m calling for the resume he put in with Computer Hell. Need to ask him some questions.”

“I can answer them.”

“Uh…no. I need him to answer them so I can verify what he knows.”

“I know what he knows. Just ask.”

This goes on for a minute more before I say “Have Nathan call me back when he’s available” and hang up. Kid himself calls back, we chat, he seems to know his stuff so I set up an interview for the following day after lunch.

Interview time comes, and in walks a young man and an old man. Nathan and his dad. Who tries to sit in on the interview. I look right at the kid and bluntly ask “Do you have your own car?”

He nods. I ask him about his times available and his dad chimes in to answer. I cut him off. “I’m asking your son. Please go sit at the front of the office until we’re done.”

The dad hems and haws but goes up front. Nathan seems to be a good fit, but his dad is, indeed, annoying. I told him to show up the next monday at 8 AM, he would have a week probationary period during which time he’ll be paid minimum wage while I determine if we can use him.

Monday rolls around, Nathan and his dad come in. And both head for the back. “What are you doing?”

“I figured I can sit here and keep you two company.”

“No. No, you cannot.”

I finally convince his dad to gtfo. Nathan is picking things up fast. Next day, both come in and the dad walks up to me. “I’m insisting you let me stay here. My son needs me around. He told me last night that you were going too fast for him to keep up.”

I looked at Nathan, who just looked down at the floor. “Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem we can use you.”

“Why the hell aren’t you keeping my son on?!”

“Because he needs to grow the hell up first. I was looking to hire him, I do not want the baggage he comes with, namely you. Now, leave.”

13 Extreme Stories of Helicopter Parenting

12. Epic Response

One of my general psych students at a 4 year state university missed a final. Her mom called me to complain and to request a makeup exam. I informed her that her daughter could reschedule with me directly. We scheduled a makeup which she was also a no show for. Her Mum proceeded to call my office, the department chair, and my cell (stupid graduate student move to list your cell in the college directory) to complain about how unfair I was being. I decided to not call her back and instead had my Mum call her Mum to discuss, she never called again and her daughter failed the class.



13. Pretending to be my friend

Okay, so during a group chat last Halloween, Me and some friends were talking about what horror movie to watch. Me and another friend of mine were debating over Ouija 2 and Alien when another buddy of mine chimed in out of the blue. (Keep in mind this was at around midnight) So we ask for his opinion yet he didn’t know what we were talking about. He had absolutely no frame of reference for anything we mentioned and was constantly trying to change the topic.

As it turns out my friends mother had taken his phone and pretended to be him to try to squeeze out any info on us. Which is just really creepy and we somewhat ended up avoiding him a bit later. This mother also has a tracker in his phone and is generally a religious nut

Postal Pummeler13 Extreme Stories of Helicopter Parenting | Stay at Home Mum

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