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What Type of Massage is Right For You?

Choosing from a menu of massages can be frustrating. Which one do you choose? What will work best for you? Each massage concentrates on various recovery methods. Here are a couple of choices and factors to pick each.

Deep Tissue Massage

What is it?

A deep tissue massage is the mix of different methods utilized to increase the level of pressure used to the body. This kind of massage can be extremely reliable in eliminating issue locations.

What are the advantages?

Lower hypertension

Treat neck and back pain

Help Arthritis discomfort

Muscle rehabilitation

Relieve tension

Reduce persistent discomfort

Who should get it?

Deep tissue massage is normally a technique to think about for professional athletes in addition to the nine-to-five desk task. It’’ s likewise an excellent alternative if you have persistent muscle issues. Prevent deep tissue massage if you’’ re extremely conscious pressure.

Swedish Massage

What is it?

The most typical type of massage treatment in the U.S., Swedish massage is developed for relaxation. Through soft, long strokes, Swedish is likewise helpful for alleviating muscle stress, increasing blood circulation and breaking down scar tissue.

What are the advantages?

Full relaxation

Release knots

Increase blood circulation

Reduce tension

Increase versatility

Who should get it?

Most individuals who have actually never ever gotten a massage ought to select a Swedish Massage. This is a terrific massage treatment choice for you if you have a lot of stress or might be delicate to touch.

Sports Massage

What is it?

This massage is created mainly for pre- or post-sports occasion work. The strategies used by your massage therapist are busy. Extending is a typical part of this strategy.

What are the advantages?

Improve efficiency

Reduce muscle tightness

Reduce tiredness

Increase variety of movement

Who should get it?

Whether you are a periodic or severe professional athlete, sports massage is a fantastic choice from injury avoidance to active way of life healing.

Trigger Point Massage

What is it?

Trigger Point massage treatment is developed to position pressure and loosen up knots. Locations of tightness, called trigger points are eliminated with this kind of massage treatment.

What are the advantages?

Trigger point massage treatment can be reliable for dealing with the following:

Sciatica discomfort that can impact the lower back, feet, glutes and legs

Plantar fasciitis

Shin splints


Computer shoulder

Chronic discomfort

Rotator cuff injuries

Who should get it?

If you struggle with injuries of persistent discomfort, trigger point treatment is a terrific choice for you.

Stretch Massage

What is it?

Stretch massage can be integrated with routine massage to enhance any of the conditions listed below.

What are the advantages?

Enhanced versatility

Improved posture

Increased series of movement

Better flow

Who should get it?

If your muscles are tight or joints have actually restricted series of movement, think about integrating extending into your massage.

At Elements Massage, our company believe your massage needs to be as distinct as you are. Find a place near you and arrange your massage today.


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