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Need help with a question about remote desktop gateway across a network

Ok so am dealing with a task for school where my group is developing an executing a service for a comprised business. the network is nearly totally virtual in vmware and links to the schools web. Due to particular guidelines and requirements we are restricted on particular actions. I will describe the issue I am attempting to resolve.

I have a virtual router linked to the schools network which is where I work from( we Nat to this network and it is dealt with like the web, however certainly its not). the router links to a physical network (which will be disregarded for this issue) a group of subnets for host VMs and a services network. I have a windows server with a rdp entrance as a possible method to enable users in the school network to remote into the host VMs however I can not get it to work. The issue is the cert (self signed which I had the ability to contribute to root relied on certs on the customer device) does not match the entrance IP in the customer computer system due to the fact that I need to utilize the WAN IP to reach the server due to the fact that the domain is personal so the FQDN wont work and the paths are likewise not promoted to the schools networks (it is dealt with like the web generally.)

My concern is what is the very best manner in which you understand of to achieve remote access to the host VMs? Can I make my personal DNS market to this network in some way or maybe make the WAN IP port forward to it so that either the rdp can link to the entrance without a problem or path the customer DNS to my server? Possibly I can establish my router as a DNS and list it as the customers DNS? I have actually attempted a great deal of things and I keep facing options that would need either a direct server connection to the web (not enabled) a public domain (not appropriate) or 3rd celebration certs( not actually in the scope of the task and need public domain)

other notes: RDP works if i simply port forward to a private host

I attempted to modify the customer hosts file however do not have consent.

I am not an expert however am a trainee so some apparent things might not be apparent to me.

sorry if this is a bit jumbled however I am having more difficulty than I believed I would and have actually gone a bit loopy after tinkering this the previous couple of days.

Any concepts or tips are welcome thanks for your time and assistance.

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