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A robot barista that takes orders, makes coffee, and delivers drinks to customers is being used in South Korea to help with social distancing

Robot cafe South KoreaREUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Robot baristas are being used in South Korea to help with social distancing. 
The new robot can take orders, make 60 different types of coffee, and serve drinks to customers at their seats.
In a two-storey cafe in South Korea, where this robot is being used, only one human employee was required to be there.
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The new robot barista at the cafe in Daejeon, South Korea is courteous and swift as it seamlessly makes its way towards customers.

“Here is your Rooibos almond tea latte, please enjoy. It’s even better if you stir it,” it says, as a customer reaches for her drink on a tray installed within the large, gleaming white capsule-shaped computer.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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The Star Wars & Indiana Jones Crossover Even Fans Missed

Indiana Jones is among the of the best and most world-renowned archaeologists of perpetuity, the titular character of the action experience series of movies from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, played by star Harrison Ford. Han Solo is among the best smugglers and rebel heroes in the Star Wars galaxy far, far from George Lucas, likewise played by Harrison Ford. Both of these brave Harrison Ford characters are plenty amusing by themselves, however what would take place if their particular worlds clashed in an impressive one-issue comic crossover? Dark Horse Comics offers the response with Into The Great Unknown.

This specific one-shot was included as a narrative amongst a number of in Star Wars Tales # 19. Certainly, the story that follows is thought about to be non-canonical to the main Star Wars connection, more similar to Marvel’s What If …? line of comics. However, this does not make this one-shot any less incredible. The concern was developed thanks to author Haden Blackman and art by Sean Murphy.

Into The Great Unknown starts with Han Solo and his very first mate Chewbacca aboard their ship, the Millennium Falcon. Naturally, they’re on the run, being bombarded by numerous TIE fighters right on their tail with a much bigger Imperial Star Destroyer not far behind. With a harmed navigation computer system and very few alternatives left, Han and Chewie delve into hyperspace blindly, not understanding where they’ll wind up. Rapidly losing power, Han and Chewie discover themselves in a galaxy not up until now away any longer, crash-landing on an extremely specific blue and green world. Having actually landed in a forest, they leave the Falcon , wishing to discover a settlement. The set are assailed by native locals, and Han is captured in a deadly hail of arrows. After beating all of the locals, Chewbacca takes Han back inside the Falcon, wailing in suffering at the loss of his biggest good friend. Over a century pass, and the popular Dr. Indiana Jones is on an exploration for the fact of the famous Sasquatch.

Indiana Jones and his buddy Short Round, having actually taken a trip to the location with the most reported Bigfoot sightings throughout the years wishing to discover the fact, discover the wreckage of the Millennium Falcon rather. ( Chewbacca ended up being the fact behind all of the Bigfoot misconceptions, and never ever left the website of the crash.) Climbing up aboard, they check out the empty passages, discovering Solo’s stays still in the captain’s chair. Jones discusses that everything appears familiar (an enjoyable Ford nod). When Short Round asks Dr. Jones if they’ll keep trying to find the beast, Jones decreases, stating that they must leave him as “part of the fantastic unidentified” matching the line Han informed Chewie as he was passing away. High above in the tree tops, Chewbacca supervises the wreckage.

This whole one-shot is an ideal crossover in between characters that, while existing in significantly various areas, are quite alike beyond simply sharing a face. The narrative itself is an ideal lorry that develops a crossover that is far from required, common, or cliched. Han and Indy do not really satisfy in person, which is best. Rather, Indiana finds the area in which Han existed. He can’t rather describe his environments, he can’t feel a connection however assist. The allusions made are made due to the fact that the crossover does not feel the requirement to discuss to readers what’s taking place, making the presumption that the readers are fans of both the characters/films, and comprehend the commonness in between Indy and Han. Fans of both Indiana Jones and Star Wars must be extremely amused after reading this special and unique crossover.

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CCPA Effective Date is January 1st: Does Your Business Have Indemnity Insurance Coverage?

Schedule a Consultation: 858.483.9200 CCPA Effective Date is January 1st: Does Your Business Have Indemnity Insurance Coverage?

January 1, 2020, is the reliable date of the California Consumer Privacy Act (” CCPA”), which is turning up quick. The CCPA offers customers with different rights with regard to the information and individual info that is gathered on them by companies running here in the Golden State. Offense of the CCPA might be extremely pricey. The CCPA permits the imposition of statutory civil charges of as much as $7,500 per offense per customer. Even a couple of offenses might lead to significant fines and charges. The CCPA is a complex and complicated statute. To make sure compliance, your service needs to look for the guidance and counsel of a skilled San Diego business lawyer .

For now, these civil charges can be looked for by the California Attorney General’s Office. Currently, there is no personal right of action by people affected by infraction of the CCPA beyond minimal scenarios including a hack, security breach, or other unapproved exfiltration of individual information. With regard to the civil charges, 2 concerns that every San Diego service should ask are: Does my company have indemnity insurance protection if my organisation breaches the CCPA? Will the insurance protection work?

The CCPA will use to more services than is frequently believed. Those based on the CCPA are any organisation operating in California that have gross income of more than $25 million each year OR gathers, gets, shares, or offers individual details of more than 50,000 California individuals/devices, OR makes a minimum of half of its yearly profits by offering — — sharing in exchange for worth — — the individual info of California homeowners. These limits are really rather low. Even more, “gathering” individual details is so regular that numerous services do not even acknowledge that they remain in reality gathering individual info. Delivering and billing addresses, e-mails, telephone number, charge card details and so on are all kinds of “individual details” as specified by the CCPA.

Because the CCPA will use to many services, it is important for every single organisation to make sure that they have protection for any offenses under their basic liability insurance coverage. In basic, indemnity insurance coverage is offered for computer system, security, and data-related mistakes and omissions. These insurance coverage items consist of protection for direct losses (such as a negative judgment or a settlement) and likewise for protection associated to director and officer liability. Without concern, insurance protection is required for any private-party claims that are submitted and now is the time to look for protection.

As for civil charges that may be evaluated as part of a case by the Attorney General, insurance protection ought to be acquired if possible. That being stated, as presently composed, there is an open concern about whether civil charges enforced by the CCPA are insurable. A basic liability insurance plan will normally cover fines and charges unless such protection is restricted by law. In this regard, the California Insurance Code restricts insurer from supplying protection for any “charge, fine, or restitution” enforced in any “case or in any action or continuing brought” pursuant to numerous statutory arrangements, consisting of Chapter 5 (area 17200 et seq.) of business and Professions Code. See Cal. Ins. Code, § § 533.5 . The civil charges permitted under the CCPA are particularly connected to the Business and Professions Code, §§ 17206 . See CCPA, §§ 1798.155( a)-( b) . Hence, provided the internal statutory linkage, one questions if the State Assembly suggested to prevent insurance protection for civil charges examined for infractions of the CCPA. The normal validation for restricting insurance protection is preventative. That is, the crook must suffer the unfavorable effects of the wrongful actions; permitting insurance protection would get rid of the repercussions and irritate the functions of the fines and charges. Provided the looming due date, it is essential to start examining insurance protection now.

.Contact San Diego Corporate Law Today.

For more details, contact lawyer Michael Leonard , Esq., of San Diego Corporate Law . Mr. Leonard can be reached at (858) 483-9200 or through e-mail . Mr. Leonard has actually been called a ““ Rising Star ” for 4 years running by Mr. Leonard offers a complete panoply of legal services for services and happily serves the San Diego service neighborhood. Like us on Facebook.

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.Required Help with CCPA Compliance? SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION Schedule a Consultation: 858.483.9200.

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How to Set Up a Second Screen When Working from Home

With many of working from home at the moment during the coronavirus pandemic, we won’t have access to some of the everyday office items that make out lives easier, including a second screen.

You may have felt that a second screen was a luxury when you first started working with one. But now it’s been taken away, it might just be feeling downright essential.

The good news is that you can recreate the second display at home with a variety of methods – we take a look at some of the best options.

Sidecar – Add a Second Screen with an iPad

If you’ve fully invested in the Apple ecosystem, and have both a Mac and an iPad at your disposal, then you can use what the company has dubbed “Sidecar”. This effectively turns your iPad into a second screen.

To get your display to appear on your iPad, click on the AirPlay icon in the menu on your Mac, and then select the option to connect to your iPad. Now, you can move windows to the iPad and use that space how you wish.

You’ll also notice a sidebar of options appears on your iPad. This displays commonly used options, and can be moved to a more suitable side of the screen, or moved entirely. The options include hiding the menu bar, onscreen keyboard, undo, and mirroring your Mac screen, or extending the display.

To tweak the Sidecar settings, click on the Apple menu, then System Preferences, then Sidebar.

When using Sidecar, it’s still possible to use apps on your iPad. Your Sidecar session will simply be suspended until you switch back to the Sidecar mode.

All this can be done wirelessly, but we’d recommend plugging your iPad in so it doesn’t lose power halfway through the day. Of course, you can either plug it into an outlet or straight into your Mac.

One warning – the Sidecar feature isn’t available to all Mac and iPad users. You’ll need to be running macOS Catalina on your MacBook or iMac, plus iPadOS 13 on your iPad. Also, it only works on newer hardware, so that dusty ten year old iPad you’ve got in a drawer won’t cut it. here’s the list of compatible products:


MacBook Pro 2016 or later
MacBook 2016 or later
MacBook Air 2018 or later
iMac 2017 or later
iMac Retina 5k, 2015 or later
iMac Pro
Mac Mini 2018 or later
Mac Pro 2019 or later


iPad Pro – all models
iPad 6th gen or later
iPad Mini 5th gen
iPad Air 3rd gen

Just noticed your iPad is getting old? Check out our guide to the best Apple iPad to buy.

Use an Android Tablet as a Second Screen

If you’re an Android user who is feeling rather jealous about Apple’s Sidecar function, don’t worry. You can have the same feature set, too. Sort of.

While there’s no “all-in-one” solution for Android devices that are quite as simple as Apple’s, there are several third-party solutions available. A word of warning, you’ll need to pay for some of them. But, this will still be far cheaper than shelling out for a new monitor.

While there are some free options available, be warned that these are likely to be ad-supported, which could crimp your productivity if you’re dismissing pop-up adverts regularly.

Some apps will also request that you download software to your computer in order to use your Android tablet as a second screen, which may not be viable if you’re using a work computer and have an IT department overseeing what software can be installed. Like we say, Apple owners really are at an advantage here.

Second Screen Android Apps

Spacedesk – One of the better rated apps, this supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8 & 7. It also supports using the touchscreen to replicate the mouse.

Splashtop Wired XDisplay –  This app relies on a wired connection via USB. It’s also a paid-for solution, but does offer a 10 minute trial, so users can check it works quickly.

DuetDisplay – Developed by ex-Apple engineers, DuetDisplay is an intuitive second screen solution, and works with Windows or Mac.

Use Your TV as a Second Display

That’s right, the black mirror in the corner of your room isn’t just for Netflix and watching the latest coronavirus briefings on the news. In fact, a TV is the most popular second screen option. While we don’t all have tablets or extra monitors lying around at home, most of us do at least have a TV.

You don’t even need a smart TV. While you can cast to your TV over your home network, the simplest and most elegant solution is to connect to it using an HDMI cable. It might seem a bit lo-fi, but we don’t think there’s any reason to make things any more complicated than they have to be.

To connect to your TV:

Plug an HDMI cable from your PC to your TV. You may have to use an adaptor if your computer doesn’t have a dedicated HDMI port.
Select the right HDMI port in your TV menu.
Go to Display Settings in Windows (just type display into the search bar to quickly find it).
Scroll to the Multiple displays section and click on Extend Displays to make the TV your second screen

Failing all else, ask your company to help

If you don’t have any secondary devices to use, it’s worth asking your work if you can borrow your second monitor from the office. Many companies are letting employees take these home during the current pandemic.

Bonus tip

For those with just one display at their disposal, make sure to fully use windows options.

For example, on a Windows PC, holding down the Windows key and then using the left or right arrow puts the selected window on one half of the screen.

Do this again for another window, on the opposite side, and you’ve now got two windows automatically open side by side.



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How To Improve Your Vocabulary and Learn New Words While You’re Writing | Grammarly Spotlight

Quick, the number of synonyms can you think about for useful? We’’ ll offer you a 2nd …

How about hassle-free, neighboring, practical, useful, functional, or helpful? If you thought about all those off the top of your head, we’’ re pleased! If you didn’’ t, well, neither did we. We utilized Grammarly’’ s helpful( and useful, practical, and so on) double-click synonym function. It’s simply among the distinct methods Grammarly works to assist you enhance your vocabulary.

A strong vocabulary is important for great interaction, which is why Grammarly provides a number of methods to assist you find out and utilize brand-new words.

Want to enhance your writing and improve your vocabulary?Grammarly can assist with that.Attempt Grammarly now.

.How to discover brand-new words by double-clicking for meanings and synonyms.As soon as stated that the distinction in between the best word and the practically ideal word is like the distinction in between lightning and a lightning bug, #ppppp> Mark Twain. When you’’ re gazing at a word that’’ s practically right, Grammarly makes it simple to discover the one that’’ s ideal.


Want to provide enhancing your vocabulary a shot? Next time you’’ re composing with Grammarly ’ s internet browser extension, double-click a word you’’ ve composed to see a list of synonyms. (This operates in the Grammarly Editor, too.) Clicking among the synonyms instantly inserts it into your text.

Here’’ s an idea: If you ’ re double-clicking however not seeing any synonyms, click the green Grammarly logo design on your web browser’’ s toolbar. Click the switch next to Show Definitions and Synonyms through Double Clicks.

Want to find out brand-new words even when you’’ re simply searching the web? Double-click a word on almost any site to see a short meaning.

These laborious adjectives have actually got to go. #cleanwriting

—– Grammarly (@Grammarly) April 11, 2018

.Enhance your vocabulary with vocabulary improvements.

See if you observe a distinction in between these 2 sentences:

Sarah strolled silently into the space.

Sarah sneaked into the space.

How about these?

Greg handled to get rid of the bug totally.

Greg handled to get rid of the virus.

Or these?

Paul has a really odd story about getting locked inside a broom closet.

Paul has a strange story about getting locked inside a broom closet.

Each of these examples includes a word that’’ s not pulling its weight. In the very first sentence, ““ strolled ” doesn ’ t completely explain what Sarah is doing, so we require to enhance it with ““ silently. ” But there ’ s another, much better word that catches both concepts: ““ sneaked. ” In the 2nd example, ““ eliminate totally ” ends up being ““ eliminate, ” and in the 3rd, ““ really weird ” ends up being “ unusual.”


Grammarly Premium immediately flags boring or unclear words and recommends brilliant synonyms that your readers will discover more appealing. Offer it a shot and you might simply find out a brand-new word that fits your sentence completely.

HEDGING, n.Language that needlessly certifies a concept or restricts

Learn more:

—– Grammarly (@Grammarly) April 17, 2018

.Enhance your vocabulary by identifying tired words.

The issue with discovering a word you enjoy is that it’’ s appealing to utilize it all over. Often, it’’ s simply too much of an excellent thing. Utilizing the very same words over and over makes your writing noise repeated and cumbersome.

I heard Paul’s strange story about the broom closet. Obviously it began with a strange telephone call in the middle of the night. The weirdest part is that the very same thing took place to his bro a week later on.

Fortunately, Grammarly Premium captures tired words that appear consistently in the very same piece of text and guides you towards other words and expressions to assist you discover brand-new words that you can utilize to include some range:

I heard Paul’s unusual story about the broom closet. Obviously it began with an odd call in the middle of the night. The funniest part is that the very same thing occurred to his bro a week later on.

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Why Hedging Language Undermines Your Writing

How to Select Your English Dialect

Splitting Paragraphs for Easier Reading

How We Use AI to Enhance Your Writing

The post How To Improve Your Vocabulary and Learn New Words While You’re Writing|Grammarly Spotlight appeared initially on Grammarly Blog .


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Windows PowerShell ISE

Windows PowerShell ISE

Introduction to Windows PowerShell ISE

Windows PowerShell ISE is the scripting environment for developing and running PowerShell cmdlets and scripts. It is the interface in which the scripts or cmdlets can be run, debug and tested. It is very useful to use as it has different colors for keywords, which makes the user differentiate between keywords and variables. It also has IntelliSense feature like the one available in visual studio that suggests for the related objects/functions associated with an object. The first version was introduced with Windows PowerShell Version 2 and redesigned in version 3. Now ISE is supported in all Windows PowerShell versions up to 5.1. PowerShell ISE can be started by selecting the start and Windows PowerShell ISE or can be opened by typing powershell_ise.exe in the run box or command Prompt.

Windows PowerShell ISE Requirements

Starting from Windows XP, the PowerShell can run on all the versions of windows. It is not supported in Server core installations. It requires .Net framework 3.5 or above to be installed, if the .Net framework is not installed it will be installed automatically during ISE installation by the server manager.

Analyzing the PowerShell ISE Design

The following are the components:

Menu Bar
Console Pane
Status Bar
Script Pane
Help Section

Menu Bar: The menu bar has options to create, open or edits a file. It also has menus for Tools, Debug and Help.

Tabs: A tab is nothing but the place where the script runs. A maximum of 8 tabs can be kept open simultaneously.

ToolBar: The toolbar has the following buttons:

New: To create a new script
Open: Opens an existing script
Save/cut/copy/paste: To save a script and options for cut, copy and pasting of scripts
Run: To execute a script
Stop: To stop the execution

Along with the above mentioned, there are buttons for undoing and redoing, clearing output pane and creating a new tab for remote sessions

Script Tab: The script editing is done here. It has the current script name and when hovered over displays the location of the script.
Output Pane: Results are displayed here.
Command Pane: Command or commands can be run here. To run multiline commands, presssshift+Enter after each command for a new line and enter finally to execute them. The command pane has the location of the current working directory.
Status Bar: Displays the status of the script. Errors or success message is displayed after each execution.
Help: Help menu has the library or files for all the available commands. It can be opened by pressing the F1 key also. The help guides how a cmdlet must be constructed, the necessary parameters required and their type.
Establishing Remote Connection: Using PowerShell, it is easy to run the script on a remote computer. This is one of the underrated features of PowerShell that is unknown to many. To run a script on the remote computer, click on New remote PowerShell tab under the file menu, it prompts for the details of the remote computer.

Debugging Scripts in PowerShell ISE

Debugging is the act of pausing the execution of a script at a designated place to examine the values of a variable or a function at that point. This helps in examining the errors or check for the correct logical flow of the script.  The place where the execution is paused is called a breakpoint. As soon as, a breakpoint is reached in a script, the execution is paused.

Once paused, we can hover over the values of a variable to know its current value or we can run a command or enter the variable name in the console pane to know the value. Any value of the variable that is within the context of the running script can also be modified. Once all the details are examined, the script can be resumed. An important thing to remember is that the breakpoints can be inserted only after a script is saved.

There are three types of the breakpoint in PowerShell ISE:

Line Breakpoint: The script is paused when the desired line is reached.
Variable Breakpoint: The script is paused when the desired variable’s value is changed.
Command Breakpoint: Whenever the designated command is to be run, the script is paused.

Setting a Breakpoint: A breakpoint can be set up in two ways.

Right-Click on the line where the execution must be paused and select Toggle breakpoint.
Pressing F9 will insert a breakpoint on the line.

To set a variable breakpoint, execute the below in the console pane

Set-PSBreakpoint -Script test.ps1 -Variable test

The above sets a breakpoint on the variable test.

To display, the list of breakpoints in the current session, the Get-PSBreakPoint cmdlet can be run on the console pane.


Write-Host “Breakpoint Tutorial”
Write-Host “Break point will be inserted here”
$testvariable = “test”
Write-Host “Variable breakpoint will be added above”

Output: In the below example, there are two breakpoints. One is set using the cmdlet and the other is set using F9.

Windows PowerShell ISE - 1

Removing a Breakpoint

To remove a breakpoint, right-click on the line and select toggle breakpoint. It can also be removed from the console pane by using the id as below.

Remove-PSBreakpoint -Id 0

See the below image where the breakpoint is removed


Write-Host “Breakpoint Tutorial”
Write-Host “Break point will be inserted here”
$testvariable = “test”
Write-Host “Variable breakpoint will be added above”
Remove-PSBreakpoint -Id 0


Windows PowerShell ISE - 2

1. To remove all breakpoints in the current session, select remove all breakpoints under the debug menu or press ctrl+shift+F9 or run the below cmdlet in console pane.

Get-PSBreakpoint | Remove-PSBreakpoint

2. A breakpoint can also be disabled instead of removing it completely so that it can be enabled later using the below cmdlet using its id

Disable-PSBreakpoint -Id 1

3. To disable all breakpoints, use the below cmdlet

Get-PSBreakpoint | Disable-PSBreakpoint

4. For enabling a breakpoint to use the below cmdlet

Enable-PSBreakpoint -Id 10

To enable all the breakpoints, click on the debug menu and select enable all breakpoints.

Walkthrough of a Debugging Session

To run a script, press F5. The script will pause once a breakpoint is reached.
To continue after a breakpoint, press F5 or type c in the control pane and enter.
To view the stack trace, press ctrl+shift+D or in the console pane, type K.
To step into a function, press F11.
To step over a function, press F10.
To stop debugging, press shfi+F5.


Thus, the article covered in detail about Windows PowerShell Ise. It explained the various features available, the running and debugging of a script. It covered in detail on the various debugging options available and how to execute them. To understand more in detail, it is advisable to explore the ISE by running various example scripts.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to Windows PowerShell ISE. Here we discuss an introduction, requirement and debugging of a script in detail and how to execute them. You can also go through our other related articles to learn more –

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Using satellites and AI to help fight poverty in Africa

Utilizing satellites and AI to assist battle hardship in Africa

In combating hardship, like any battle, it’’ s great to understand the areas of your targets.

Stanford scientists have actually developed a brand-new effective tool that can assist approximate the level of hardship throughout African towns and modifications in their advancement in time. ( Image credit: Getty Images)

That’’ s why Stanford scholars Marshall Burke , David Lobell and Stefano Ermon have actually invested the previous 5 years leading a group of scientists to house in on an effective method to discover and track impoverished zones throughout Africa.

The effective tool they’’ ve established combines totally free, openly available satellite images with expert system to approximate the level of hardship throughout African towns and modifications in their advancement gradually. By examining existing and previous information, the measurement tool might supply valuable details to companies, federal government firms and services that provide services and requirements to the bad.

Details of their endeavor were revealed in the May 22 concern of Nature Communications .

““ Our huge inspiration is to much better establish tools and innovations that enable us to make development on truly essential financial concerns. And development is constrained by an absence of capability to determine results,” ” stated Burke, a professors fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) and an assistant teacher of earth system science in the School of Earth, Energy &&Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth). ““ Here ’ s a tool that we believe can assist. ”


Lobell, a senior fellow at SIEPR and a teacher of Earth system science at Stanford Earth, states recalling is important to recognizing elements and patterns to assist individuals leave from hardship.

““ Amazingly, there hasn’’ t truly been any great way to comprehend how hardship is altering at a regional level in Africa,” ” stated Lobell, who is likewise the director of the Center on Food Security and the Environment and the William Wrigley Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. ““ Censuses aren ’ t regular enough, and door-to-door studies hardly ever go back to the exact same individuals. If satellites can assist us rebuild a history of hardship, it might open a great deal of space to much better ease and comprehend hardship on the continent.””


The measurement tool utilizes satellite images both from the daytime and nighttime. During the night, lights are a sign of advancement, and throughout the day, pictures of human facilities such as roadways, farming, roof products, real estate structures and waterways, supply qualities associated with advancement.

Then the tool uses the innovation of deep knowing –– calculating algorithms that continuously train themselves to find patterns –– to produce a design that evaluates the images information and forms an index for property wealth, a financial part typically utilized by property surveyors to determine family wealth in establishing countries.

The scientists evaluated the determining tool’’ s precision for about 20,000 African towns that had current property wealth information from studies, going back to 2009. They discovered that it carried out well in evaluating the poverty line of towns over various amount of times, according to their research study.

Here, Burke –– who is likewise a center fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies –– goes over the making of the tool and its prospective to assist enhance the wellness of the world’’ s bad.


Why are you delighted about this brand-new technological resource?

For the very first time, this tool shows that we can determine financial development and comprehend hardship interventions at both a broad scale and a regional level. It works throughout Africa, throughout a great deal of various years. It works quite darn well, and it operates in a great deal of really various kinds of nations.

Can you provide examples of how this brand-new tool would be utilized?

If we wish to comprehend the efficiency of an anti-poverty program, or if an NGO wishes to target a particular item to particular kinds of people, or if a service wishes to comprehend where a market’’ s growing– all of those need information on financial results. In numerous parts of the world, we simply wear’’ t have those’information. Now we ’ re utilizing information from throughout sub-Saharan Africa and training these designs to take in all the information to determine for particular results.

How does this brand-new research study build on your previous work?

Our preliminary poverty-mapping work , released in 2016, was on 5 nations utilizing one year of information. It depended on pricey, high-resolution images at a much smaller sized, pilot scale. Now this work covers about 2 lots nations –– about half of the nations in Africa –– utilizing much more years of high-dimensional information. This offered underlying training datasets to establish the measurement designs and enabled us to confirm whether the designs are making great hardship quotes.

We’’ re positive we can use this technique and this innovation to get dependable price quotes for all the nations in Africa.

A crucial distinction compared to the earlier work is now we’’ re utilizing entirely openly readily available satellite images that returns in time –– and it’’ s totally free, which I believe equalizes this innovation. And we’’ re doing it at a thorough, huge spatial scale.


How do you utilize satellite images to get hardship price quotes?

We’’ re structure on fast advancements in the field of computer technology –– of deep knowing –– that have actually taken place in the last 5 years which have actually truly changed how we draw out details from images. We’’ re not informing the device what to try to find in images; rather, we’’ re simply informing it, ““ Here ’ s an abundant location. Here is a bad location.”Figure it out.”


The computer system is plainly choosing city locations, farming locations, roadways, waterways –– functions in the landscape that you may believe would have some predictive power in having the ability to different abundant locations from bad locations. The computer system states, ‘‘ I discovered this pattern’ ’ and we can then appoint semantic significance to it.

These wider qualities, analyzed at the town level, end up being extremely connected to the typical wealth of the families because area.

What’’ s next?


Now that we have these information, we wish to utilize them to attempt to discover something about financial advancement. This tool allows us to resolve concerns we were not able to ask a year earlier due to the fact that now we have local-level measurements of crucial financial results at broad, spatial scale and with time.

We can examine why some locations are doing much better than other locations. We can ask: What do patterns of development in incomes appear like? Is the majority of the variation in between nations or within nations? If there’’ s variation within a nation, that currently informs us something essential about the factors of development. It’’ s most likely something going on in your area.

I’’ m an economic expert, so those are the sorts of concerns that get me delighted. The technological advancement is not an end in itself. It’’ s an enabler for the social science that we wish to do.

In addition to Burke, Lobell and Ermon, a teacher of computer system science, the co-authors of the released research study are Christopher Yeh and Anthony Perez, both computer system science graduate trainees and research study assistants at the Stanford King Center on Global Development; Anne Driscoll, a research study information expert, and George Azzari, an associated scholar, both at the Center on Food Security and the Environment at Stanford; and Zhongyi Tang, a previous research study information expert at the King.

This research study was supported by the Data for Development effort at the Stanford King Center on Global Development and the USAID Bureau of Food Security.

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Sony IMX500 – The World’s First AI Image Sensor Announced

The new Sony IMX500 Intelligent Vision series of image sensors contain AI image analysis systems directly on the chip, which opens up some new, and faster abilities for cameras.

Sony IMX500 Intelligent Vision sensor

Sony’s new Intelligent Vision IMX500 series chips offer capabilities that are only limited by the imagination. Image: Sony Electronics

The announcement describes two new Intelligent Vision CMOS chip models, the Sony IMX500 and IMX501. From what I can tell these are the same base chip, except that the 500 is the bare chip product, whilst the 501 is a packaged product.

They are both 1/2.3” type chips with 12.3 effective megapixels. It seems clear that the one of the primary markets for the new chip is for security and system cameras. However having AI processes on the chip offers up some exciting new possibilities for future video cameras, particularly those mounted on drones or in action cameras like a GoPro or Insta 360.

Sony IMX500 Intelligent Vision sensor

Sony’s new Intelligent Vision IMX500 series chips. The IMX500 on the left, the IMX501 on the right. Image: Sony Electronics

What can the Sony IMX500 sensor do?

One prominent ability of the new chip lies in functions such as object or person identification. This could be via tracking such objects, or in fact actually identifying them. Output from the new chip doesn’t have to be in image form either. Metadata can be output so that it can simply send a description of what it sees without the accompanying visual image. This can reduce the data storage requirement by up to 10,000 times.

For security or system camera purposes, a camera equipped with the new chip could count the number of people passing by it, or identifying low stock on a shop shelf. It could even be programmed to identify customer behaviour by way of heat maps.

Sony IMX500 stacked sensor diagram

How the new Sony Intelligent Vision sensor is arranged. Image: Sony Electronics

For traditional cameras it could make autofocus systems better by being able to much more precisely identifying and tracking subjects. With AI systems like this, it could make autofocus systems more intelligent by identifying areas of a picture that you are likely to be focussing on. For example if you wanted to take a photograph of a flower, the AF system would know to focus on that rather than, say, the tree branch behind it. Facial recognition would also become much faster and more reliable.

Autofocus systems today are becoming incredibly good already, but if they were backed up by ultra fast on-chip object identification they could be even better. For 360 cameras, too, the ability to have more reliable object tracking metadata will help with post reframing.

Sony IMX500 output examples

The new chip doesn’t have to output images. It could just output a description of what it sees. Image: Sony Electronics.

Why do we need AI on chip?

There are two main impetuses behind placing the AI capabilities directly on the chip. The first is that it makes processing much, much quicker. The Sony IMX500 is able to perform its abilities in the speed of one frame of video, rather than having to send that data along a pipeline to be processed elsewhere. The other advantage is higher security. Quite often data is sent over the cloud for AI image analysis. Having these systems on chip takes away that potential security loophole.

Cloud AI cannot be used offline either, and in addition it restricts the ability to perform analysis in realtime reliably. The energy and cost of cloud computer is also increasing, and that’s not good for the environment.

In terms of small cameras like GoPros, it means that this type of processing doesn’t need to be performed by another chip elsewhere in the camera. This saves power, but it also means that the cameras main processing chip and memory can be freed up to do other things, such as better electronic stabilisation or colour processing.

Sony IMX500 sensor at a checkout

An example of realtime tracking at a shop counter. Note how it is tracking the shop assistants limb movement as well. Image: Sony Electronics

It’s only limited by your imagination

But the abilities of the new chip, which can be custom programmed by developers to do precisely what they need, are only limited by the imagination. Sony uses a car as one example of how it could be used, identifying the driver and adjusting the car’s seating position automatically. Another example is being able to recognise whether the driver was falling asleep.

For sports cameras it might be possible for the device to identify your form during movement. If you want to improve your yoga or martial arts for instance, it could help identify areas for improvement by comparing you to a ‘perfect’ example. Speech recognition from lip movement could also be made much faster potentially, and be included in all cameras. For people filming drama, this would have huge potential when it comes to logging shots or identifying them from a script if the camera is outputting actors performances in text form at the same time it is recording the image. 

The IMX500 looks like a highly capable chip from a pure video perspective, too. It is capable of 4K at up to 60fps and 1080p at up to 240fps. Although currently the chip is restricted to 30fps for full video and AI processing together.

All told while this is only the first generation of chip, you can expect this type pf capability to be rolled out into other more conventional chips as time moves along, and therefore it is a significant development worth covering.

Have you any ideas how on-chip AI would make a camera feature you would like to see possible? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to list and sell items on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook’s version of Craigslist

 facebook libra Reuters

.You can offer products on Facebook Marketplace totally free, and the procedure to note your products need to just take a couple of minutes.To offer on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll require to explain what type of product you’re noting, just how much you desire for it, and who you wish to see the listing.You’ll likewise require to consist of a minimum of one picture with anything you wish to offer on Facebook Marketplace. Visit Business Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

While yard sale and flea markets are still excellent methods to eliminate undesirable products while making a little additional money, there’s no factor you should not be utilizing the power of innovation to unload things that’s no longer helpful to you.

Facebook , among the biggest social networks websites on earth, wishes to assist you do simply that with its Marketplace function. See the remainder of the story at Business Insider

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All the cool Windows 10 features Microsoft announced at its Build conference

Microsoft hosted its very first virtual Build conference for designers last night. The business revealed a lot of brand-new things consisting of a quantum computer system developed with OpenAI, brand-new foundation for live cooperation in Office, and Lists —– a collective app for groups. In addition to all this, the tech giant is likewise bringing some crucial modifications to the Windows platform for designers consisting of bringing Linux UI to Windows, and a macOS Spotlight-like search-bar function. Here are all the Windows-related statements from the business: Project Reunion Microsoft has actually continuously attempted to press designers to make Windows 10 apps that can stumble upon… … This story continues at The Next WebOr simply learn more protection about: Windows , Microsoft

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