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Brought German roaches to new apartment help!!

I simply vacated a dick roach plagued dump. When I was loading, it was bad!! I believed I did a truly comprehensive task. I eliminated the majority of my things. I cleaned whatever separately and sprayed whatever with roach spray. As soon as at my old home prior to i moved my things to my buddies deck, I bombed whatever. I left whatever outside in the cold for a week. I relocated to my home 2 days back. I made the error of generating my television and home computer. I saw one dick roach crawling on the wall by my computer system setup so I’’ m quite sure they originated from my electronic devices. I had the ability to eliminate the bug. I put my television and computer system in my vehicle and all other electronic devices the WiFi box and so on. I purchased 2 boxes of foggers (6 overall) I likewise got a spray can of ant and roach killer. My strategy is to re pack whatever and put it in my vehicle. I wish to bomb the apartment or condo empty and my automobile with all of my things inside. I’’ m preparation on spraying all the furnishings separately with the spray. What do I do?? I’’ m so scared. Do you believe this is a great strategy? What would you do? My property manager is such a good person I do not wish to put this issue on him. He is not conscious. I’’ m scared I will infest the whole structure my next-door neighbors will grumble and call and I’’ ll be speaking with him.

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