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How To Improve Your Vocabulary and Learn New Words While You’re Writing | Grammarly Spotlight

Quick, the number of synonyms can you think about for useful? We’’ ll offer you a 2nd …

How about hassle-free, neighboring, practical, useful, functional, or helpful? If you thought about all those off the top of your head, we’’ re pleased! If you didn’’ t, well, neither did we. We utilized Grammarly’’ s helpful( and useful, practical, and so on) double-click synonym function. It’s simply among the distinct methods Grammarly works to assist you enhance your vocabulary.

A strong vocabulary is important for great interaction, which is why Grammarly provides a number of methods to assist you find out and utilize brand-new words.

Want to enhance your writing and improve your vocabulary?Grammarly can assist with that.Attempt Grammarly now.

.How to discover brand-new words by double-clicking for meanings and synonyms.As soon as stated that the distinction in between the best word and the practically ideal word is like the distinction in between lightning and a lightning bug, #ppppp> Mark Twain. When you’’ re gazing at a word that’’ s practically right, Grammarly makes it simple to discover the one that’’ s ideal.


Want to provide enhancing your vocabulary a shot? Next time you’’ re composing with Grammarly ’ s internet browser extension, double-click a word you’’ ve composed to see a list of synonyms. (This operates in the Grammarly Editor, too.) Clicking among the synonyms instantly inserts it into your text.

Here’’ s an idea: If you ’ re double-clicking however not seeing any synonyms, click the green Grammarly logo design on your web browser’’ s toolbar. Click the switch next to Show Definitions and Synonyms through Double Clicks.

Want to find out brand-new words even when you’’ re simply searching the web? Double-click a word on almost any site to see a short meaning.

These laborious adjectives have actually got to go. #cleanwriting

—– Grammarly (@Grammarly) April 11, 2018

.Enhance your vocabulary with vocabulary improvements.

See if you observe a distinction in between these 2 sentences:

Sarah strolled silently into the space.

Sarah sneaked into the space.

How about these?

Greg handled to get rid of the bug totally.

Greg handled to get rid of the virus.

Or these?

Paul has a really odd story about getting locked inside a broom closet.

Paul has a strange story about getting locked inside a broom closet.

Each of these examples includes a word that’’ s not pulling its weight. In the very first sentence, ““ strolled ” doesn ’ t completely explain what Sarah is doing, so we require to enhance it with ““ silently. ” But there ’ s another, much better word that catches both concepts: ““ sneaked. ” In the 2nd example, ““ eliminate totally ” ends up being ““ eliminate, ” and in the 3rd, ““ really weird ” ends up being “ unusual.”


Grammarly Premium immediately flags boring or unclear words and recommends brilliant synonyms that your readers will discover more appealing. Offer it a shot and you might simply find out a brand-new word that fits your sentence completely.

HEDGING, n.Language that needlessly certifies a concept or restricts

Learn more:

—– Grammarly (@Grammarly) April 17, 2018

.Enhance your vocabulary by identifying tired words.

The issue with discovering a word you enjoy is that it’’ s appealing to utilize it all over. Often, it’’ s simply too much of an excellent thing. Utilizing the very same words over and over makes your writing noise repeated and cumbersome.

I heard Paul’s strange story about the broom closet. Obviously it began with a strange telephone call in the middle of the night. The weirdest part is that the very same thing took place to his bro a week later on.

Fortunately, Grammarly Premium captures tired words that appear consistently in the very same piece of text and guides you towards other words and expressions to assist you discover brand-new words that you can utilize to include some range:

I heard Paul’s unusual story about the broom closet. Obviously it began with an odd call in the middle of the night. The funniest part is that the very same thing occurred to his bro a week later on.

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