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Studies identify key ethical concerns raised by invasive and non-invasive neurotechnologies

Studies lay out crucial ethical concerns surrounding brain-computer user interface tech (NCSU release):

Brain-computer user interface (BCI) innovations are no longer theoretical, yet there are basic elements of the innovation that stay unaddressed by both policy-makers and ethicists. 2 brand-new documents deal with these problems by detailing the exceptional ethical problems, using assistance for dealing with those problems, and providing specific insight into the field of BCI tech for cognitive improvement.

““ BCI gadgets can be non-invasive gadgets that users use, or they can be intrusive gadgets, which are surgically implanted,” ” states Veljko Dubljevi, an assistant teacher in NC State’’ s Science, Technology &&Society program and co-author of both documents. ““ The intrusive gadgets are more effective, considering that they can check out signals straight from the brain. They likewise raise more ethical issues.

““ For example, intrusive BCI innovations bring more involved dangers such as surgical treatment, infection, and glial scarring —– and intrusive BCI gadgets would be harder to change as innovation enhances.””

.The Studies:.

Ethical Aspects of BCI Technology: What Is the State of the Art? (Philosophies). From the abstract:

.Brain–– Computer Interface (BCI) innovation is an appealing research study location in numerous domains. Brain activity can be translated through both non-invasive and intrusive tracking gadgets, permitting unique, restorative services for people with specials needs and for other non-medical applications. A number of ethical concerns have actually been recognized from the usage of BCI innovation. In this paper, we examine the scholastic conversation of the ethical ramifications of BCI innovation in the last 5 years. We conclude that some emerging applications of BCI innovation—– consisting of business endeavors that look for to blend human intelligence with AI—– present brand-new and special ethical issues … we recognize 2 crucial locations of BCI principles that necessitate more research study: the physical and mental results of BCI innovation.

The Authenticity of Machine-Augmented Human Intelligence: Therapy, Enhancement, and the Extended Mind (Neuroethics). From the abstract:

.Ethical analyses of biomedical human improvement frequently think about the problem of credibility —– to what degree can the achievements of those making use of biomedical improvements (consisting of athletic or cognitive ones) be thought about genuine or deserving of appreciation? As research study into Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) innovation advances, it might quickly be practical to produce a BCI gadget that boosts or enhances natural human intelligence through some noninvasive or intrusive biomedical ways. In this post we will (1) evaluation presently existing BCI innovations and to what level these can be stated to boost or enhance the abilities of the particular users, (2) explain one theoretical kind of BCI gadget that might enhance or boost a particular element of human understanding —– particularly, mathematical capability, and (3) relate these ideas to the active externalism view of the prolonged mind as upheld by Clark and Chalmers in order to (4) argue that understanding of mathematics stemmed from the use of a BCI and the application thereof makes up genuine understanding and accomplishment.News in Context:. Neuroengineering fulfills neuroethics to resolve treatment-resistant anxiety China is utilizing brain-wave trackers and artificial-intelligence to raise much better (and more certified?) trainees New report: Empowering 8 Billion Minds by means of Ethical Development and Adoption of Neurotechnologies A call to action: We require the ideal rewards to direct ethical development in neurotech and health care We require to reassess neuroscience. And you can assist us

How to deal with personal privacy, ethical and regulative problems: Examples in cognitive improvement, anxiety and ADHD from SharpBrains

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Ansible Reboot

Ansible Reboot

Introduction to Ansible Reboot

Ansible provides a plenty of modules which are direct replacement of our Unix/Linux commands, but can work in better way than using those similar commands in scripts. One such module is Ansible reboot module. This module is a replacement of reboot command on Linux/Unix systems but can work in better way. This means, we can reboot the remote target machines with some checks and additional delays pre and post reboot. For Microsoft Windows environments, we have similar module named as win_reboot.

What is Ansible Reboot?

This module basically is used for rebooting a machine, wait for successful stopping and starting then respond to test commands, to confirm reboot was successful. On Linux/Unix machines, it basically invokes shutdown command available under one of the paths /sbin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/sbin. The path of shutdown command can be provided manually by parameter path.

How does Ansible Reboot work?

Like any other Ansible Module, Ansible reboot module is equipped with a set of parameters and acceptable values. Some of these parameters have default values which will be realized to your playbook even if you do not mention the related parameter in playbook. So these become more important to know.

Given below is a list of all available parameters and related acceptable or default values.

test_command: This parameter is used to give the command on rebooted hosts after reboot task and expect success to confirm whether the machine is ready for next tasks in playbook. Default command is “whoami”.
search_paths: This is to give the locations to search for shutdown command on remote target machines. When this is used then PATH environment variable will be Default is /sbin, /usr/sbin and /local/usr/sbin.
reboot_timeout: This time is in seconds and to specify the time to wait for the machine to reboot and respond to a test command. This will be evaluated separately for verification and test command success. Which means maximum amount of time for execution is twice of this value. By default it is set to 600 seconds.
pre_reboot_delay: Time to wait before reboot, this will be set as parameter to reboot On *nix based machines, this is calculated on minutes basis, means seconds converted to minutes and rounded down. If less than 1 minute then it takes as 0. Default is 0.
post_reboot_delay: This is time in seconds to wait, after reboot. Before attempting to validate the system reboot. This is useful if you want to settle down something after reboot. Default is 0.
connect_timeout: The amount of time in seconds to wait for successful connection after reboot, before trying again.
msg: Default message is “Reboot Initiated by Ansible”. This is to specify the message to display to working users before rebooting.

Given below are the return values:

elapsed: The time elapsed waiting for reboot.
rebooted: True if the machine was successfully rebooted.

Examples of Ansible Reboot

Given below are the examples mentioned:

Here we have one Ansible controller node named as ansible-controller. As target nodes, we have two remote machines. First machine is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux machine named as host-one and second machine is an Ubuntu machine named as host-two. We will run our playbooks on Ansible controller machine and make changes on remote target machines.

Example #1

In this example, we have a playbook like below where we are simply rebooting the target machines.


– hosts:
– name: Here we are rebooting the remote machines. reboot:

Running this playbook like below with some verbosity:

ansible-playbook ansible_reboot.yaml -v

In the output we can see all the outputs and returned values to figure out how much time it took and whether reboot was successful.

ansible-playbook –syntax-check ansible_reboot.yaml

Ansible Reboot 1

Example #2

In this example, we have a playbook like below where we are rebooting the target machines with some pre and post delay and then have a command to test the server is up and ready for next tasks. Here we have used test command as “uptime” instead of default “whoami”.


-name: Here we are checking the time on remote machines before shell: date
-name: Here we are rebooting with some reboot:
pre_reboot_delay: 10
post_reboot_delay: 10 test_command: uptime
-name: Here we are checking the time on remote machines after shell: date

Running this playbook like below with some verbosity:

ansible-playbook ansible_reboot_with_parameters.yaml -v

In the output we can see all the outputs and returned values to figure out how much time it took with the output of test command.

Ansible Reboot 2

Example #3

In this example, we have a playbook like below where we are rebooting the target machines with a test command to create a sample file on remote machines. This is to verify that test commands got executed for verification of reboot.


-name: Here we are checking the time on remote machines before shell: date
-name: Here we are rebooting with some reboot:
test_command: touch /var/tmp/reboot_1.txt
-name: Here we are checking the time on remote machines after shell: “ls -l /var/tmp/reboot_1.txt; date”

Now running this playbook like below:

ansible-playbook ansible_reboot_with_parameters.yaml -v

In the below output we can see all the time captured before and after reboot and also the file created as reboot verification.


target machines with a test command


As we saw in this article, Ansible Reboot is a module which you will need, for sure, in your daily administration or change management tasks. This module provides you ability to work with reboots smartly. But as this module will reboot the remote machines which can lead to downtime or outage. So you must only use this in planned activities. So learn it first and then use it.

Recommended Articles

This is a guide to Ansible Reboot. Here we discuss what is ansible reboot? how does ansible reboot work? and examples. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more –

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Reimagining digital healthcare in India for the new normal

Digital innovation has actually penetrated all elements of life, and in current times, it has actually changed the shipment of health care in brand-new methods. The National Digital Health Mission, introduced by the Government of India, is anticipated to generate a digital transformation for the health sector in the nation, and make it possible for the development of an inclusive community that supports universal health protection.

“” Reimagining health care is vital and is the method forward,”” stated Dr. HS Subramanya, Director, Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, as he inaugurated the panel conversation on '’Re thinking of digital health care'’ at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020. Holistic digital health

Dr. Prashant Mathur, Director, National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research – ICMR, spoke and moderated the panel about how digital health as a principle has actually ended up being the talk of the town, thanks to COVID-19. According to him, digital health is a cultural improvement of health care and is the merging of digital innovations with health care, health, and society. “” It boosts the effectiveness of health care shipment and makes medication more exact and customised,”” he stated.

The existing health care system is afflicted by numerous issues, consisting of the lack of an integrated health system, no district-level electronic database, no individual health records systems and so on. “” The scope of digital health covers throughout avoidance, alleviative and rehab, however the essential chauffeur is information and its collection, management, analytics, and dissemination,”” stated Dr. Prashant.

Prashant stated that digital health is not simply getting rid of paper records, it &#x 2019; s more of a shift from a centre-based technique to a patient-centric technique.

“” Digital health will not change the traditional system however will supplement and match it. To do so effectively, we require cooperation throughout various occupations for a holistic digital health program.”” Telemedicine as a service

Prof. SK Mishra, Head, Department of Endocrine Surgery &&Faculty I/C, SGPGI Telemedicine Programme, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), spoke on how to construct futuristic systems with digital innovations.

“” Telemedicine service is an essential for all health care organisations,”” he stated, including that the beginning of COVID-19 has actually interrupted the health care system around the world and quickly sped up the adoption of telehealth options.

Telehealth has actually shown advantages such as access to care service at any time, any location. Previously, telemedicine platforms focused greatly on innovation. Today, there are basic and economical innovation platforms that empower residents. To determine the worth of telehealth, there are essential efficiency indications such as better client retention, lower claim costs, decreased health center transfers, reduced waiting time for immediate care, to name a few.

“” We require to brand name telehealth throughout the care business. The health care market has actually constantly been sluggish to embrace developments in innovation, however due to COVID, it has actually made this procedure much faster,”” stated Prof. Mishra, including that while brand-new innovations posture obstacles for public health principles, they likewise provide a chance to establish health principles for digital innovations.

Digital improvement of public health

Sunita Nadhamuni, Head, Digital Lifecare, Dell Giving and Social Innovation Dell Technologies, stated that at Dell, they develop innovations that drive human development. As part of their CSR, they have actually created a 10-year job '’ Progress Made Real'’ to advance sustainability, cultivate addition, change lives and support principles. Among the flagship programs under this is Digital Lifecare, where they are dealing with the federal government to enhance the method public health services are provided.

Sunita stated there has actually been a substantial shift in India from contagious to non-communicable illness (NCD) with uncomfortable stats – 1 in 5 experience an NCD, while NCDs trigger 61 percent deaths. In this context, the federal government introduced the NCD program through the health systems, that includes ASHA employees, health employees, main health medical professionals, neighborhood medical professionals, district experts, and tertiary care centres. Dell came on board as an innovation partner for this 3 years back. “” The concept was to establish a detailed tech platform with a suite of applications that will assist the health system provide this program,”” she included.

Dell has actually established applications for each of the 6 individuals – ASHA Mobile App, ANM Tablet App, PHC Doctor Web Portal, CHC/DH Portals, Administrators Portal, and Health Officials Dashboard. These are linked apps on the exact same cloud platform and extremely scalable and easy to use, with accessibility in 10 regional languages. It has actually been presented in 26 states and has 25,000 active users.

“” We think that as soon as systems like these are established in location in the nation, this can result in futuristic improvement in the general public health area,”” stated Sunita.Different designs for various concerns

Prof. Gautam I Menon, Professor, Departments of Physics and Biology, Ashoka University, spoke on the various designs they are dealing with that will assist the battle versus COVID-19.

The 3 designs are: epidemiological compartmental designs called INDSCI-SIM, network designs for screening, and agent-based designs called BharatSim.

The very first design integrates functions to enhance district-wise health care ease of access, and reacts to various age. The 2nd design lets you select the quantum of screening, the screening mix, the level of sensitivity of tests and who to test.

“” The problem in the nation is that the medium-accuracy test is higher-accuracy and economical tests are expensive. This design lets you ask particular concerns to examine what produces great screening,”” stated Prof. Gautam.

The 3rd design is a continuous task with Ashoka University, ThoughtWorks, and a variety of partners around the nation. In BharatSim, each person is simulated as an '’ representative'’ on a computer system. The homes of representatives are picked to match those understood from the district and state-level market research studies consisting of age circulations, sex ratios, population densities and health indications.

&#x 201C; It &#x 2019; s a computational design to mimic representatives, you require networks for representative interactions and you require an artificial population for representatives, &#x 201D; stated Gautam.

Edited by Megha Reddy


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New M1 MacBook Air has been found with 128GB for just $799

Benchmarks, evaluations, and a number of viewpoints show that Apple’’ s most current M1 gadgets are a few of the most effective laptop computers in the market. Apple’’ s brand-new M1 lineup consists of a brand-new 13-inch MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, and a Mac mini . You can get among these brand-new items beginning at$ 699 for the Mac mini,$ 999 for the Air, and $1,299 for the Pro. A brand-new MacBook Air with 128GB storage for simply $799 has actually appeared, however it might not be for everybody.


The most current M1 MacBook Air has actually been identified with 128GB storage at Apple ’ s United States Education Institute Hardware and Software Price List . Now, what ’ s curious about this is that the M1 MacBook Air is just readily available with’256GB, 1TB, 2tb, and 512gb storage choices on the Apple Store. Less storage likewise implies a lower rate, that ’ s why its cost checks out$ 799, however who is this alternative suggested for?


Reddit user “ u/dduci97 ” was the one who discovered the brand-new Air noted with an M1 chip, with an 8-core CPU, a 7-core GPU, 8GB RAM, and 128GB. Apple hasn ’ t made this alternative readily available on its United States Education Store, which makes us think that it will not be offered for the basic public. Now, Apple is providing alternatives to acquire the MacBook Air wholesale amounts, which might indicate that it will target schools or universities as possible purchasers, and if it does appear for everybody, this MacBook Air might show up with an$ 899 cost, indicating it would be the most inexpensive alternative in years.



On another note, Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak were just recently talked to by Ars Technica.They were inquired about the possibility of utilizing Microsoft and Windows on the M1 Macs given that there is presently no Boot Camp function for them. They were really clear to state that it ’ s “ as much as Microsoft. ”


“ As for Windows running natively on the maker, “ that ’ s trulyas much as Microsoft, ” he stated. “ We have the core innovations for them to do that, to run their ARM variation of Windows, which in turn naturally supports x86 user mode applications. That ’ s a choice Microsoft has to make, to bring to certify that innovation for users to run on these Macs. The Macs are definitely extremely capable of it. ”


He likewise recommended that a person of the very best possibilities in the future would be to have Windows in the cloud, referring to CrossOver , which enables x86 Windows apps to work on Apple M1 Macs, utilizing Rosetta 2. Even more, Ars Technica did a series of tests of the most recent M1 Chrome, revealing that it ’ s as much as 80 percent much faster than the Rosetta 2 variation. Simply in case you were intending on downloading Chrome on your’brand-new M1 MacBook Air.



“ Across all tests, the native M1 variation of Chrome carried out in between 66 and 81 percent much better than the variation of Chrome going through Rosetta 2. Safari was the fastest internet browser of all, obviously, having actually been developed by Apple, and it triumphed throughout all of the tests. ”


You can quickly download the brand-new M1 variation of Google Chrome for your Apple Silicon Mac by going to the Chrome site. You simply need to choose the “ Mac with Apple Chip ” choice after clicking the download button.


Source MacRumors

Via MacRumors

jQuery( file). prepared( function() );.

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How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000e | MakeUseOf

Are you seeing the 0xc00000e error code in Windows 10 during the startup?

A lot of people get frustrated when they experience this error because Windows doesn’t specify in their error codes what problem occurred and what you need to do to fix it. Usually, this error occurs when a hardware component is not detected or a corrupt system file blocks Windows 10 from booting up.

In this guide, we will show you how to troubleshoot and fix the Windows 10 error code: 0xc00000e without losing your data.

What is Error Code 0xc00000e in Windows 10?

The error code 0xc00000e is a Windows 10 BSOD error that appears during the startup.

Here’s what it usually says on the screen:

In simpler words, this BSOD error means that an important hardware device wasn’t detected by Windows 10.

This could be some problems with an SSD or the hard drive where system files are usually stored. The error can also be triggered by a corrupt system file, which may stop Windows 10 from starting up properly.

In short, any hardware or system file failure that stops Windows 10 from locating the winload.exe (one of the files in the Windows Boot Manager) and booting up could cause this error.

How to Fix Error Code 0xc00000e?

Since the error does not point you to an actual hardware device or a missing system file, you will need to perform one or all the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Use the Windows Automatic Repair Tool.

Rebuild the BCD file and the Master Boot Record.

Reset the BIOS to default settings.

Check and change the CMOS battery.

Let’s start with the automatic repair first.

Method 1: Use The Windows 10 Automatic Repair Tool

You can use the native Windows Automatic Repair tool to fix Windows system errors like these. Follow the steps below to use the tool from a bootable install disc and fix the error:

To enter the Windows 10 boot menu, shut down your computer and switch it on.

As soon as the manufacturer’s logo appears on the screen, press the F2 key to access the boot menu.

Once you have entered the boot menu, the first thing you need to do is change the boot options to CD/DVD Rom. You can also select boot from USB if you have a bootable USB drive.

If you don’t own a CD then you can also use a USB drive to run the Windows repair. For more details, see our guide on how to create a bootable USB drive from Windows CD or how to create a bootable USB from an ISO.

Enter your Windows 10 OS CD/DVD. Restart your computer and now it will be booting from CD/DVD Rom. A message will appear on the screen ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’. Follow those instructions and press any key on your keyboard.

It will boot up your Windows repair/install process. For now, we are only concerned with system repair. Select your time zone, language, and keyboard input method. On the next screen, click the Repair your computer link which you will find at the lower-left corner. Next, click on Troubleshooting > Advanced options > Automatic repair.

It will take a couple of minutes to repair your corrupt Windows files. The system repair option usually repairs corrupt and missing system files. However, if this method doesn’t solve your problem, then move on to the next method.

Method 2: Rebuild Boot Configuration Data File in Windows 10

Boot Configuration Data or BCD is a system file that tells Windows how to boot your operating system. A corrupt BCD file could also cause a 0xc00000e error in Windows 10.

To rebuild the BCD, you can boot into Windows with the Windows installation CD or a bootable USB drive. Here’s how to do it:

Boot from Windows 10 DVD or bootable USB as we did in the first method. On the Windows Setup page, select the language to install, select time zone, input method, and then select the Next button.

Click on Repair your computer (the link located on the bottom left) > Troubleshoot > select Advanced Options. Select Command Prompt.

Now type these commands one-by-one. After each command press the enter button:

bootrec /scanosbootrec /fixmbrbootrect /fixbootbootrec /rebuildbcd

Bootrec or bootrec.exe is a tool provided by Microsoft. It is used to troubleshoot and fix boot problems in the Windows recovery environment.

bootrec /fixmbrr: You can use this command to fix MBR (Master Boot Record) corruption issues. It writes a Windows 10 compatible MBR to the system partition.

bootrec /fixboot: This command will write a new boot sector to the system partition.

bootrec /scanosS: When you run this command it will scan all disk partitions for a Windows installation.

bootrec /rebuildbcd: This command will scan all disks for installation that are compatible with your OS. Also, it will allow you to select the installations that you want to add to the BCD (Boot Configuration Data).

Now restart your computer and check if the issue is fixed. If not then follow the next method.

Method 3: BIOS/UEFI Configuration Reset

This error could also occur because of misconfiguration of the BIOS. You can resolve it by resetting the BIOS configuration.

Restart your computer and wait for the manufacturer’s logo to show up, then to access BIOS settings press either of these keys F2, F12, Esc, Del, whichever works according to your manufacturer. If you are not sure which keys you should press to access BIOS on your device then use Google to see how you can access BIOS on your particular PC brand.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate the options in the BIOS. Find the default option of the BIOS setup. Click on this option and press the Enter button on your keyboard to reset the BIOS configuration.

Save and exit BIOS by pressing F10 or use arrow keys to manually exit the BIOS. When you exit, your device restarts automatically.

Method 4: Replace the CMOS Battery

If your BIOS date and time are misconfigured then you might want to replace the CMOS battery. CMOS is a chip on your motherboard that stores the BIOS configuration, date, time, and other information. This information includes system time and date, and some hardware settings.

The CMOS battery powers the BIOS firmware in your device. BIOS always needs to remain operational even when your device is not plugged into a power source. When a device is unplugged from a power source, BIOS relies on the CMOS battery for the power.

Once you have replaced the CMOS battery then you should reconfigure BIOS settings and reboot your PC.

If Nothing Works, Reinstall Windows 10

If none of the above methods fix your problem then you have the last option which is reinstalling your Windows 10. A fresh Windows installation can solve errors like these when you cannot troubleshoot it any other way.

Before installing Windows on your computer, you must backup all your important information so that you don’t accidentally lose it.

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Scale Modeling Tutorials: 3D Modeling Basics for 3D Printing

In my last article, I discussed the use of 3D printing for scale model hobbyists. Hobbyists are discovering 3D printing to be a useful tool to make customized parts, or even create detailed models from scratch and shared a few of my own 3D printed models. 3D modeling may seem daunting to many 3D printing hobbyists, but the learning curve isn’t as steep as many think and there has never been a better time to start learning. It’s fun to browse sites like Thingiverse for free models, but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from printing something you designed yourself. If you’re interested in making your own models, I’m here to help with everything you need to get started.

I will be sharing more hobby-related tutorials in the future, including more detailed modeling walkthroughs, the best settings for printed models and how to finish and paint your prints. For now though, let’s jump into the basics of CAD design.

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is any computer software used to create, modify or optimize designs. It has a wide range of applications, from concept design, to machining and manufacturing and, of course, 3D printing! There are a number of CAD options available today, ranging in price from free to outrageously expensive. Fortunately, hobbyists today don’t have to compromise on quality and functionality when opting for free options. My personal favorite is Fusion 360 and this article will focus on teaching you everything you need to start making your own models with the software.

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is a powerful, cloud-based CAD software that offers a number of features. It’s also free for non-commercial use! Non-commercial use, in this case, means anyone making less than $100,000 per year using the software. This makes Fusion 360 the perfect option for hobbyists looking to make their own models.

Getting Started

Fusion 360 can be downloaded from Autodesk’s website and choosing the non-commercial/personal download option and following the download instructions. After creating an Autodesk account and following the download instructions, Fusion 360 is yours to play around with!

Navigating Fusion 360:

When you first open Fusion 360m you’ll see an empty workspace with three planes highlighted on the X, Y and Z axes. This is where we’ll be drawing out sketches and creating objects (more on that later). Note: if you don’t see a grid when you first open the program, navigate to the “Grid and Snaps” settings at the bottom (the icon that looks like a grid), clicking the dropdown arrow and checking “Layout Grid”.

The first thing you need to know is how to move around in the workspace. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Pressing down on the mouse wheel and moving your mouse will allow you to pan back and forth. Holding shift and the mouse wheel and moving your mouse will allow you to orbit around the scene. You can also select different camera angles by clicking on different axes (X, Y and Z) or views (Back, Front, Top, etc.) in the top right.

Views and navigation in Fusion 360 can be customized in the selection box at the bottom. In the orbit settings, I prefer “Constrained Orbit”, which makes the environment easier to navigate. As mentioned before, I like to include the layout grid in the “Grid and Snaps” settings, but that can be unchecked if need be. I prefer the default settings for everything else.

Basic Overview of the Workspace

Now that you know how to move around in Fusion 360, let’s go over some of the basic functions and where to find them. Clicking the “Show Data Panel” box in the top left will bring up a list of your recent designs. If you’ve just opened Fusion 360 for the first time, this should be empty. Clicking the “File” dropdown right next to it will bring up the basic options you’d expect, like opening a new file, saving and exporting designs (as an STL, OBJ, etc.). There’s also a quick-save icon next to that.

Directly below those options you’ll find a Workspace dropdown, allowing you to select a design environment. You’ll find a number of environments, including Design, Render, Animation, Simulation, Manufacture and Drawing. The default should be set to Design, the workspace in which we will create our design using sketches and objects. I may dive into the other workspaces in future tutorials, but the Design environment is all you will need to start making your own models.

To the right of the Workspace dropdown you’ll find the main design ribbon, with four tabs (Solid, Surface, Sheet Metal and Tools). We will be focusing on the Solid tab, so click on that if it’s not already selected by default. This ribbon contains all the tools we need to start creating so let’s start with the most basic tools you’ll need to start off with.

The CAD Design Process

There are really only two things you need to know how to do to start modeling:

Create a two-dimensional sketch
Do something to it

“Do something” can mean a number of actions (extruding, revolving, lofting, etc.), but that’s the basic process and really the steps you’ll follow to start creating models. Before we jump into an actual example, though, let’s go over the basic components and functions of CAD design.

Point: a precise location on a plane, represented by a single dot

Edge/Line: The distance between two points

Face: A flat surface formed by the intersection of three or more lines

Plane: a flat surface formed by the intersection of two axes or lines

Sketch: a two-dimensional drawing

Object: a three-dimensional shape

Creating an Object

Now for the fun part! Let’s use that information and the basic functions in Fusion 360 to create a basic, three-dimensional object. Following our two basic steps, we’re going to: 1. Create a sketch, and 2. Do something to that sketch—in this case extrude it.

Creating a Sketch

To create a sketch, navigate to the ribbon at the top and click “Create Sketch”. Of course, the sketch needs to be created somewhere, either on a plane or a face, so click the XY plane at the center of the workspace (the yellow square formed at the intersection of the X and Y axes). The camera should now jump to a view directly above the plane you selected. You will also notice a new “Sketch” tab at the top and several new options to choose from. From the “Create” dropdown, select “Rectangle”, then “Two Point Rectangle”. This will allow us to draw a basic rectangle. Click anywhere on the workspace to place the first point of the rectangle. Next, move your mouse until your rectangle is the desired size. Now, just click and you’ll notice the rectangle turn blue. Congratulations! You’ve just created your first sketch!

A Quick Note on Hotkeys

Eventually, you will want to learn some of the basic hotkeys in Fusion 360. Instead of clicking the “Create Sketch” button and selecting Rectangle, typing the “R” key will automatically create a new sketch and allow you to start drawing a new rectangle. Similarly, typing “C” will create a new sketch and allow you to draw a circle.

Doing Something to Our Sketch

Now, it’s time to “do something” to our sketch. In this case, we will be extruding the sketch, which basically means turning a 2D sketch into a 3D object. First, click “Finish Sketch” in the top right. You should now see the “Solid” tab from before. Click the “Create” dropdown and select “Extrude” (or just type “E”). Now, click the sketch we just created, which will highlight the rectangle in a darker blue. In some cases, Fusion 360 will automatically select the last sketch you created. You’ll notice an arrow over your sketch. Click and hold the arrow, and drag it up. When you like the height of your extrusion, simply click “Ok” on the Extrude window. Congratulations! You’ve just created your first 3D object! Now, let’s repeat those steps and build on our object.

Taking it Further

Let’s keep making sketches and manipulating them to showcase some of Fusion 360’s other functions. Of course, a sketch can be created on a surface. So, let’s add a cylinder on top of our box. Create a circle by typing “C” (it’s never too early to learn the hotkeys) and click on the top face of the box. Now, click somewhere in the middle of the top face to place the circles center point. Then move your mouse to draw out your circle and click to create the sketch. Next type “E” to extrude. Click the circle and extrude the circle as we previously did with the rectangle. There are a few options available in the “Extrude” window before clicking ok. For now, focus on the “Operation” dropdown. Selecting “Join” will join the current object. Selecting “New Body” will create a new object that can be moved separately from the box below it. Let’s just join them for now and click ok.

Let’s draw another circle on the top of our cylinder. Type “C” and click the top of the Cylinder. Create a sketch as we did before. Type “E” to extrude and click the circle just as before. This time, however, drag the sketch down, instead of up. You will notice the new shape is now red and the “Operation” in the Extrude window is set to “Cut”. Instead of creating a new shape, we’re now cutting geometry out of the existing shape. Click “OK” in the Extrude window.

Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning. In the second half of this tutorial, we’ll be expanding on what we’ve learned so far to create a simple fuel canister for a spacecraft. If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to see some of my models, check out my Instagram, where I share pictures of my designs and prints as well as painting tips.

The post Scale Modeling Tutorials: 3D Modeling Basics for 3D Printing appeared first on | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing.

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MyHeritage + Mixtiles: Creating an Ancestor Wall

When MyHeritage presented Mixtiles, I sort of yawned. I’’ m sorry, however that ’ s the reality. I ’ m not yawning any longer.

Mixtiles are pictures printed on light-weight tiles that hold on your wall without nails.

Where did my hesitation originated from?

.I run out wall area.I currently have images hung.I currently have images waiting to be hung that I’’ ve never ever navigated to hanging.

When a brand-new item emerges in this market area, in part due to the fact that I discuss emerging advancements, and in part due to the fact that I simply like this neighborhood, I feel some responsibility to deal with brand-new things. How else can I blog about them for you if I put on’’ t attempt them myself?


I ’ m preparing yourself to compose a short article about vacation presents and I believed perhaps I’’d consist of Mixtiles because post.


Scratch that.


Mixtiles deserves its own short article, so here we are! Prepare to have a good time. (And no, if anybody is questioning, this is not an affiliate connected item. It’’ s simply that I like it!)


Not Yawning Anymore

So, what occurred?

After considering a bit, I understood that Mixtiles have a number of advantages:

.I DON’’ T have actually printed copies of lots of pictures that individuals have actually sent me digitally for many years and printing them would be a discomfort.The images I do have are primarily in white and black and typically fuzzy. At MyHeritage , you can both boost and colorize pictures, independently, free of charge if you are a customer. I discussed picture improvement, here . If you’’ re not a customer, you can enhance/colorize a couple of free of charge and you can attempt a 14-day complimentary trial membership, here .Mixtiles are all the exact same size, 8 by 8 inches, so it’’ s simple to collaborate a trendy display screen.Mixtiles are light-weight and stick to the wall without nails, which is why I have a whole stack of photos that aren’’ t hung currently. Mixtiles are more economical than printing and framing images – –$ 11 each prior to any discount rates –– and there’’ s often a discount rate. You can purchase Mixtiles from house and wear ’ t need to go frame-shopping or anywhere else for that matter.You can have them delivered just about anywhere and even consist of a present note. Hi vacation shopping!!!

I understood that much of the pictures I’’ ve gotten throughout the years are photo size and grainy, and I’’d never ever frame them. I understood that MyHeritage plus Mixtiles would enhance the images, and print them, and I might have a fantastic Ancestor Wall in the stairs – – something I’ve constantly desired.

I had a discount coupon to buy half a lots. I’’ m ashamed to inform you the number of I purchased (28 ). You get a welcome discount rate when you position an order. I’’ ve bought 3 times and the very first time, the discount rate had to do with half off and the 2nd time, 35%. The more you acquire at the same time, the less they cost each. I bought 3 times and each time the discount rate was somewhat less. I ought to have prepared much better –– and now you can.

However, Mixtiles are just $11 to start with (and shipping is totally free) so it’’ s simple to see another picture on your computer system and believe, ““ Oh, I ’d like to include that a person too. ” Which is precisely how I end up purchasing 28.


I chose that I wished to colorize my images. I understand not everybody wishes to do this, which’’ s fine. To me, color in their faces, even if not best, brings my forefathers to life. Even the very first images of me are white and black although I keep in mind the colors of that plaid gown in the image taken when I had to do with 5 at one of the outlet store.


Using Powerpoint, I explore designs. You most likely do not require to do this, however I did so I might show you.


I submitted any images not currently improved and colorized to MyHeritage and did both simple procedures. I tagged the images to the proper individual so they are connected to my tree. I replaced the enhanced/colorized images in the design for you to see.


Drum roll hellip &please;


What a distinction improvement and colorization made.

These are the pictures that I sent to Mixtiles, with the exception of the white and black among my paternal grandpa in the lower right-hand corner. Mixtiles stated that the initial image I wished to utilize wasn’’ t of adequate quality and may be blurred, so I replaced a various one.

I never ever saw my paternal grandparents personally –– so these pictures are as close as I’’ ll ever get.


Working with these photos restored such memories, in part since when possible, I chose images of my forefathers that included me as a child. Naturally, I was too young to keep in mind the ones with my daddy and grandma.

I do keep in mind ““ assisting ” my Mom make those matching gowns and using them oh so happily. I question I was much aid because procedure, however for a 4 or 5-year-old, it was a lot enjoyable. That was my very first sewing task. Up until I saw this image once again, I never ever truly recognized those matching gowns all those years ago were the seed for my love of quilting today.

I have just one image of me with my daddy and just a couple with my maternal grandma. When I was young and pictures were seldom taken at that time, they both passed away. I am so delighted to be able to include them in my Ancestor Wall that I’’ ll be constructing along the stairs throughout the vacations.

How Does Mixtiles Work?

Here’’ s a brief video about how you can purchase your Mixtiles through MyHeritage in addition to a blog site post .

One essential thing to note is that the greater scan quality of your image, the much better completion item. I was the fortunate recipient of a number of the pictures I have today, digitally, so I can’’ t rescan them.

You will be offered with the chance to change and crop your pictures as soon as chosen and the quantity of ““ focusing ” that you can do depends on the size and quality of the image.

You can see that the images I chose are not the views of these images that I wound up utilizing after change, zooming, and cropping. In one case, the picture at left, I couldn’’ t expand enough to focus in on simply my grandpa, so I picked a various picture for his area on the wall.

OK, reality be informed, I bought a Mixtile of this household image too, after moving it down so nobody’’ s head is cut off –– however I discovered a various picture to represent my grandpa in the main design.

I had a problem with one picture and mistakenly included it two times, in 2 different orders. When I got the 2nd order verification, I observed the issue instantly. Mixtiles solved the circumstance instantly by means of e-mail, using to either refund the cash for the one tile or to offer me a totally free discount coupon code for one tile.

I’’ m still going to release a present concepts short article in a couple of days –– however today –– I walked down memory lane and offered myself a present –– thanks to the group at MyHeritage and Mixtiles!



.When you click on some of the links to suppliers in my posts, #ppppp> I get a little contribution. This does NOT increase the rate you pay however assists me to keep the lights on and this informative blog site complimentary for everybody. If you are acquiring items or DNA screening, please click on the links in the posts or to the suppliers listed below.

Thank you a lot.

DNA Purchases and Free Transfers

FamilyTreeDNA –– Y, autosomal and mitochondrial DNA screening. MyHeritage DNA –– origins autosomal DNA just, not health. MyHeritage FREE DNA file upload –– move your arise from other suppliers complimentary. AncestryDNA –– autosomal DNA just. 23andMe Ancestry –– autosomal DNA just, no Health. 23andMe Ancestry Plus Health

Genealogy Products and Services

MyHeritage FREE Tree Builder –– genealogy software application for your computer system. MyHeritage Subscription with Free Trial Legacy Family Tree Webinars –– genealogy and DNA classes, subscription-based, some totally free. Legacy Family Tree Software –– genealogy software application for your computer system.

Genealogy Research

Legacy Tree Genealogists – – expert genealogy research study.

Books –– great deals of fantastic genealogy research study books.

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SaaS Sales: The Ultimate Guide

If you identify SaaS as something your mother told you never to give her — think again. Software as a service, or SaaS, is software that’s accessed, managed, and used on the internet. It’s the present and future of software, and it requires a different type of selling.

This guide will teach you the basics of SaaS sales. From commission to sales cycles, models, and metrics, you’ll learn the different ways of selling this unique software and what you can expect from the job.

Table of Contents

What is SaaS?
What is SaaS Sales?
SaaS Sales Salary
SaaS Sales Commission
SaaS Sales Cycle
SaaS Sales Models
SaaS Sales Metrics

1. What is SaaS?

Remember the days of unwrapping CD-ROMs, uploading them to your computer, and only having access to that software from your computer? Those days are gone. SaaS is hosted, secured, and updated by an outside vendor.

This means SaaS often yields lower entry costs than traditional software, easier upgrades, and better integrations. What’s left is a more advanced, user-friendly, and evolving product.

2. What is SaaS Sales?

SaaS sales is the process of selling web-based software to clients. Salespeople focus on acquiring new customers and upselling or retaining current clients.

Because SaaS is supported, maintained, and engineered by an external company, the price is usually high requiring a longer sales cycle and more touch points from Sales and Marketing before the customer is ready to buy.

Marketing nurtures each lead until they are “sales qualified.” Then, a salesperson follows up with the prospect to gauge next steps. Just because a lead is sales qualified doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy — or ready for a demo.

SaaS salespeople must clearly communicate the benefits and features of their software. And it’s important to tailor each presentation to meet the needs of each prospect. Service and attention are key to getting the prospect to close, because SaaS reps are usually selling at a higher price.

Reps also must be well-versed in how the software works to demonstrate and troubleshoot the product during presentations.

Because SaaS can be so complex, it’s common to bring engineers, executives, or product marketers into some meetings to make a difficult sale. Knowing when to ask for help is another sign of a qualified SaaS rep.

3. SaaS Sales Salary

Because it’s necessary for SaaS reps to have a deep working knowledge of the software, product roadmap, and frequently asked questions, their base salary and commission is usually higher than reps in other verticals.

Here are three benchmark studies to illustrate the average salary for SaaS sales reps:

In a recent study of more than 160,000 salaries, job aggregator Indeed calculated the national average base salary to be $64,379 for a SaaS account executive and $49,216 for an account representative.
Workplace hub Glassdoor calculated the average base salary for a SaaS specialist to be between $34,613 and $53,000.
And The Bridge Group, an inside sales consulting firm, calculated the average base salary for a SaaS inside sales rep to be $60,000 — with on-target earnings of $118,000.

As with most sales jobs, commission is commonly added on top of the base salary and varies per individual compensation plans.

4. SaaS Sales Commission

SaaS commission, like other sales verticals, is paid when a rep closes new business or renews existing accounts. It’s awarded based on monthly recurring revenue (MRR) or annual contract value (ACV).

Some organizations wait for new clients to submit payment before awarding commission. This model is meant to avoid paying commission on a customer that churns quickly or reneges on their agreement.

The accelerator model of commission means for every dollar a rep brings in over goal, their commission rate increases by a percentage point (i.e., if a salesperson attains 115% of goal, their commission rate increases by 15%).

Other organizations tier their commission rates. In this model, the first tier of compensation covers 100-110% attainment, the second tier covers 110-125% attainment, and the third tier covers 125% attainment and beyond. For those salespeople hitting the third tier, the President’s Club is often offered as a prize.

Some compensation packages won’t disburse commission until a rep brings in enough revenue to cover their base salary and the cost of their benefits.

Once they’ve closed enough business to cover their cost, however, these reps usually receive commission at rates more than double those of a normal model.

5. SaaS Sales Cycle

SaaS sales cycles vary depending on price, customers, and product complexity. A product that’s $100/month will likely have a faster sales cycle than a product costing $50,000/year.

The more expensive your product is, the more stakeholders will involved which can lengthen your process by weeks or even months. Here are four additional factors that slow down SaaS sales cycles:

New markets: If you’re selling to new markets, your sales cycle might be longer because you’r spending more time communicating your use case and value to potential clients. This will extend your sales cycle, but it’s crucial to educate new markets before selling to them.
Enterprise business: Selling to enterprise-level companies increases the number of stakeholders needed to sign off and is usually accompanied by more legal and technical red tape.
Complex software: Similarly, the more complex your software is, the longer your sales cycle is likely to be. In this case, it’s important to make sure the right prospects are in the room during your demo to champion your cause to less savvy colleagues.
Free trials: Free trials can also affect SaaS sales cycles. If you offer a 30-day free trial, this could lengthen the sales cycle significantly.

Still not sure how long your sales cycle should be? Sales pro Matt Bertuzzi lists the following sales cycle averages for B2B SaaS businesses:

How Long is a SaaS Sales Cycle?

40.1 Days: < $5K:
62.2 Days: $5K-$10K
84.1 Days: $10K-$50K:
116.6 Days: $50K-$100K
169.6 Days: $100K+
Overall average: 84.3 Days

If your sales cycle takes too long, consider cutting a free trial from 30 days to two weeks. Bring in a professional writer/storyteller to help you communicate your complex software offering in a more understandable way.

And work with your marketing team to educate new markets before conducting outreach. Lastly, if you know your sales cycle will be lengthy due to enterprise clients or other factors, build that time into your budget. No salesperson can perform well under unrealistic goals.

6. SaaS Sales Models

The proper sales model indicates how many salespeople you should hire, how you’ll interact with your customers, who they are, and how you’ll close their business.

It’s crucial to choose the right model and know when your organization needs to evolve. Here are the three most common SaaS sales models.

1. Choose Your SaaS Sales Model: The proper sales model indicates how many salespeople you should hire, how you’ll interact with your customers, who they are, and how you’ll close their business.

It’s crucial to choose the right model and know when your organization needs to evolve. Continue reading to understand the three most common SaaS sales models and determine which one works best for you.

2. Customer Self-service: This model works best when selling lower-priced SaaS at a high volume (i.e., Spotify subscriptions, a Medium membership, or a phone plan). It assumes your average selling price, or ASP, is low while allowing you to bring in significant revenue.

Freemium models and free trials are common strategies for attracting customers in the self-service model. Customer service is not comprehensive and this model often can’t support a full sales team. Instead, websites encourage users — usually individuals or small teams — to sign up online.

3. Transactional Sales: Transactional selling is the most common and the most scalable of the three models. This software is typically sold to small and medium businesses over the phone and occasionally in person.

Since the cost associated with this level of software is generally higher, the buyer requires more personalized service to make a purchase, thus necessitating a sales team.

Software sold by the transactional model should also be customizable to service the needs of a variety of use cases. Contracts generally range in price and reps are empowered to provide discounts and share tiered pricing models.

These salespeople have a pipeline fueled by a marketing team, and they’re required to undergo training, exhibit a comprehensive working knowledge of the product, and meet monthly or quarterly quotas.

4. Enterprise Sales: This model is reserved for software sold at low volume and high price. These solutions are often full-scale, highly specialized, or cutting edge. Enterprise salespeople will regularly spend months working closely with prospects to answer questions, demo the software, and meet with executive stakeholders.

Enterprise sales is a popular choice for complex or niche SaaS benefiting larger companies or corporations with the budget to support the high cost of these solutions. Sales teams are often organized by territory and focus on a targeted set of prospects.

Because there are so many working parts to this sales model, reps work closely with product marketers and engineers to source the answers and information they need to close high-value deals.

Here’s a bonus tip for you: Know your ASP. A higher average selling price (ASP) means your prospect will expect inclusive customer service, a better business relationship, a signed contract, and invoicing. If you have a low ASP, it’s unlikely you can afford or need a sales team.

Before hiring your first salesperson or expanding your existing team, understand your average selling price and make an educated decision on when and who to hire.

5. Strategic Trial Periods: Many SaaS providers have a free trial offering as part of their sales process. A free trial is a great way to hook new users, however, in order for it to be worthwhile for your company your approach to free trials has to be strategic.

When a customer has the opportunity to do a trial, they are able to see the true value and benefit your offer provides. While there is no one-size-fits-all rule for how long the ideal trial period should be, here are some common trial lengths to consider, along with their benefits.

7-day trial period: If you offer a simple or straightforward product that a new user could pick up and adopt quickly, having a short trial period could be a good option. Additionally, if you offer a lower-cost product and don’t want to add unnecessary length to your sales process for a modest sale, you may also want to consider having a brief trial run.
14-day trial period: A two-week trial period is common practice for many SaaS providers. For companies that sell SaaS B2B or have products with multiple tiers and added complexity, this trial period length could be a good sweet spot. While 14 days is still relatively short, it is enough time for a user to explore various features and benefits of the product while being brief enough to not hold up the sales process.
30-day trial period: For companies that have more complex offerings, or who take an enterprise approach to selling, an extended month-long trial could be a better option. Additionally, if there are various stakeholders who need to buy-off on the implementation of a product, having a longer trial period can be useful.

Regardless of how long your offer period is, it’s important to maintain regular communication with your prospects while they are trying your product. By checking in with them during the trial period, you can hear their feedback real-time, and you can keep them engaged and interested in the product. For many trial offers, buyers are left on their own to explore making it easy to lose momentum.

In addition to staying in contact with your trial users, the trial period can provide valuable insight on their usage and behavior patterns which can give you a good indication of how likely they are to buy, and how they would use the software after purchasing.

6. Provide Valuable Demos: The last thing you want to do is create an information overload situation for your prospects who participate in demos. For SaaS providers, the ability to conduct an effective demo is incredibly important.

A good demo should demonstrate the value your product can offer the buyer, not overwhelm them with redundant information about features. One of the best ways you can prepare for demos is to begin by researching the buyer and understanding what problem they want your software to solve. When you know what they’re looking for, you can walk your prospect through hypothetical scenarios that are relevant to them, clearly demonstrating the value of your software and how using it will make their life easier.

Aim to make your demos as straightforward as possible, walking the prospect through simple ways they can receive the most benefit from using your product, and leaving plenty of time for any questions they may have.

7. Leverage Annual Plans: Many SaaS companies charge customers on a monthly subscription model to use their product. Though that’s a great way to bring in recurring revenue, including an annual subscription model can be a helpful strategy for pulling in more funds upfront and improving customer retention.

By encouraging buyers to prepay for a year of your software at a discounted rate, it can provide necessary cash for your business and decreases the likelihood for cancellation.

7. SaaS Sales Metrics

SaaS salespeople are held to demanding metrics. But which one’s matter? Jason Lemkin, co-founder of two successful SaaS businesses, founder of the SaaStr Blog, and arguably the godfather of SaaS, warns, “Don’t obsess over sub metrics, but obsess over the key metrics that tie into your revenue growth.”

Here are a few key metrics SaaS salespeople should obsess over.

1. Churn: Your churn rate is the percentage at which you lose customers on an annual or yearly basis. To calculate churn, divide the number of customers you’ve lost by the number of customers you started with. It’s worth noting that a negative churn is a good thing — meaning you gained more customers than you lost.

2. Net Promoter Score: Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer experience and predicts business growth. Users answer relevant questions using a 0-10 rating scale. For example, “How happy are you with [insert SaaS name]?”

A score between 0-6 would label your customer a “detractor” who’s unhappy with your brand and could stunt growth with negative reviews or word of mouth. A score of 7-8 means your customer is “passive.” They’re satisfied with your product but might be vulnerable to competitive poaching.

And if a customer scores you between 9-10, you’ve got a “promoter” on your hands. This person is a loyal enthusiast, likely to be a continued customer and refer new business.

To calculate your NPS — which ranges from -100 to 100 — subtract your percentage of detractors from your percentage of promoters.

If you have a low NPS, it matters less how much business you’re bringing in, because your customers are likely churning at an alarming rate. A high NPS, however, signals satisfied customers and the potential for sustainable growth.

3. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): This is the income your company knows will arrive every 30 days. A monthly fee is agreed upon in the contract between client and SaaS provider, and the amount is paid on or by a certain date.

4. Annual recurring revenue (ARR): This metric is often used by SaaS and other subscription-based businesses. The annual recurring revenue (ARR) represents the value of recurring revenue your client agrees to pay over or on an annual basis.

5. The number of sales qualified leads: A sales qualified lead (SQL) is a potential buyer who data indicates is ready to talk to a salesperson. This doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy, but they’ve taken a series of actions that predicts an inclination to learn more.

The definition of a qualified lead will differ depending on your solution, audience, and sales cycle. Salespeople often rely on IBM’s BANT system for identifying SQLs. BANT simply asks if your lead has the budget, authority, needs, and timeline to buy. If so, it’s time to reach out.

6. Lead velocity rate: How quickly are your leads growing month over month? Even if MRR growth is steady, this might only indicate how you’re doing in the moment, instead of forecasting future growth.

The lead velocity rate shows reps whether leads are coming in faster than revenue, which allows you to calculate growth, goals, and milestones further out.

7. Revenue per lead: By measuring the revenue each rep brings in per lead, you can estimate an accurate number of leads a rep can manager before productivity suffers. Look beyond the MRR and improve or maintain rep performance.

8. Customer acquisition cost: Divide the total cost of Sales and Marketing by the number of deals closed to learn your customer acquisition cost (CAC). This number will be lower for companies using a transactional sales model and higher for organizations focused on enterprise sales.

If your customer acquisition cost is too high, you might be scaling too quickly. If you have a low CAC, look at areas where you can invest in growth or increase revenue.

9. Closed won/lost: A deal is marked “closed-won” when a contract is signed or payment is rendered. Alternately, if a prospect selects another solution, you might mark this deal “closed-lost.”

It’s important to study the number of closed-won and -lost deals. These metrics are closely tied to overall revenue numbers, but figuring out a rep’s ratio of closed-won to closed-lost deals can signal their overall efficiency, success, and fitness for the job.

10. Demo-to-trial ratio: If your SaaS requires a demo, carefully track how many of those presentations turn into trials — and how many of those trials turn into closed-won deals. If the conversion is low, address weaknesses in your demo, trial, or closing protocol.

SaaS selling has the potential to be an exciting, highly lucrative career. It requires dedication, patience, and training, but if you put in the time, you’ll reap the rewards. Think a career in SaaS is right for you?

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TONS of mites (Probably thousands) swarming my kitchen’s garbage cans. It’s taking its toll on my mental state. Please help

Sometime recently, I discovered this odd brown cluster of what I presumed was dust on my trash bin. Chosen to take a closer examination and after that I saw this shit …

I had a fucking anxiety attack by that point. I had actually read to figure and attempt out what the hell these things were, and my uncertainty indicated mold termites. I scrubbed the trash bin with disinfectant wipes … they didn'' t appear to do anything. The only thing that appeared to make a minimal distinction was bagging my whole trash bin up, bring it through the hall of this home (Who understands if bugs began falling out onto the flooring?), and pitching it into the dumpster. Idea it was over till I saw termites on the smaller sized trash bin beside my computer system, although they remained in no place near the quantity of numbers that they were on my kitchen area'' s trash bin. To no one'' s surprise, I pitched that, too. The scariest thing, nevertheless, is that I will see termites on my fucking walls. Particularly, the walls of the entryway corridor into my apartment or condo. The best wall divides my kichen from my corridor, the left one is on the opposite end of my closet. And every day, I discover a couple of termites crawling on both walls.

I am continuously thinking of lacking this house shouting and simply sticking with somebody for a couple of days up until I'' m in a much better headspace to tackle this. Due to the fact that of grain/mold/whatever termites because their invasions were so extreme, I check out stories online about how households had to move. Someone please aid. To my understanding, I wear'' t notification any mold or moisture in my house and I put on'' t have any grains that are unsealed in my cabinet that might be another source. I believed I had actually currently looked after their main food source, today that I see them on the walls, I put on'' t understand what the fuck to do.

sent by / u/WildfireBreeze [link] [remarks]

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Workers’ compensation for remote employees: a guide

Do you require to stress over employees’ ’ payment for remote workers?


In short, yes.

When your company broadens a work-from-home or embraces policy, it’’ s an excellent concept to take a fresh appearance at your employees ’ payment protection and procedures.

Understanding which injuries your employees’ ’ settlement may cover, adjusting your security program and upgrading your claims reporting procedure can assist your company deal with injury claims more effectively in the age of remote work.

.What counts as a job-related injury in the house?

It’’ s essential to comprehend that staff member injuries in the house might be covered by employees’ ’ settlement.


However, figuring out specifically what is a job-related injury in your home can be difficult. That’’ s since every state has its own laws and analyses of each injury claim.

In basic, to have a compensable claim that is accepted by your business’’ s employees ’ payment provider, the staff member needs to remain in the course and scope of their task and the mishap needs to occur out of their occupational activities. :

.A worker having a hectic day at the computer system who feels a stress in their shoulder or elbow at day’’ s end might have a compensable claim, depending upon the state, due to the fact that they can declare they were hurt while doing their job.For the very same factor, a staff member who has a job-related bundle provided to their house, raises it and harms their back might have a claim.

Not every injury that takes place at house throughout work hours might result in an effective employees’ ’ payment claim.

. A remote worker who gets up for a coffee, journeys on their animal en route to the kitchen area and gets hurt might not have a legitimate claim. This sort of scenario can provide a gray location and might wind up being chosen in court.An at-home staff member who takes a work break for a treadmill run and gets harmed while running will likely not have the ability to declare employees’ ’ settlement for their injury.

It ’ s essential to remember that it’’ s not up to the company to identify whether a hurt staff member has a legitimate claim. Each employees’ ’ settlement claim goes through an examination that abides by state work law.

.How can your company promote office security when your individuals are remote?

Fewer injuries implies less employees’ ’ settlement claims, which is why most companies construct work environment security programs .

One obstacle when your labor force –– and even simply a couple of staff members –– shifts to remote work is that your thoroughly crafted work environment security program might not apply to workers in your home.

For example, administrative staff members operating in a medical professional’’ s workplace or a research study library might deal with dangers connected to moving and accessing paper records, so their security program is concentrated on finest lifting practices in the workplace. When those workers are accessing records from another location from house, the danger landscape modifications.

You can’’ t understand what particular threats may be present in each employee’’ s house, and it would be unwise and invasive to ask. Rather, it’’ s best to concentrate on the injury runs the risk of that the majority of remote employees deal with despite market, like:

.Repeated movement stressInjuries connected to bad posture and ergonomics.When staff members have actually had to suddenly move to working at house, #ppppp> These posture a specific threat. Without an appropriate desk and chair, they might be working while resting on a couch or at a table. That may be bearable for a day or more, however over the long term it raises the threat of neck, back and arm injury.

As long as you have individuals working from another location, your work environment security program ought to highlight the significance of appropriate posture, proper furnishings positioning and other ergonomic finest practices .

.What should you do when a staff member informs you they’’ ve been injured on the task in the house?

Despite your focus on work-from-home security, injuries might take place. In those cases, from a legal and compliance viewpoint, your company’’ s function is to collect as numerous information as you can about how the injury took place, such as:

.When the staff member was hurtThe activity that preceded the injuryThe nature of the injury, the time and date.

It’’ s best to gather the staff member’’ s report about their injury as quickly as possible after the event and to pass it along to your insurance coverage provider without delay. That rate permits the insurance coverage adjuster and the worker to have their follow-up conversations while the truths are still fresh.

Once you gather the worker’’ s preliminary report and submit it with your employees’ ’ settlement insurance coverage provider, the matter goes to their adjuster. This is the individual who has the resources and understanding to choose if a claim is job-related or not, based upon their examination and the law in the state where the injury took place.

.What does an employees’ ’ settlement examination include?

The adjuster will contact the staff member for an in-depth interview and to gather any supporting files. Generally, the adjuster will:

.Get a tape-recorded or composed declaration from the worker explaining the injury and how it happened.Request that the staff member sign a medical release permission kind to get copies of any medical records connected to the injury.Conduct an interview with the company to validate that the staff member’’ s declarations to them and to the adjuster align.

With that info, the adjuster might choose the case is plainly job-related or plainly not an outcome of work activities.

If the claim falls under a gray location, your business’’ s insurance coverage provider might look for a legal viewpoint from a lawyer with experience in the state’’ s employees ’ settlement law on:

. If a rejection is challenged in court, whether the claim must be accepted or deniedHow strong their case would be.

If the claim does litigate, your state’’ s composed laws plus existing case law –– how previous comparable claims have actually been evaluated –– will identify the result of the case.

.How can you guarantee your policy addresses employees’ payment for remote workers?

Every state (other than Texas) needs companies to have employees’ ’ settlement insurance coverage, although the information differ from one state to another. It’’ s a good idea to routinely examine your employees’ ’ payment policy to recognize methods to lower expenses and to ensure your protection is ideal for the method your service is developing and growing.

An expert company can use your employees’ ’ settlement protection with an employees’ ’ payment provider and frequently will assist determine security enhancements that can minimize the possibility of employees’ ’ compensation claims.


Now is likewise a great time to evaluation your company’’ s declares management and reporting system , to make certain it deals with employees’ ’ payment for remote workers.

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